The Best Type of Flower To Buy for Each Zodiac Sign, According to a Florist and an Astrologer

Whether you're aiming to show your love, your thanks, or your condolences, or you just want to let a friend know that you're thinking of them, flowers are a great choice. But as anyone who's ever bought a bouquet knows, once you decide on getting flowers, you open yourself up to a dizzying array of new options. As far as choosing the right flowers for a friend or family member goes, the occasion can surely play a part (for example, chrysanthemums for sympathy or roses for love). But that still leaves a good deal of wiggle room for which blooms to pick. So, for the situations that aren't so, well, cut and dried, consider selecting or creating an arrangement sanctioned by the stars, using flowers associated with zodiac signs.

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"Buying flowers for a friend is one of the simplest ways to show you appreciate them," says Vicky Wilson, in-house florist at United Kingdom-based flower-delivery service Interflora. "Any bouquet will be sure to put a smile on their face, but thinking of ways to personalize a bouquet beyond a card is a great way to show you care." For example, considering how your friend's zodiac sign might align with a particular style or color of flower and including those plants with a relevant astrological meaning will take your just-because bouquet to new heights.

Below, Wilson, vice president of merchandising and resident "Plant Dad" at Alfred Palomares, and astrologer Mackenzie Greer share which flowers are associated with zodiac signs and why each are likely to resonate a little extra for the people born under each sign.

Here are the flowers associated with zodiac signs, so you can flower-shop for a cosmically oriented bouquet:

Aries: Daffodil

The breath-of-fresh-air spirit that Aries channels, with its sign beginning the astrological year anew, is paired best with a flower that ushers in the blooming season. "Daffodils burst early and symbolize new beginnings," says Wilson. In fact, the specific timing is just too serendipitous to ignore. "In the northern hemisphere, daffodils bloom right around the spring equinox, which is right when Aries season kicks off," says Greer.

Taurus: Lily

"Lilies symbolize devotion and fertility," says Wilson, "which is a perfect complement to the sensual nature of a Taurus." But in general, since Taureans are tactile, sensory-oriented people ruled by Venus (the planet of love and affection), it's actually hard to go wrong with any floral bouquet.

"As an Earth sign, Taurus is deeply tuned into nature and its rhythms," Greer says, "reminding us to simplify, ground down, and return to our senses." Essentially, Taureans are the flower children of the zodiac, with their late-April to early-May birthdays, and their stop-and-smell-the-roses vibe makes any flower with a heady, intoxicating scent an idyllic choice.

Gemini: Lavender

Sociable, adaptable, and light on their feet, Geminis are prone to being neither here nor there and somehow everywhere at once. For the over-extended Gemini in your life, consider a bundle of fresh lavender, the flower best known for its calming scent, says Palomares: "Lavender provides a nice balance to the Gemini's energetic character."

Know a Gemini who's already calm as can be? Consider, instead, a mixed bouquet with a whole bunch of different eclectic blooms, Greer says: "Geminis thrive on their love of variety and curiosity."

Cancer: White orchid

The caretaker of the zodiac will flip for a flower that can be showered with love (and by love, I mean water) for weeks on end. With that in mind, consider gifting the Cancer in your life an orchid. Potted or planted orchids can actually live for years—blooming twice a year if well-maintained—while cut orchids will retain vibrant blooms for up to several weeks. "Cancerian people love to nurture and dote on things, so the delicate orchid could make a great choice," says Greer.

The symbolism of the white orchid, in particular, also reflects Cancer's general demeanor, says Palomares: "White orchids symbolize innocence, reverence, and humility, so they make a wonderful gift for this low-key, loving sign."

Greer adds that Cancers are also moved by any grand gestures of sentiment. It wouldn't hurt to find out if they have nostalgia for any certain bloom (perhaps, one that grew in the yard of their childhood home), and to go with a big bouquet of that flower.

Leo: Sunflower

Sunflowers are summer's showstoppers, just like Leos themselves. "Not only are they in the peak of their season during this zodiac season," says Wilson, "but also, they're bold, confident, and channel the attention of anyone around them, just like classic Leos." Cosmically, this one is also a no-brainer, since Leos are ruled by the sun, adds Greer. "Leos also tend to appreciate dazzle, glam, and saturated colors, so choosing a flower that possesses a certain vibrance or romanticism will also go over well."

Virgo: White rose

Intellectual and detail-focused Virgo can sometimes skew particular when it comes to gifts, so Greer suggests getting a good read on what flowers they like (even if it means sacrificing the element of surprise) before flower shopping for them. That said, if you need a go-to, choose a classic. "It's hard to go wrong with such a clean, timeless flower as the white rose for minimalism-loving Virgo," says Greer.

Essentially, any rose mirrors Virgo's reliable nature while also appealing to their understated side, says Wilson. But if roses feel a touch too romantic in the context of the gift you're giving, select a bouquet that errs on the simple and delicate side of things, perhaps with gardenias or ranunculus.

Libra: Tulip

Pleasant peacemakers of the zodiac, Libras will be drawn to tulips, which symbolize deep and unconditional love. (It's also a classic bloom, which Wilson says may appeal to a Libra's occasional indecision.) According to Palomares, it's worth noting that tulips are typically available in the spring and summer seasons, but cut stems gathered into designed bouquets can be found (and will be appreciated) throughout the year.

"Because tulips come in a wide variety of colors and shades, they're also a great choice for beauty-loving Librans with strong aesthetic and artistic sensibilities," says Greer. "Be sure to hone in on the natural color palette that your Libra loved ones tend to surround themselves with before choosing flowers for them."

Scorpio: Red rose or geranium

Intense Scorpio deserves a flower with a similar fervor, and there's nothing quite like a red rose to fit that bill. "Scorpios have a natural craving for intimacy that the red rose just embodies," says Greer. To take it one step further, go for the deepest, darkest ruby-red roses you can find. "Scorpio is typically drawn to darker color palettes," adds Greer. And a bouquet of dark roses will appeal to their deeply mysterious side, says Wilson. If roses feel too romantic for the gift you're giving, consider any other dark flower with a brooding and potent aesthetic.

In that vein, Palomares also suggests a bouquet of geraniums for the mysterious Scorpio who thrives on intrigue. "This bold flower can bloom in deep red and has an abundance of petals—just like the many dimensions of the Scorpio," he says.

Sagittarius: Carnation

Vibrant and multi-layered blooms make carnations a showstopping option in any bouquet, but they're especially ideal for matching Sagittarius's optimistic and fun-loving approach to life. This sign likes to spread its wings and take up space, so it's best to err on the side of more-is-more when selecting or making your own bouquet. "Sagittarians also crave adventure and the magic of the unknown," says Greer. "So, you might also cater to their longing for the distant uncharted horizon by choosing a foreign or unusual flower to delight them."

Capricorn: Pansy or lilac

"Tenacious pansies are a great match for hardworking and persistent Capricorn," says Wilson. The word 'pansy' is thought to be derived from the mid-15th century French word 'penser,' which means to think or ponder—both of which are fitting for this methodical Earth sign.

"Pansies are among the first flowers to be planted in early spring," says Palomares, "and if they're tended to well, the herbaceous perennials can return year over year. Earthy Capricorns will enjoy pinching off their seed pods to keep pansies blooming in the garden throughout the season."

Another option? Greer suggests a bouquet of lilacs, which symbolize tranquility and happiness, and have a heady scent that can help return an over-worked Capricorn to their senses.

Aquarius: Iris

The iris is a spring flower that's a symbol of hope and ambition. With ombré-esque coloration, irises are attention-grabbing—just like Aquarians, "who are here to honor their unique takes on the world and bring their progressive energy to the forefront of their lives," says Greer. Irises are also the embodiment of funky, eclectic, unusual, and quirky within the floral sphere, and if that isn't classic Aquarius, I don't know what is.

According to Palomares, the iris also represents the start of a new friendship, as well as the revitalization of an old one. "So, if your best friend is an Aquarius, a lovely bouquet of cut irises or beautiful bulbs for their spring garden are sure to be the perfect expression of trust," he says.

Pisces: Hydrangea

"Hydrangeas symbolize emotion, understanding, and gratitude, making them an ideal gift for Pisces," says Wilson, "as those born under this sign are often considered the most empathetic and compassionate of the zodiac." In the same vein, Greer says the big pom-pom poofs of hydrangeas make them a delightful choice for any of the water signs, all of which are linked to deep feeling and all-encompassing emotion. Not to mention the pastel, cool-toned palette of hydrangeas, which Greer says will particularly appeal to water-centric Pisces.

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