Get Through Flu Season by Keeping These 8 Essentials at Your Work Desk

Photo: Stocksy/Bonninstudio
Winter isn't even halfway over, and I've still somehow managed to get the flu or some other ambiguous seasonal sickness a total of five (yes, five) times. Maybe my ailment is really just one unending illness with brief windows of reprieve, but regardless, it ain't fun. Silver lining: It has afforded me the opportunity to endlessly experiment with remedies—much of which has consisted of coughing or sniffling for long enough that a coworker inevitably offers me their personal go-to. It's been through this trial and (mostly) error system that I've accumulated enough worthwhile options at my desk to stock an apothecary. And, hey, a lot of the stuff totally works (read: healthy servings of apple cider vinegar and bone broth).

Think of the following as the first aid kit of flu season: It has everything you might need to prevent, combat, and recover from an illness so you don't have to dip into sacred days off from work you reserved for that dreamy trip to Bali. Obviously, healthy servings of apple cider vinegar and bone broth are included.

Keep scrolling for the 8 flu season essentials to keep at work.

A universal flu vaccine might get rid of flu-related worries forever. Just make sure you smile during the actual shot.

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