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11 Food and Drink Advent Calendars That Make the Holiday Countdown Completely Delicious

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Let's be real: The best part of the holidays is counting down to the holidays. While Advent calendars have traditionally been a children's ritual, more and more food brands have been launching their own iterations of Advent calendars, and some of our favorites feature snacks or wine behind each door.

Whether you love a warm cups of tea, a variety of chocolates, or Dolly Parton-themed gummies (you read that right), there's at least one food Advent calendar for just about everyone who is feeling festive.

The best food Advent calendars sell out quickly, as only a limited quantity is made each holiday season, so don't wait until December to get yours.

The best food Advent calendars for 2021

bonne maman
Bonne Maman 2021 Limited Edition Advent Calendar — $35.00

Every holiday season, Bonne Maman drops a highly-coveted holiday calendar featuring 24 mini jars of jams and honey. With new, unique flavors of jam, like cherry and hibiscus flower, raspberry and rose, and peach-jasmine blend, it’s no surprise these sell out. You’ll want to add to cart, like, yesterday.

godiva advent calendar
Godiva Holiday Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar — $40.00

For a truly decadent countdown to the holidays, Godiva’s Luxury Chocolate Advent calendar offers 24 holiday chocolates, including seasonal flavors and fillings, like white praline with chocolate hazelnut, raspberry ganache, creamy coffee encased in a milk chocolate shell, and a milk chocolate penguin, Santa, and snowman.

dolly parton advent cal
Dolly Parton Advent Calendar — $40.00

In Dolly we trust. The country music legend and COVID-19 vaccine research investor has her own Advent calendar at Williams Sonoma, and it’s got all of Parton’s favorite treats. This includes chocolates, various caramels, gummy candies, mints, and more. Get 24 days of Dolly-approved surprises.

davids tea advent calendar
DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar — $50.00

If you look up “cozy” in the dictionary, you’ll find a photo of DAVIDsTEA’s popular tea Advent calendar (you won’t actually, I’m just kidding). In all seriousness, if you’re a tea lover, you’ll love this holiday calendar: It features 24 doors that lead to 24 various seasonal and limited-edition flavors, like apple cider, candy cane crush, caramel shortbread, mocha, and more. Each of the 24 tins makes one-to-two cups of tea.


Vahdam Holiday Advent Calendar Christmas Tea Gift Set — $63.00

Another tea Advent calendar we simply cannot resist every single year is Vahdam’s, which features award-winning chai blends like cinnamon spice masala chai, Earl Grey masala chai, plus some classics with a twist, like a chocolate vanilla herbal and chamomile mint citrus green tea. The set of 24 contains loose leaf teas, so we recommend purchasing a tea diffuser as well.


harry & david cookie advent calendars
Harry & David Advent Cookie Calendar — $90.00

The very sweet thing about this Advent cal is that it gives you a lot more than just 24 windows of treats. Inside you’ll find four double chocolate cherry cookies, three gingerbread sandwich cookies, six peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, six raspberry galettes, two dark chocolate-covered peppermint cookies, six raspberry-filled shortbread cookies, 12 vanilla shortbread cookies, and three German chocolate cookie bars. Santa’s cookie plate honestly has nothing on this.

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine Advent Calendar — $130.00

If you need a glass of wine now and then to get through the holiday season, first, you’re not alone. Second, there’s an Advent calendar for that, natch. 12 Nights of Wine is offering up the best collection this year: It features two rosés, six reds, and four whites (all vetted and selected by Vinebox’s in-house sommeliers).

McCrea's Handcrafted Caramel Advent Calendar — $38.00

There’s something infinitely satisfying about biting into a chewy caramel and letting the creamy sugar melt in your mouth. Traditional caramels are delicious enough, but McCrea’s caramels offer unique and unexpected flavors and combinations like scotch and ginger, rosemary truffle sea salt, cinnamon clove, tapped maple (crafted with real New Hampshire maple syrup, fresh from maple trees) and more. Each caramel is made from dairy that’s sourced from a local farm in Massachusetts, and even the calendar itself is collector’s item-worthy (it features adorable animal illustrations by artist Cindy Hendrick).

food advent calendars
Christmas Popcorn Advent Calendar — $55.00

Popcorn is having a foodie moment of sorts, and we’re going to lean with it—because who doesn’t love popcorn? Get yourself this 24-day calendar stuffed with kernels sourced from the family-owned Wabash Valley farm and unique spices, nuts, and sweet seasonings, like caramel sugar glaze, red peppermint flakes, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, and more. We recommend pairing your artisanal popcorn with some hot chocolate and a holiday movie marathon.

cocoa advent calendar
Specialty Division 12 Days of Cocoas Advent Calendar — $20.00

These here are cozy goals, unlocked. Snuggle up with a mug (or 12) of some hot chocolate as you count down the days until you can open presents and eat leftover pumpkin crisp for breakfast in your sweatpants. Each door contains delicious hot cocoa flavors like vanilla hazelnut, chocolate mint, caramel, candy cane, and more.

FarmhouseFudge Christmas Fudge Advent Calendar — $100.00

Oh, fudge indeed. Order yourself or the humans you love 24 days of flavored, festive fudge (think peppermint bark, sugar cookie, red velvet, and more). Each hunk of fudge is a quarter pound and individually wrapped (so if you wanted to share, you technically could—not that you have to) and the entire collection is homemade using the best ingredients. The fudge calendars are ready for pre-order, and you’ll get yours in November. Better hurry though—fudge is in high demand.

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