7 Healthy Eating Experts Reveal the Foodie Gifts They Really Want for the Holidays

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On the surface, buying a holiday present for someone who loves to cook may sound like an easy feat. But when you really start to think about it, shopping gets tricky. It's easy to walk through Williams-Sonoma or the cooking aisles at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and debate whether they already own a crêpe maker or a set of festive cookie cutters. After all, they're already in the kitchen a lot.

For inspiration, I decided to go straight to healthy food experts to find out what's *really* on their holiday wish lists. The picks here are items they're coveting, secretly (well, now not-so secretly) hoping someone will gift them this year. And if none of them appeal to you, hey, there's always a bottle of wine. (Or one of the trendy non-alcoholic spirit alternatives.)

Keep reading to see the food gift ideas nutrition pros have on their holiday wish lists.

food gift ideas knife
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1. Wusthof chef's knife, $146

"Every home cook, no matter your experience or comfort level in the kitchen, will benefit from having an incredible chef's knife," says Nutrition Stripped founder, Well+Good Wellness Council member, and registered dietitian McKel Kooienga, RDN. Kooienga spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so this year she's coveting a new chef's knife that will make will make cooking both easier and safer. (She has her eye on one from German knife brand Wusthof.)

mandoline slicer
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2. OXO Good Grips hand-held mandoline slicer, $15

As a registered dietitian and the host of Well+Good's video series You Versus Food, Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, is often preaching the importance of eating veggies—and it's advice she follows herself, too. That's why she wants a mandoline—a kitchen tool that more easily cuts foods into super thin slices. "I’m looking forward to getting more creative in the kitchen to relax and decompress," she says. "That's why I’m excited to try out this mandoline slicer so I can make my veggies a tad more interesting with new shapes and textures that will elevate my meals in no time!"

food gift ideas bambusi cheese board
Photo: Bambusi

3. Bambusi cheese board and knife set, $55

Well+Good Wellness Council member, celebrity nutritionist, and Solluna founder Kimberly Snyder, CN likes to entertain, so she has her eye on this bamboo cheese board and knife set from Bambusi. "Lately, I'm obsessed with all the incredible plant-based cheese options out there—especially from Miyokos—and have been putting out different vegan cheeses and crackers at most all of my gatherings," she says. She likes to pair them with grapes, cornichons, and microgreens. "It makes a perfect dinner party starter, and is also a great introduction for people that going dairy-free can be delicious!"

hurom slow juicer
Photo: Hurom

4. Hurom slow juicer, $299

Herbalist, holistic health coach, Supernatural founder, and Well+Good's Plant-Based host Rachelle Robinett says she's always trying to make sure she's eating enough veggies, but because she's often on-the-go, it isn't always easy. " I consider greens the most important part of my health care, self care, and skin care routine—always!" she says. To make it easier, she's hoping someone will gift her a slow juicer (which mimics the motion of hand squeezing) this holiday season. That way, she can sip her veggies while out and about.

breville juice fountain
Photo: Breville

5. Breville compact juice fountain, $100

Robinett isn't the only one who wants a juicer this year; best-selling cookbook author and Charley St. co-founder and executive chef Dan Churchill wants one too, albeit a slightly different model. "All of Breville's juicers and blenders help me make the most of my produce, whether I'm in the restaurant or at home," he says. While his restaurant is already stocked, he wants this juice fountain at home to make smoothies and sauces.

food gift ideas matcha love
Photo: Matcha Love

6. Matcha Love ceremonial green tea, $13

Best-selling author and Well+Good Wellness Council member Candice Kumai goes through a lot of matcha. She uses culinary matcha to bake and loves a cup of ceremonial matcha as a daily ritual to stay both calm and focused. Because it's part of her everyday life, she's hoping someone will gift her more this holiday season. "It's how I stay centered and looking young!" she says.

gaz oakley cookbook
Photo: Hardie Grant

7. Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley, $23

Cookbooks are a classic holiday present for foodies and this one is at the top of Holier vegan supplement founder Lisa Gonzalez-Turner's wish list. "I've been following Avant Garde Vegan on Instagram for years on Instagram; his recipes are simple, beautiful, and out-of-this-world delicious," she says. "I've heard amazing things about Gaz Oakley's cookbook, specifically his vegan cheese recipes. I'm dying to add this to my collection!"

Here are some more cookbook ideas to give as gifts, for all different types of healthy eaters. And if the foodie on your gift list is super into avocados, check out these ideas.

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