How to Make a Gut-Healthy Snack With 2 Ingredients in Less Than 2 Minutes

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For some reason, I have it in my mind that making a healthy snack requires so much more effort than just reaching for whatever packaged snack is in my vicinity. (Hello, leftover Halloween candy.) But registered dietitian Amanda Sauceda, RDN, sure proved me wrong with a handy little graphic she posted on Instagram recently. Sauceda, who specializes in gut health, showed three snacks that not only require only two ingredients each but are also good for your gut:


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Here, Sauceda elaborates on what makes each of the three simple snacks such wins in the digestive department:

1. celery and nut butter

The major reason Sauceda says this childhood classic is a gut health win: the fiber. "Celery is a great fiber food on its own, but it can be a little plain. Adding a spread of nut butter adds some flavor and more fiber," she says. "Here’s a pro tip: nut butters are often better tolerated than whole nuts for those with gut problems, so if you think you can’t eat nuts, try having it as a butter."

2. fruit and yogurt

Fiber is another major reason Sauceda often recommends a quick fruit-and-yogurt pairing, but she also loves this snack because of the probiotic benefits. "Yogurt is a probiotic food, meaning it is full of good bacteria that keep our gut happy," she says. If you can't have dairy, she recommends reaching for an alt-yogurt, which have probiotics added in. As for what fruit to add on top, she's a big fan of berries. "They're fiber-packed and low-glycemic, meaning they are great for blood sugar," Sauceda explains. "Sprinkle a cup of blueberries in your yogurt to add almost 4 grams of fiber to your snack."

3. Cucumber and hummus

"Swap your chips for sliced cucumbers to dip into hummus. It's a gut-friendly snack that you can eat at your office desk," Sauceda says. "Cucumbers not only have fiber, they are also super hydrating, with a lot of vitamins that are both gut- and skin-friendly." While cucumbers may not be that filling on their own, that's where the hummus comes in. Due to the spread's high-protein content, the duo will work to tide you over until your next meal.

Now that you know what snacks are good for your gut, here's what to avoid:

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