What Does Food Sustainability *Actually* Look Like? 3 Experts Share Their Takes

Sustainability might be the biggest buzzword in the foodie space right now, but have you stopped to think about what it means in a practical sense, or better yet, what it should look like in your own life?

To break it down for you, we tackled the topic at our Well+Good TALK on The Next Gen of Food Sustainability, where health & wellness strategy and communications manager at Ocean Spray Audrey Perkins, MS, MPH, Local Roots founder Wen-Jay Ying, and chef and owner of Charley St Dan Churchill (all of whom practice what they preach by connecting farmers to consumers) discussed how sustainability can be applied in people's IRL lives.

If you're reading this article, you're already on the right track. "Sustainability to me means thinking about our relationship to the land and our community, and how we can care for both those players in a healthy and regenerative way," Ying says.

How you actually do that will look different for everyone, but the experts agree that getting involved in CSAs (community-supported agriculture), opting for sustainable brands like Ocean Spray (which has committed to sustainably growing all its cranberries by 2020), and getting creative with uses for your food waste are all great places to start.

“Ocean Spray is a farmer-owned cooperative, allowing us to be sustainable across our entire business in the way we grow our berries (regenerative agriculture), the way we make our food (sustainable operations), and the way we wrap it all up (purposeful packaging),” Perkins says. "At the end of the day it's about using resources now in a way that sustains future generations."

Watch the video above for more detailed tips for incorporating food sustainability into your life.

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