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4 Foot Creams To Soothe Every Foot Issue

Kara Jillian Brown

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Not all foot creams are created the same. Think beyond standard moisturizing creams—some have antimicrobial properties while others work to break down calluses. No matter your issue, there's a foot cream for you. And you should take advantage of that by making foot care part of your regular self-care routine.

“Your feet bear the brunt of all your body weight and literally carry you through each and every day,” says Melissa Long, founder of Asheville-based Wake Foot Sanctuary. So why not give them a little extra TLC with a nourishing cream? Maybe even massage the cream in to feel the relaxation flow over your entire body.

Below, you'll find four foot creams to help you through different foot issues. Find the best one for you and click add to cart.

4 foot creams for all your needs

1. Pain relief: Birkenstock Cooling Foot Cream

Yes, you read that right—Birkenstock sells skin-care products. And this foot cream is A+ when your sore feet need some relief. The star ingredient, menthol extracted from peppermint, cools your feet to soothe soreness and leave them feeling refreshed. Meanwhile, almond oil, argan oil, and cork oak extract nourish (yes, both their sandals and skin-care products use cork) soften your skin.

2. Deep conditioning: Deborah Lippman 'Steppin Out' Nourishing Foot Cream

This nourishing foot cream from Deborah Lippman works to deep condition your feet. Complete with açai, kokum butter, aloe vera, and olive oil this cream provides deep hydration while providing antioxidant protection. After just one application, your feet will be noticeably smoother and softer.

3. Anti-microbial: Lavido Thera Intensive Foot Cream

If you're in need of a cream with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, consider using this one from Lavido. The formula pairs the naturally deodorizing and antifungal properties of Achillea and tea-tree oil with the moisturizing properties of avocado, almond, and jojoba oil, leaving you with baby soft and rejuvenated feet.

4. Calluses: Gehwol Foot Care 'Soft Feet' Cream

This classic foot cream from Gehwol targets calluses and dry skin by combining hyaluronic acid, milk, and honey extracts with urea and glycerin to provide deep moisture and protect your feet against future calluses. If you've got touch calluses,  Hill suggests slathering your heels and calluses with a cream before bed. “Then, throw on an old pair of socks to lock in that moisture.” You should notice an improvement in about a week, she says.

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