The Single Most Important Hack for When Your Foundation No Longer Matches Your Skin

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Even after going through an impressive amount of sunscreen over the summer, all those beach days and hikes still leave me with a slightly-darker complexion than the rest of the year. Then once I return to my paler self again come fall, the inevitable happens: my foundation no longer matches my much-lighter skin. There's no reason to toss it and pick up a new bottle, though—it's actually really easy to make your old shade work.

According to Laura Geller, makeup artist and founder of Laura Geller Beauty, there are a few hacks you can use to make your foundation match your skin year-round. And one of the quickest when you're in a pinch? Grabbing your trusty bottle of moisturizer. "Mixing moisturizer with your favorite foundation won’t necessarily help the color match your skin, but it will lead to lighter coverage—which makes for a more forgivable texture," she tells me. But while your lotion is great, your concealer is even better.

"If you want to lighten your foundation and maintain the same level of coverage, I recommend reaching for concealer," says Geller. "Since you typically choose a shade of concealer slightly lighter than your liquid foundation, blending the two formulas together on the back of your hand is an easy way to add a bit of brightness. And if you prefer powder foundation, apply a light layer of concealer to your face first and dust the powder over top."

Yep, it's that easy. You'll save money, save yourself from foundation-induced distress, and have a flawless complexion. Now that's what I can a win.

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