You’ll Never Guess Which Skin-Care Brand Is Poised to Take Over

Fountain SupplementsIt's no secret that great skin doesn't just come from the amazing serums and other bottled skin-care products we slather on—it starts within. Which is why skin-care elixirs, beauty-focused nutritional supplements, and sipping beauty-boosting beverages are getting super popular in the beauty regimens of more and more women.

So when a "clinically chic" line of drinkable dietary supplements fittingly named Fountain exploded in Britain, claiming to give us the luminescent skin of a life lived on kale salads, we had to check it out (and chug a few) when it came stateside. Here's what we learned:

1. Fountain beauty supplements are a mega-watt brand with insane got-to-have-it-ness. Within months of its launch in 2013, it became the top-selling supplement brand across Britain's omnipresent Boots pharmacies and the top-selling brand, period, at Now, Fountain ($26–$60 for a 48-day supply) claims they sell a supplement every eleven seconds...and that was before they hit American shores.

2. The line contains about 10 targeted blends. They're loosely grouped into Look Good, Feel Good, and Be Good categories, and the products have a science-y name. The range includes the Beauty Molecule, with resveratrol (26,000 red grapes per teaspoon); the Happy Molecule, with GABA and curcumin (also found in turmeric); and the Geek Molecule, with zinc and gotu kola. There’s even a take on green juice, with alfalfa chlorophyll and kelp, which the company recommends for an initial overall health and beauty boost.

3. Its claim to beauty fame is liquid formulations. Fountain says that active ingredients in most supplements are difficult to dissolve in water and, therefore, they’re possibly more difficult for the body to break down. (The crummy binding ingredients used in pills don’t help things...)

4. So why should you care about liquid formulations? The company says "supplements in liquid form can be quickly and completely absorbed by the body,” says Fountain co-CEO Nicola Kilner, who was previously head of innovation buying at Boots, and scouted products and ingredients around the world. In other words, it's all about making it easy for your body to use the ingredients you’re swallowing.

5. People seem to want to drink it, or mix it with their green juice (or something a little stiffer). British customers stirred it into their healthy morning beverage or knocked back as a beauty shot, says Kilner. We don't think she was kidding.

6. They're pretty, which means you'll display it places where you'll remember to take it. Think bright colors, apothecary packaging, and design-forward sans-serif labels.

7. Fountain is kind of obsessed with extra-strength hyaluronic acid (HA), or “nature’s own lubricant,” according to Kilner. It has an “ability to provide astonishing skin plumping results in just two weeks,” she says, and Hyaluronic Molecule and is the brand's most popular product. That said, because HA gives the skin a hydrated, youthful, and healthy look, Fountain adds a good splash of hyaluronic acid to every product.

Not a bad benefit from your morning sips. —Ann Abel

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