At This Healthy Hangout, Shrooms Are on the Menu

Photo: Four Sigmatic
Imagine a place to kick back with a glass of adaptogenic lemonade, chat with other people who know their reishi from their cordyceps, and maybe even share recipes and favorite workout spots. Starting today, your fungi-fueled dreams are starting to come true. (Don't have any such dreams? Here's why you still might want to sip!)

The Shroom Room, the brainchild of adaptogenic mushroom brand Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila, is now officially the first-ever mushroom coffeehouse.

So now, along with coffee shops and matcha bars, there's a new place to do some healthy sipping. (And considering the popularity of mushroom lattes, it probably won't be the last.)

But before you start imagining Grateful Dead posters lining the walls, remember that adaptogenic mushrooms do not have hallucinogenic effects. They are magic, though—credited with everything from lowering stress to boosting immunity and regulating blood sugar.

Because their healthy powers aren't exactly common knowledge, Isokauppila wanted to create a social, experimental retail space, so that it's more than just a place to shop (though you can certainly do that, too). "It's a cozy, natural, educated, and playful little room to come have a good time in," he says.

"Each day we will be sampling different things. Some days it might be mushroom chocolate, another day it could be hot coffee or lemonade."

Located in Venice right on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, Isokauppila says one of his big goals is to make the Shroom Room a fun hangout spot for both wellness enthusiasts and people just starting to eat healthier. He encourages people to stay for as long as they want, sharing advice and intel with each other—and sampling the goods.

Four Sigmatic shroom room
Photo: Four Sigmatic

"Each day we will be sampling different things," Isokauppila says. "Some days it might be mushroom chocolate, another day it could be hot coffee or lemonade." There will also be artisan-made products, like ceramic mushroom mugs and even mushroom ninja pants—yes, seriously.

With so much to do, the Shroom Room just might be your new post-workout hangout spot.

Four Sigmatic Shroom Room, 1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice ,CA, 90291

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