The New Gen of Best-Smelling Perfumes Don’t Require a Single Spritz

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Photo: Getty Images/ Strelciuc Dumitru
During the last few months of self-quarantine, an unlikely beauty hero has emerged: fragrance. People have turned to their favorite scents to calm their COVID-induced anxiety, mentally transport them to somewhere other than their homes, and help them feel closer to their distant loved ones. Between April 5 and May 16, the perfume market saw a 22 percent week-over-week increase, and home scents have seen steady growth over the entirety of the past six months. And now, fragrances that aren't perfumes at all are having a moment.

Aside from the usual rollerballs, spray bottles, candles, and diffusers, thanks to some of our favorite fragrance brands, there are now entirely new ways to integrate your signature scent into your wellness routine. From your at-home blowout to an actual perfume necklace, here are nine next-gen fragrance products that go above and beyond a single spritz.

Shop now: Ouai Super Dry Shampoo x Byredo, $24

Two of the buzziest beauty brands have teamed up to bring an iconic signature scent into your hair-care routine. Ouai's dry shampoo is now scented with the woody, floral notes of Mojave Ghost, which means your dirty hair has never smelled better.

Shop now: Diptyque Do Son Perfume-Infused Bracelet, $90

Bring your friendship bracelets to new, luxurious heights by way of this string, infused with Diptyque Do Son. Each kit will give you 30 bracelets, which will stay scented for days (as long as you don't get them wet).

Shop now: Stylist by HAI Ionic Professional Blowdryer, $109

An at-home blowout is nobody's favorite beauty ritual, but this dryer makes the process feel like a true spa treatment by blasting your hair with jasmine-scented aromatherapy. The result? A heat-styling process you'll actually look forward to.

Shop now: Amkri Wand and Stencil Set, $45

Touted as the world's first "visual fragrance," this scented temporary tattoo (which looks like black ink that you can draw on with a brush) allows you to decorate your body with the invigorating smell of juniper and spearmint. It comes with 95 different stencils, which means you can get really creative when applying.

Shop now: Maison Francis Kurkdijan Aqua Universalis Scented Shower Cream, $60

Scent your shower routine with this freshly fragranced lotion. Made with notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, white bouquet, light and musky woods, you'll be oohing and aahing every time you catch a whiff of it on your skin throughout the day.

Shop now: Skylar Sun Shower Hand Sanitizing Gel, $12

Scented with lemon leaves, meadow greens, and jasmine tea, this "sun shower" in a bottle kills 99.9 percent of germs while leaving your hands smelling like a fresh spring morning.

Shop now: Saje Adore Aromatherapy Perfume Necklace, $68

Wear your signature scent close to your heart with this rose quartz pendant. You can fill this perfume necklace with essential oils. Then, unclip for a refreshing whiff wherever you go.

Shop now: Dedcool Taunt Dedtergent, $32

Photo: Dedcool

Forget the usual spring-scented laundry detergents you've always found in the drugstore aisle. This luxe clothing wash is modeled after Dedcool's fan (and editor) favorite Taunt fragrance, and will leave your wardrobe smelling like bergamot, vanilla, and amber.

Shop now: Le Labo Hinoki Hand Soap, $23

Turn washing your hands (which you're hopefully doing more than ever) into a true self-care ritual with this Hinoki-scented hand soap, which was inspired by Japanese Buddhist temples and is scented with the "warm and mesmerizing" fragrance of the hinoki trees of Mount Koya.

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