What the French Are Doing to Keep a Lid on the Country’s Obesity Rate

Photo: Stocksy/Alejandro Moreno de Carlos
It's been a while now since the French have started cutting back on baguettes and macarons in favor of avocados and chia seeds. Though French women may not wear their athleisure en route to their skateboarding workout, the country is clearly becoming much more keen on wellness.

Case in point? On Friday, the French government announced that they're banning free refills on soda and other sugary drinks, The New York Times reportsThis rule targets the rising obesity rate in the country, which was measured at 15.3 percent in 2014 and 15.9 percent today, according to the statistical office of the European Union. Yep, the French are experiencing a rise, just like everybody else.

However, the French do tend to be less overweight than other European countries—and Americans, whose obesity rate is at 36.5 percent.

Sounds like they're taking pointers from the World Health Organization, which has recently advised countries to tax sugar-filled drinks as it's proven to show positive health effects. By making sure diners don't get bottomless soda (which contains an average of 18 teaspoons per serving), it's a pivotal move that'll help people make smarter food choices—maybe the next step will be more superfood-infused beverages in restaurants, or vegan fromage? A girl can dream.

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