This Liquid Blush Adds Color to Your Cheeks That Actually Lasts All Day Long

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Photo: Getty Images/Dimitri Otis
Blush is a powerful makeup product. Applying a few dabs of color to the apples of your cheeks is one of the easiest and quickest ways to look alive (especially on 2-D Zoom calls) while also sculpting your face. The issue is that blush—primarily cream blush—has a tendency to melt off of your skin and vanish into thin air not long after you put it on. This has been my experience, until I discovered the Freck Beauty Cheek Slime ($18).

As someone who is a huge blush fan, I've tested a lot of them. Like clockwork, whichever color I've applied to my face inevitably disappears way too soon, leaving my skin without the flush that I wanted. But the Freck Beauty Cheek Slime, which is a liquid, is the only one that I've ever used that actually stays put all day long.

Photo: Freck Beauty

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I'll admit I was nervous to try a blush that's a liquid, since it seems that like slime, it would drip all down my face. You only need a tiny bit per cheek, and once you pat it onto skin using fingertips, it really does stay put. A few taps makes the color blend seamlessly onto your cheekbones for a perfect flush, but it's also buildable so you can go as subtle or as full on as you're in the mood for. The slime isn't just for brightening up your cheeks, either—it doubles as a lip tint, and you can also swipe some onto your eyelids for a monochromatic makeup look.

The formula is infused with plant-based collagen, glycerin, quinoa seed extract, and carrot root extract, so it also hydrates (score another one for the makeup-meets-skin-care-trend). It comes in two shades: Cuffed, a muted coral pink, and Fielding, a darker, orange-brown. I've been rocking Cuffed, and ever since I started wearing it for (virtual) meetings, I've never received more compliments about "looking fresh." I truly feel like I've finally found the one blush that gives me a flush that could only otherwise be achieved by meeting Timothée Chalamet IRL.

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