If These Celebs Are Any Indication, Freckles Are the Beauty Trend of the Summer

Photo: Instagram/@arianagrande
For so long, magazine covers of female stars all had one thing in common: flawless, dewy complexions with zero lines, blemishes, or spots. Now, however, in the era of authenticity, body love, and even acne acceptance, there's another trend happening—and it's all about individuality.

In this month's British Vogue, Ariana Grande graces the cover looking very different than usual. The pop singer's signature high pony is down in a blonde lioness 'do, she's wearing minimal makeup rather than her signature cat-eye, and... there's a smattering of freckles.

ariana grande freckles
Photo: Craig McDean via British Vogue

It's not unusual these days, as recently Christina Aguilera's been proudly sporting her spots in the no-makeup look, and even royal Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle reportedly requested that her freckles show in a Vanity Fair cover.  People are embracing their individuality, rather than striving for one uniform aesthetic—which is, of course, refreshing.

If you're not blessed with the cute spots, there's always makeup—you can create faux freckles using an eyebrow pencil or a neutral-colored eyeliner to create miniscule, natural-looking dots (which is actually what Grande's makeup artist did for the recent cover). Either way, whether you're repping freckles, acne, fine lines, or a mole, be sure to rock it, because that's the world we're living in now (praise).

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