7 Free at-Home Abs Workouts That Are Better Than a Personal Training Sesh

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This morning, I slept through my workout. My alarm went off, I pressed snooze, and then fell back asleep, assuming that it would, as per usual, re-awaken me from my slumber in exactly eight minutes so that I could head to my morning class. But nope! Forty-five minutes later, I jolted awake to realize that I had completely missed it. So in order to get my workout in before I went to work, I had to get creative.

Enter Instagram—an unexpected destination for some of the best abs workouts on the internet. Not only are the videos completely free, but you can string a few of them together to create a full-blown, equipment-less workout that you can do on your bedroom floor. Let me tell you, it was awesome.

A few tips for using the 'gram as your very own at-home personal trainer, care of our resident Insta-fitness expert Kells McPhillips: Follow trainers who you love who regularly post full workouts (a few of her favorites are Meg Takacs, Amanda Bisk, Maillard Howell, Charlee Atkins, and Natacha Oceane), and save photos in different folders depending on what you want to work out—like "arms," "abs," "lower body."

To make things even easier for you (and to help keep your thumbs from getting sore from scrolling before you begin), we rounded up seven of the best core workouts on Instagram —which might just inspire you to quit your gym membership for good.


Meg Takacs' 6-minute core workout

Every Monday, the Well+Good Instagram account shares a full workout to our feed, care of our "Trainer of the Month." And this one, care of Meg Takacs, will leave your entire core on fire.


Charlee Atkins' classic abs workout

These five moves—including planks, bicycles, and reverse curls—are perfect for days when you only have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout.


Amanda Bisk's no-impact abs

Slow and steady controlled wins the race with this series, which will burn out your abs without any jumping, jarring, or—you guessed it—impact.


Jeanette Jenkins' plank variations

If you're bored of the usual forearm and side planks, this series has got you covered. It'll keep you moving while also working your core, which means your abs and heart will be pounding by the time it's over.


High-intensity core training

High intensity and abs work all in one means that you'll be feeling this one for days.


Abs plus arms

Add a little arm work to your abs routine by way of this 15-minute series, which is all you need to check "worked out" off of your to-do list for the day.


4-minute abs

Yes, you can get a full abs workout in four moves and four minutes. And the best part? You only need to choose one song to soundtrack your entire workout.

Had enough core and ready to move on to the rest of your body? Try this series, care of Emily Turner. And for recovery day, here are our favorite yoga videos on all of YouTube

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