The Best At-Home Workouts To Try Based on Your Personality, and the Spring Activewear Outfit to Match

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Have you ever found yourself in a workout that just wasn't a good fit (you know, like the dance cardio class that painstakingly proved your lack of rhythm)? What about enduring a class spent in clothes that don't fit quite right, either?

Whether you're out of your comfort zone or physically uncomfortable, finding the right fit—in workouts and in activewear—is key for feeling like your best, most confident self. To help you find the best fits for you this spring, we tapped Stefanie Corgel, NSCA strength and conditioning coach and Vuori ACTV Club instructor, to help you choose the best workout for your personality and the activewear that pairs best with each class. Because who knows activewear better than an instructor?

Corgel's approach is simple: “I look for activewear that is comfortable, supportive, looks great, and stays put while I move through every plane,” she says. Vuori's activewear staples check all of those boxes, plus, the Climate Neutral Certified brand prioritizes using recycled and sustainable materials, reducing plastic waste, and offsetting carbon emissions.

And now, Vuori's free at-home workout classes that were a viral hit on Instagram are available on-demand at Vuori’s online ACTV Club (and yes, they're still free!).

Ready to find your new favorite at-home workout class? Check out Corgel's recommendations for matching your personality to your ideal workout to your outfit—so you can look and feel your best.

Find the free at-home workout to try based on your personality—and the outfit to match.

Strength classes for the go-getter

If you’re the type of person who won't take no for an answer, a strength class is perfect for you—because you'll need a little grit to get you through all those reps. A weighted class is made for “[a] superhero in training," as Corgel puts it. "Nothing can stop [you]: a rainy day, traffic, meetings full of ‘no’s.’ [You] are resilient, calculated, and understand that time and patience will reveal the answers you are looking for."

Sound like you (or the person you aspire to be)? Opt for activewear that can keep up with your determined nature—and plenty of squats and lunges. Corgel recommends tights that offer waist and glute support and hug every muscle without being restrictive, plus a ridiculously cute top to match.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes for the busy bee

You'll love the efficiency of a HIIT class if your morning routine looks a little like this: You wake up ready to take on the day (no snoozing), smash a sweat sesh, and whip up a protein-heavy breakfast and a double espresso—all before your 9 a.m. call, of course.

With high-intensity interval training, you need superb support from top to bottom to keep things comfortably in place through all the jumping jacks, high knees, and burpees. "Look for a material that interacts well with sweat," Corgel says. "That means it continues to do its job while drenched and (bonus) is fast-drying."

Flow classes for the peacemaker

Are you an empath who's always in tune with the energy surrounding you? Do you tend to play the role of peacekeeper amongst your friends? You need a moment to simply flow and follow your breath (especially if you've been playing drama referee)—and you’ll love the chill vibes of Vuori's flow class (which, BTW, is a full-body workout).

This style of movement requires less support than strength or HIIT classes, but soft material that moves with you is a must. “Just as the intention of the class is to feel confident, relaxed, and free, the activewear should perform the same,” Corgel says. Luckily, Vuori activewear is known for its buttery-soft, moisture-wicking material, which Corgel says is crucial for a flow.

Stretch classes for the architect

Similar to how architects (as in, the ones that design buildings) are intentional with how they visualize space, this personality type loves being intentional with their time. If you plan your day around sunrise and sunset, love a good gratitude journal, and recognize that everything has a purpose, Corgel suggests adding stretch classes to your rotation for their restorative, mind-body benefits.

The activewear for a stretch class is similar to that of a flow when it comes to support levels, but you have more wiggle room to wear looser fits like sweatshirts and joggers, according to Corgel. “Any Vuori DreamKnit™ material is ideal for relaxing and unwinding deep into stretches,” Corgel says. So you can be intentionally comfortable.

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