Does Reading Spark Joy for You? Thousands of Books Are Now Available to Download for Free

Photo: Getty Images/Lordn
Any bookworm understands the struggle of storing hundreds—if not thousands—of their favorite stories. Unless you're #blessed with a Beauty and the Beast-style library, books spend their lives on closet shelves, in cabinets, under the bed—basically anywhere you can squeeze them until the next reread. But if reading sparks joy for you, there's a new way to keep your favorite book close and still maintain an organized (Marie Kondo-approved) home.

Thousands of books were just added to the public domain, meaning you can download them to your e-reader free of charge. According to Motherboard, books—as well as movies and songs—that were published between 1923 and 1977 remain under copyright for 95 years. As of January 1, works from 1923 are available, including plenty of noteworthy classics by Robert Frost, Virginia Woolf, Winston S. Churchill, E. E. Cummings, and Agatha Christie.

One of the most impressive digital libraries, HathiTrust offers more than 50,000 books from 1923 alone. You can also download from Read Print, The Literature Network, and Authorama. And if you're not into classics, don't worry: Just borrow digital copies of newer e-books and audiobooks straight from your local public library. Technology is a pretty great thing, huh?

By storing some books on your e-reader, you'll be able to enjoy your beloved hobby from anywhere while at the same time keeping the clutter at bay.

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