Meet the Velvet Pull-On Flares That Feel Like Leggings, but Look Like Pants You Could Wear to Work

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Anyone who knows me (and my shopping habits), knows that I’m a sucker for Free People. (Perhaps you’ve seen my ode to the Free People Christina Romper or Free People Pippa Packable Puffer. Sponsor me already, Free People!) Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, many of the brand’s sizes leave a lot to be desired in terms of uniformity (in some items I’m an XS, in others I’m an XL). Still, I can’t help but check the brand’s New Arrivals page on a weekly (if not daily) basis. It was on one of my many, many check-ins with the brand’s newcomers that I discovered the Free People Slim Pull-On Velvet Flare Pants ($78). It’s been roughly a year and a half since I first laid eyes on them and, at this point, I have six pairs. If you’re on the hunt for cozy, chic-looking flares, you needn’t search any further.

Free People flares
Free People, Slim Pull-On Velvet Flare Pants — $78.00

Sizes available: XS-XL

Stretchy, soft-to-the-touch, and a “dressier” alternative to leggings, I love wearing these out and about (think: brunch, errands, day trips with friends) and also inside (think: Netflix binges on the couch).

Colors: 6

At $78 a pair, these flares are one of Free People’s more affordable items. (And thank goodness, because every time a new color comes out, I think about buying it.) Thanks to their unique corded design, the flares have a retro, almost art-deco allure to them (but maybe that’s just me).

Like most of the Free People bottoms, the Slim Pull-On Velvet Flare Pants tout notable length, both in the legs and the height of the waist. At 5’6”, and as someone with slightly longer legs, I find that the leg length is pretty dang perfect, especially when I wear them with my platform Converse Run Stars. That said, when worn with flats, the bottoms do drag a bit (but not so much that I’d consider getting the short version, as I prefer my flared pants to be on the longer side, as opposed to a more bootcut length). As for the high waist, it’s ever so slightly taller than my natural waist, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. In fact, I find that the higher waist helps hug everything in, so I’m a fan.

free people pull on flares
Photo: Author

My favorite thing about the Free People Slim Pull-On Velvet Flare Pants—apart from the fact that they’re a dressier alternative to leggings and can be worn with pretty much everything—is that they come in a bunch of colors. Currently, they’re sold in Kelly green, black, orange, brown, and a cream color (of which I own the black and orange iterations); in the past, hot pink, red, mint green, and lilac colors existed (I know this because I own them all).

See, I’m very much so of the thought that if you love a piece of clothing, you ought to buy it in every color. That said, I’m this close to buying the Kelly green pair, and if blue, teal, or royal purple shades debut, I’ll likely make room in my drawers for those, too.

All this to say, if you love the comfort of leggings but are looking to add a bit more style and/or color to your wardrobe, the Free People Slim Pull-On Flares are a great option (the best, IMHO). As far as sizing goes, I’d say it’s pretty standard. I’m a size 12/14 (L) pretty much everywhere I go, and I wear a large in these pants.

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