Uber Is Helping Make It Super-Easy (and Free!) to Get to Your Polling Place to Vote on November 6

Photo: Getty Images/Maskot
November 6 is a pretty big deal this year. It marks the day of the midterm elections. Whoever wins next month will control Congress for the next two years—and the future of important issues from your health and well-being to the environment. To help as many people cast their votes as possible, Uber is working with the organizations #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to provide free rides to polling places everywhere in the US it operates.

All you have to do to take advantage of the service is open your app (it must be the latest version), find your designated polling place, and book a ride. Once you enter a promo code from one of the partner non-profits, the cost will be waived and you'll soon be on your way to make a difference. "Decisions get made by those who show up. This Election Day, Uber will be doing what we can to make it easier for people to do just that," wrote Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi in a press release.

No excuses to vote for your healthy future: Uber will literally chauffeur you to your polling place
Photo: Uber

Basically, there's no better time than now to start voicing your opinion, no matter what that may be. And taking advantage of free Uber rides is one way to ensure nothing keeps you from those polls—not a flat tire, delayed train, or your gas tank is empty. Buckle up! November 6 is going to be quite a trip.

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