Get Free Guided Workouts From an Audiobook App—I.E., a Nerdy Runner’s Dream Come True

Photo: Getty Images/mapodile
Take it from a self-declared audiobook geek slash runner: Listening to a breezy summer read while clocking in your training miles makes the distance and time fly by. But ready your TBR pile, book babes, because the latest listen to hit your Audible library is just a little more interactive than PR-ing your way through SJP's Goodreads list (and won't cost you a cent, much less a $14.95 membership due).

Through September 5, in collaboration with audio workout streaming platform Aaptiv, Audible users now have access to three 20-day audio training programs via the audiobook app. The first, "5K Training," features workouts that help you speed up to completing 3.1 miles in 35 minutes or less. The second offering, "Walk To Run One Mile," teaches newbie runners how to hone their mental and physical toughness in 25 minutes or less. And lastly, the "Everyday Meditation" pack is designed to help you improve your mood via four weeks of daily meditation.

Tally that all up, and you've got approximately 20 hours of free workout content—right from your earbuds (not too shabby!). And don't fret, non-Audible members, because you can take advantage of the free, 30-day trial and get in on the sweat sessions too. Just set up your account, download the Audible app, and search for "Aaptiv" in the discover tab.

As Engadget points out, since Audible is calling these bite-size routines its "first" programs, digital-fitness devotees may indeed see more audiobook-workout-app mash-ups in the future. However, *sigh*, these hypothetical later editions won't necessarily be free. So, if you've been playing with the idea of signing up for a fall 5K or kick-starting your meditation practice, now is the perfect moment take advantage of pro bono expert training.

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