The Healthy Way to French-Ify Your Cookout

Photo: Stocksy/Jayme Burrows
Here in the States, summer hangouts tend to call for beer, burgers, and potato salad. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with pure Americana, channeling your inner French girl can add some decadent, delish variety—and let's be honest, class the joint up a bit.

While you may think filling your plate with French fare may leave everyone feeling, well, bloated, think again. This is 2018, when nut cheeses, gluten-free baguettes, and vegan sausages are mainstream. Rounded up here are healthy French-inspired staples so you can have the fabulous Gallic get-together of your dreams. The best part is, everything is either pre-made or super easy to prepare—no consulting cookbooks necessary.

Even in France, people are starting to eat healthier. If you go, here's where to stay.

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