Mer-Freakin’-Ci: You Can Now Buy France’s #1 Body Wash Brand in the States

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The list of things I miss about the year I spent studying in Paris is "a moveable feast": the winding blocks, the farmers' markets; how the seats at the outdoor cafe tables faced the street for peak people watching, and how I felt perfectly at liberty to eat an almond croissant for both petit dejeuner (breakfast) and the goûter (afternoon snack). But when it comes to waxing nostalgic about the City of Light's drugstores, one product stands out in my mind as the belle of beauty aisle: France's number one body wash, Le Petit Marseillais.

Now, you can score the cult-fave stateside, and take the showers and bubble baths of your Francophile dreams. As of last year, Johnson & Johnson (who acquired the French company in 2006), began placing select LPM products in Walmart stores, reports AdAge. And now, you can even order the sweet-smelling lotions and scrubs from Amazon Prime, or shop a select few from Walgreen's online.

Granted, having LPM delivered to my doorstep does not recreate passing the bright green "Pharmacie" cross on a Rue Oberkampf (where I lived), and meandering inside to sniff the floral and fruity contents of each brightly-hued bottle. However, the lavender and apricot perfumed suds might just hold me over until I once again find myself on either bank of the Seine. (I'm not picky! Either will do!) In the meantime, I'll just be over here in the U.S. smelling French girl AF.

Vive le trans-Atlantic beauty products!

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