With Friday the 13th Happening During Mercury Retrograde, Are Bad-Luck Vibes Supercharged?

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Ever noticed how some tall buildings don’t have a 13th floor? And even when there is a 13th floor, a number of people may well avoid it, as one 2007 Gallup poll regarding hotel preferences of guests found. While various folks may interact with superstitions surrounding the number 13 differently, the mere reality that Friday the 13th is a universally recognized date for things to go awry gives it credence—heck, some even have a full-blown phobia surrounding the calendar-sanctioned event. But, with the upcoming instance—this Friday, May 13th—happening during a Mercury retrograde transit, are those bad luck vibes supercharged?

Not necessarily: Astrologically speaking, the cosmos are simply encouraging people to be more judicious this Friday the 13th—and that doesn't necessarily mean anything ominous. On Friday the 13th, the moon (which rules emotions) will be in fairness-oriented Libra, in the middle of eclipse season (which is generally associated with energetically exhausting times), and it’ll be the third day of Mercury retrograde. These are all cosmic conditions that push us to self-reflect and weigh our options, says astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides.

“This Friday the 13th is more of an observation period.” —astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides

“This Friday the 13th is more of an observation period,” she says. “It’s a time to look around you, gather the facts, and see what's coming up, or back up, for you.” (Read: This is not the opportune moment for manifesting or grabbing life by the horns, Marmanides adds.)

Read on to learn why, exactly, these three cosmic happenings prompt folks to worry less about superstition and focus more on introspection.

3 reasons why, astrologically speaking, this Friday the 13th is a great time to be judicious

1. The moon is in fairness-oriented Libra

This intellectual air sign is the sign of the scales, and, relatedly, Marmanides says Friday the 13th marks an opportunity to weigh what's working and what’s not in your life. “Collectively, when the moon’s in Libra, we're all just more prone to want to be fair. We're looking for balance,” she says. “Try to be objective before rushing to judgment.”

In addition to the moon being in Libra on Friday the 13th, astrologer Adama Sesay says the planet of emotions will be making other powerful transits that push for a vibe of judiciousness. Namely, the moon in Libra will form an opposition (which brings out challenging aspects of the planets’ energies) with Venus (the planet of love and relationships), Jupiter (which rules luck), and Chiron (commonly referred to as the wounded healer), all in self-starting fire sign Aries.

“There are going to be changes because of discomfort that people may be feeling around Venus-related things, because Venus is not happy in Aries right now,” says Sesay. Anything that encompasses Venus energy—like love and relationships, but also finances—may be called into question. It might behoove you, then, to think about where you might be able to strike a balance in these areas on Friday the 13th.

2. We’re in the midst of eclipse season

On April 30, we experienced the partial solar eclipse in sensuous Taurus, which encouraged folks to self-reflect. The second eclipse of the season is slated for May 16 and will be a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of death, rebirth, and transformation. And while neither of those dates is Friday the 13th, it is indeed notable that the infamously unlucky day falls within that time frame.

“During this eclipse [season], the planets are not necessarily listening to our wishes,” says Marmanides. “You can manifest, but it might not necessarily get answered in the way that you think it's going to.” For that reason, it might be better for you to simply consider what you want and how you might achieve that goal. “Try to be less action-oriented and just become a more passive receptor to what is coming your way,” she adds.

3. Mercury is retrograde in Gemini

“Mercury retrograde in Gemini is also going on, and that's going to add to some of this miscommunication and confusion during Friday the 13th,” says Sesay. Consider this transit another astrological piece of evidence that folks would be better off being judicious—in this case, before they speak.

Because Mercury (the planet of intellect, communication, and internal dialogue) will be in its home sign of Gemini during its backwards spin, we’ll have a recipe for the stereotypical Mercury retrograde, says Marmanides. “I would expect a lot of communication breakdowns, secrets revealed, or judgments being made,” she says.

Mercury retrogrades are generally a time of revisiting things. So in order to be optimally judicious in accordance with the guidance for a successful Friday the 13th, you might benefit from a perspective shift, Marmanides says: “Instead of being frustrated by having to do something again, look at it as an invitation to observe how you want to change the script.”

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