With Friday the 13th Happening on the Eve of a Solar Eclipse, Are Bad-Luck Vibes Supercharged?

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The superstitions swirling around the number 13 are so strong, plenty of tall buildings simply don't have a 13th floor. And even when there is a 13th floor, many people may very well be uncomfortable staying on it, at least in a hotel setting. While certainly not everyone believes in the bad luck of 13, the fact that Friday the 13th is a popularly recognized date for things to go awry is enough reason to consider its power. (Heck, some even have a full-blown phobia surrounding the calendar event.) But is there any spiritually rooted reason to fear the date's bad luck—especially given the fact that this upcoming Friday the 13th marks the eve of a solar eclipse?

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In some of the best astrological news of late, I'm thrilled to share that the answer is a strong, "No!" The lore of Friday the 13th and its bad juju, though passed down in secular circles for centuries, is thought to be rooted in Christianity and the patriarchy. (Eve tempted Adam to eat the apple on a Friday, and Judas, thought to be the 13th apostle, betrayed Jesus.)

But, pre-Christianity, "13 was the number associated with the moon—given that there are 13 lunar cycles in a year—and also with feminine energy, as [people who menstruate] have, on average, 13 menstrual cycles a year," says astrologer Madi Murphy, co-founder of spiritual wellness platform CosmicRx.

By a similar token, the number 13 also denotes the different cycles of life in the Pagan-based belief system of Wicca, with the 13th cycle being the one during which your spirit transitions to a higher plane, says Aurora Reiss, premier psychic advisor with California Psychics. (13 is also the preferred number of witches in a Wiccan coven, for what it's worth.) And as an angel number, 13 carries the same karmic energy as a messenger of rebirth.

Pair that with the fact that Friday is ruled by love-planet Venus in astrology, and any Friday the 13th becomes a "powerful day to honor beauty, connect to nature, and embrace fertility," says Murphy.

"This Friday arrives at a time of major personal and collective transformation." —Narayana Montúfar, astrologer

Emphasis on appreciating beauty this go-round because Friday, October 13th heralds the annular "ring of fire" solar eclipse in aesthetic Libra. Despite what you might’ve heard about eclipses—that they’re responsible for twists of fate or shocking revelations—this Friday “arrives at a time of major personal and collective transformation,” says astrologer Narayana Montúfar, author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power.

Not only will we feel the air sign’s social energy in its full vibrancy this Friday, but also, a couple other celestial events could contribute to the day's magical properties. Below, astrologers explain why the astrology of this Friday the 13th heralds exciting change to come.

3 astrological events that give this Friday the 13th a transformative vibe

1. The "ring of fire" solar eclipse in Libra arrives the next day

As the celestial body that rules over our emotions, the moon naturally tugs on our heartstrings. But as it moves through the partnership-oriented sign of Libra this Friday ahead of a solar eclipse on Saturday, the moon is especially concerned with how we work with others. “The eclipse marks a turning point in the attainment of balance within relationships,” says astrologer Angel Dawn.

The importance of building secure bonds is especially supercharged this Friday because love planet Venus doesn't just rule Fridays—it also rules Libra, where all of the eclipse action is occurring. It's important to pay extra attention to relationships with significant others, friends, and colleagues, and embrace compromise as a way to strike harmony and balance, says Dawn.

2. The sun in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries

The asteroid Chiron—which symbolizes our deepest wounds and the path we must take to heal them—will form a tense opposition with the sun and moon in Libra on Friday as it moves through Aries. For context, the oppositional Aries-Libra axis reflects the self-other dichotomy with Aries being the sign of the ego and Libra being the sign of relationships.

The tension between these two signs “means that a deep healing will take place as an effect of the eclipse in Libra,” says Montúfar, as the energy pushes us to be honest and upfront with our needs and feelings. Specifically, this is a moment for us to face and deconstruct our insecurities, and grapple with any tendencies we may have to people-please or over-compromise.

3. Pluto is now direct in Capricorn, as of October 10

Pluto, the cosmic body of fate and authority, just completed its five-month retrograde in go-getter Capricorn in the lead-up to Friday the 13th, and as it returns to direct motion, the Plutonian themes of change, rebirth, and evolution could feel especially poignant.

“Since Pluto is the planet of transformation, we are being invited now to embrace personal evolution by acting from a place of personal power,” says Montúfar. You might experience challenges, upheaval, or fallout in the days leading up to Friday—but just know that the fated outcome will move you into a new dimension or chapter of your life. Given that “this planet prepares to close its fifteen-year cycle in Capricorn, we are also preparing to cross significant portals in our lives,” says Montúfar.

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