The Best Friend Date Ideas for Your (and Your Friend’s) Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

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Few things beat a day or night out—or in—with a friend. But as much as you may love hanging out with someone, the wrong setting can make it feel hard to connect. The ideal friend date is one where everyone feels like they can let down their guard, be themselves, and have fun. One way to identify a context where a particular friendship can thrive? Looking to the stars—or more specifically, your and your friend’s zodiac signs, which can shed light on friend date ideas you’ll both love.

For an astrological refresher, a person’s sun sign (or the zodiac sign for which you’d typically read a horoscope) provides a broad overview of their personality and core values. You can look at your own sun sign to gain a deeper understanding of your social preferences, or consider a friend’s sun sign when planning a hangout to ensure it aligns with their key traits. (To find your sun sign, plug your birth time, place, and location into a free online birth chart generator like this one.)

"When the experiences we have with friends are also in alignment with our sun sign, we’re going to feel like more of who we are." —Juliana McCarthy, astrologer

“Our sun is what brings us sanity, vitality, and joy,” says astrologer Juliana McCarthy, author of The Stars Within You. McCarthy says that when the experiences we have with friends are also in alignment with our sun sign, “we’re going to feel like more of who we are.”

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More specifically, your and your pals’ sun signs can reveal the types of social settings that make each of you feel most at home. Planning accordingly can help you avoid friend dates that clash with the natural preferences of those involved—like taking a Scorpio to a loud, crowded party; or trying to get an Aries to sit still and “just talk.”

“Astrology helps illuminate the path to knowing yourself while enhancing your connection with others,” says astrologer and spiritual coach Lumi Pelinku, and learning your sun sign’s traits is a great starting point. If you want to dive deeper, Pelinku recommends looking at your Mercury sign (or the sign in which the information-oriented planet of Mercury was located when you were born), which “affects how we connect with others through communication and exchanging ideas.”

Love-planet Venus also offers insight into how we relate to other people, according to astrologer Alexandria Lettman, founder of spiritual wellness platform Jupiter Jewel. And McCarthy says that your ascendant or rising sign (the sign that best encapsulates how others see you) will influence how you and your friends interact with the world together, too.

No matter how deep you go in your own chart, trust that the galaxy has insight you can use. Below, find your (or a friend’s) sun sign—or rising, Venus, or Mercury sign—and plan a friend date that’s cosmically aligned for maximum bonding and fun.

The best friend date ideas for each of the zodiac signs


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Date ideas: rock climbing, bike rides, yoga classes, bowling, bar hopping, road trips, group hikes

Fire signs are all about adventure, and you’re no exception, Aries. Your high energy means that you love to stay active, so you’ll have a good time taking friends for hikes or bike rides, or joining a recreational sports team. For you, the best hangouts are the ones that embrace your playful side. You find the strongest bond with friends when you’re in settings that let you “feel childlike and free,” says Pelinku.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of energy, initiation, and drive. That fire is what makes you so magnetic, Aries. Don’t be afraid to share that with your friends.


Date ideas: spa days, getting ready together, dinners at fancy restaurants, wine tastings, shopping sprees

Taureans have a real taste for luxury, thanks to their ruling planet of aesthetic Venus. You’ll take any opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life—luscious food, fancy attire, expensive wine—and you love to have your friends indulge with you. “An ideal friend date would be something a little more infrequent but lavish,” Lettman says, “like dressing up to go to a cocktail bar or a fancy restaurant, or having a spa day.”

As a fixed sign (read: decisive and sometimes stubborn), “Taurus wants to be in charge of this decadent experience,” McCarthy says, so let your Taurus friends plan the next outing, and they’ll be happy.


Date ideas: group dinners, trivia nights, music festivals, karaoke, comedy shows

Gemini, your ability to go with the flow makes you an easy date. You don’t usually mind what you're doing as long as your good friends are there. “It’s all about the energy and the company for them,” says Lettman. As an air sign ruled by Mercury, you’re all about socializing and engaging in deep, sometimes long conversations.

Your outgoing energy makes you feel at home at a party or concert, where you can check in with all of your friends and acquaintances. “Planning a friend date to an open mic night, karaoke, or a comedy club can create noteworthy conversations and laughs, which a Gemini can never resist,” says Pelinku.


Date ideas: dinners at their place, picnic lunches, tarot readings, movie nights, potlucks, antiquing

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon—which means you love to nurture, connect, and relax. Your ideal gathering will often be at your home, where you can create a cozy and comfortable space for yourself and your guests. “Friends to them are like family,” Pelinku says, “and places that hold space for everyone to express their emotions will get them out of their shells.” Hosting a dinner or a movie night is a great way for you to invite conversation and relaxation.


Date ideas: rodeos, experiential or exciting meals, comedy clubs, walks in the park, photo shoots, dance classes

Fiery Leo is the life of the party, so you’re bound to have fun no matter what you and your friends get into. You like your socializing to be cheerful and laidback, but you’re not afraid to propose something out of the ordinary as long as there's an opportunity for you to shine. Consider setting up a photo shoot with friends or signing up together for a dance class. Outings that call upon your creativity and “evoke solid and romantic responses” will keep you excited, says Pelinku.


Date ideas: game nights, social hikes, picnic lunches, dog walking, book clubs, writing workshops

Chill hangs are where it’s at for you, Virgo. Lettman explains that you’re often happiest at smaller gatherings, where you can settle into conversations and give your friends your quality attention. Think: group hikes, game nights, or walks in the park.

Your ruling planet Mercury has you prioritizing “practicality, details, and service,” Pelinku says. “Virgos love to engage their mind and learn new things that can be utilized,” she adds. Creative ventures like ceramics classes, poetry workshops, or book clubs will engage your mind and help you bond with your friends through learning.


Date ideas: happy hours, theme parties, coffee dates, thrifting, concerts (as long as they love the band)

Socializing comes naturally to you, Libra. Seeing friends is often a way for you to recharge, according to Lettman, so you have a tendency to “fit this into your calendar wherever possible,” she says. You’re ruled by Venus, so you have great taste and love nice things. But when it comes to bonding with friends, you're less concerned with the decadence than your fellow Venus-ruled Taureans... and more interested in the company. A Libra would be perfectly comfortable catching up over drinks at a dive bar, as long as they like the conversation.

Libras are often gifted mediators and like to help resolve conflicts. But when it comes time to hang with friends, “they want nothing more than peace and fun,” Pelinku says. Your best get-togethers will give you a chance to relax, dress up, and be with your people.


Date ideas: coffee dates, intimate drinks, psychic fairs, tarot readings, one-on-one dinners, murder mysteries

Scorpio, you thrive in intimate settings and one-on-one conversations. If it’s up to you, you’ll steer clear of the crowds in favor of more private settings like moody bars or cozy restaurants. “Scorpio is into the mood more than anything,” McCarthy says.

Your ruling planet Pluto can make your life “mysterious and intense,” says Pelinku. In order to feel most comfortable socially, you might want to spend time with friends in spaces that let you showcase this part of your personality. Pelinku suggests places with “an edgy, mystical vibe like a private lounge or visit [to] a psychic fair.”


Date ideas: dancing at the club, ax throwing, ghost tours, museum visits, horseback riding, road trips

Adventure is your calling, Sagittarius. You love exploring, trying new things, and meeting new people—and you feel hyped when your friends are down to join. Your ruling planet Jupiter keeps you feeling carefree and open-minded. “Any activity or plans that involve expanding their mind while quenching their thirst for fun will keep them engaged,” Pelinku says. Think: museum visits, groups classes, or walking tours.

You also crave big experiences that you and your friends can remember fondly. “Going on a road trip or journey with their friend where they can create meaningful and lasting memories is ideal,” Lettman says.


Date ideas: escape rooms, laundry dates, meal prepping, networking events, browsing at the book store

Capricorn, as an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, you appreciate structure, discipline, and consistency. You love to feel productive and might get so caught up in achieving things that you forget to pencil in time with friends. One way to compromise? Plan your hangouts as part of your errands. “This way, you won't have to stress about not making time for your friends or taking time away from your responsibilities to hang out with someone,” Lettman says.

Another great move for you, Capricorn, is to opt for engaging, social activities that stimulate your mind. Pelinku suggests booking a session in an escape room, where you’ll be able to show your friends your strategic side.


Date ideas: poetry readings, dinner parties, community events, virtual-reality games, volunteering

As a sociable air sign, you're comfortable hanging out in most settings and with most people, Aquarius. “The rebellious and inventive planet Uranus rules Aquarius natives,” Pelinku says, “and their strength is their ability to attract all walks of life into their friendship circle.” Those with quirky or offbeat lifestyles as well as those who “have a call to serve others” are particularly appealing to you, she adds.

You love good conversation and are comfortable bouncing between topics, so you feel plenty at home in larger groups of people. Community festivals and big dinner parties can appeal to you—as long as you’re not the host, says Lettman. That way, you’re free to leave when your social battery is drained.


Date ideas: movies, coffee dates, paint-and-sip classes, theater performances, ceramics classes, concerts

Meeting like-minded people excites you, Pisces, so you’re open to being set up on a friend date with that friend of a friend who has lots in common with you, says Lettman. But, she cautions, as much as you like a community gathering, you “need to know at least a few key people in a room to feel comfortable.”

You’re ruled by dreamy Neptune, so you also thrive in creative settings where your imagination can run free. Pelinku suggests friend dates like going to see a musical or movie where you can escape into fantasy, or attending a paint-and-sip class to indulge your artistic side.

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