Friendship Rings Are the New BFF Bracelets, Just Ask Ariana Grande

Photo: Getty Images/Jesse Grant; Graphic: Well+Good Creative
The Seans, Rickys, Malcoms, and Petes may come and go, but your friends, if they're good ones—they stick around. Give a listen to Ariana Grande's new friendship anthem "7 Rings" and chances are you'll be dreaming up your own shopping spree with your friends. Since most people can't exactly walk into Tiffany's and leave with a fist full of diamonds, it's good to know that you can shower your girls with friendship rings without going broke.

Whether you have one true friend you know you can always count on or, like Grande, you roll with a squad, here's your chance to show your love. (Hey, Galentine's Day is coming up.) Consider this grown-up friendship jewelry: An update to those gold broken-heart necklaces or the braided bracelets you made at camp. And as a bonus to the whole friendship jewelry thing, you get to give yourself something glitzy in the process, too.

7 rings for your best friends—that won't break the bank

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