10 Freezer-Friendly Sex Toys For Beating the Heat in the Most Pleasurable Way

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What do online sex toy sales and temperature have in common? They’re both soaring, arguably in light of the COVID-19 global health crisis and global warming, respectively. And thanks to the temperature-play opportunities that certain pleasure products allow for, though, it's possible to beat the heat while also feeding your sexual desire. Behold: The ability to turn regular sex toys into frozen sex toys.

Temperature play, as the name suggests, involves incorporating hot elements or cold elements into your sexual routine as a means to heighten sensations, says trans, non-binary sex worker and sex educator Corey More. “Cold, in particular, can put your nerve endings on high alert and, as a result, increase stimulation and pleasure.”

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  • Carly S, body-positive sex educator and founder of Dildo or Dildon’t
  • Corey More, sex worker and sex educator

There are several ways you can incorporate cold temperature play into your sex life, one of which is with frozen sex toys, and stainless steel works particularly well. “The nearly indestructible material holds cold really well,” says More. Intrigued? Read on for the best stainless-steel options for cold play, in addition to other can-be-frozen sex toys.

Chill out and enjoy yourself with the following 10 frozen sex toys:

1. nJoy Eleven

njoy eleven
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Shop now: nJoy Eleven, $400

This $400 stainless steel dildo weighs in at a whopping three pounds, making it the perfect hard, heavy, and hefty tool for G-spot stimulation. “It’ll fill you right up making it nearly impossible not to hit your hot spot,” says body-positive sex educator Carly S, founder of Dildo or Dildon’t. To transform the Eleven into a frozen sex toy, she recommends running it under icy cold water, coating it in a silicone-based lube, then sliding it inside the vaginal canal an inch or two.

2. Le Wand Bow

le wand bow
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Shop now: Le Wand Bow, $135

This sleek toy is my personal fave on the list because it has not one, but two bulbous ends: a small one for pinpointed pleasure, and a large one for a feeling of fullness. Even better, though, is the textured tubing that wraps around the shaft. Hello, sensation.

3. Le Wand Point

le wand point
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Shop now: Le Want Point, $130

Made of equal-parts stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, this palm-sized vibrator delivers the same rumbly power of a larger wand vibrator. To transform it into a frozen sex toy, pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes, and the steel part will get nice and cool.

4. Pure Plug 2.0

pure plug 2.0
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Shop now: Pure Plug 2.0, $120

Meet the nJoy Pure Plug 2.0, a stainless-steel butt plug that makes anal temperature play possible.  “The [bum hole] itself is really sensitive on the outside, and less so on the inside,” says More. “So, teasing the entrance with this icy plug before sliding it in can make for an incredibly hot night.” And if you need a reminder to use lube for all things booty play, this is it.

5. Aneros prostate stimulator

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Shop now: Aneros prostate stimulator, $70

At two inches around, the Pure Plug 2.0 (the previous frozen sex toy selection) is not a beginner- or intermediate-level plug. So if you’re still on the newer-side of anal play, Carly S recommends this anal stimulator by Aneros, instead. With ⅗ inches of insertable length and less than an inch wide, it’s ideal for newer anal-play explorers.

6. DOMINIX Deluxe Cock Ring

dominix stainless steel cock ring
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Shop now: DOMINIX Deluxe Cock Ring, $27

Stainless steel cock rings are unlike silicone cock rings (like the beloved Lelo Tor 2), in that the steel version won't stretch. This means it's necessary to measure the girth of your penis or dildo before purchasing a stainless steel option to ensure you select the appropriate size, says More. “You do not want to get one that’s too small, and need to get help to get it off.”

This of course isn't to say stainless steel cock rings don't offer great pleasure value. “Cooling the ring down before play will send shivers down the shaft of a penis-owner,” More says. “You can also slide it down a dildo to give so that the person being penetrated experiences a slight sensation of cold.”

7. Crave BAV Duet Kit

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Shop now: Crave BAV Duet Kit, $99 for presale Kickstarter price

Launching through a Kickstarter is this opportunity to build your own vibrator, courtesy of the sex-toy brand that brought you vibrator necklace, Crave.  Here’s how it works: You buy a kit. When it arrives you put it together with the help of a vibrator technician over Zoom. Then, you’ll have a vibrator that looks just like Crave's clitoral vibrator, the Duet Pro, which is made of silicone and nickel. While you shouldn’t put this toy in the freezer, if you dunk it in a glass of ice-cold water, the nickel portion will get decently cold. Pretty (ahem) cool, right?

8. Uberlube

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Shop now: Uberlube, $20

“Putting lube in your freezer is a great stepping stone into cold play,” says Carly S, who recommends Uberlube, a thinner, silicone-based option that “will feel nice and soothing on the skin, rather and gunky and heavy.” She recommends using it along non-genital erogenous zones to start: The crook of your elbow, the nape of your neck, or the back of your knee.

ICYMI: silicone-based lubes (like Uberlube ) are not compatible with silicone toys. If you can’t bear to sideline your silicone toy, More recommends the aloe-based Good Clean Love.

9. Sliquid Sensation

sliquid sensation
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Shop now: Sliquid Sensation, $29

Sliquid is known for its high-quality, vagina-friendly lubes—in fact, its Sassy formula is my main squeeze for that very reason. According to More, the brand's Sliquid Sensation allows you to delve into temperature play wherever you go. “If you want to explore temperature play somewhere you don’t have access to a freezer or running (cold water), Sliquid’s Sensation is a must-have.”

Formulated with organic peppermint oil and organic menthol, this slippery stuff can create a cooling sensation on your skin. “Having a partner blow on the spots where the lube is will make it even colder,” they say.

10. Ice

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Can’t fathom waiting for your frozen sex toy to arrive in the mail (or for the sex toy you already own to get ice-cold)? Head to your freezer now, because it likely already holds an accessible entry point you can use for the wonderful world of temperature play: ice. “Trailing ice along usually ignored body parts can be incredibly stimulating,” says Carly S. Just be sure to use (plenty of) lube or dunk the ice in a cup of water before kissing it against skin. “Nobody wants their bits to end up like the kid in The Christmas Story who gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole,” she says.

Another fun way to play with ice? “Put a cube in your belly button, then try not to let it slide out while you masturbate or your partner goes down on you,” she says.

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