10 Stylish Pairs of Eyeglasses To Buy With Your FSA Dollars

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With a little less than two weeks left in 2020, you may find yourself with FSA dollars that you need to spend. The money in your flexible spending account (also known as or flexible spending arrangement) is use-it-or-lose-it—meaning whatever you don't spend will expire at the end of the year.

When buying new eyeglasses with FSA dollars they have to include a prescription lens. And you can always upgrade prescription lenses with a blue-light filter. You'll either make the purchase using an FSA card from your employer or buy them yourself and get them reimbursed. Be sure to double-check your FSA policy to make sure you're following the right steps. Give yourself a whole new look with the FSA-eligible eyeglasses below.

The most gorgeous pairs of FSA-eligible eyeglasses

1. GlassesUSA Muse, $94 on sale for $35

GlassesUSA Muse, fsa-eligible eyeglasses

Take the classic brown tortoise to the next level with these large round frames. This style also comes in clear/black, pink tortoise, and blue tortoise. Use the code DEAL60 at checkout for the deal.

Shop now: GlassesUSA Muse, $94 on sale for $35

2. GlassesUSA Ray-Ban Clubround, $183

GlassesUSA Ray-Ban Clubround

A thick upper paired with a thin wire frame allow these glasses to accentuate your features without overwhelming them. They also come in clear/gold, tortoise/gold, tortoise/rose gold/ blue, rose gold/ blue, and gray/red/silver

Shop now: GlassesUSA Ray-Ban Clubround, $183

3. Zenni Round Glasses, $26

Zenni Round Glasses, fsa-eligible eyeglasses

Subtle tortoiseshell elevates these skinny gold frames. This style also comes in gold/black.

Shop now: Zenni Round Glasses, $26

4. GlassesUSA Gucci, $400 on sale for $224

GlassesUSA Gucci

Go bold with these multicolored tortoise Gucci frames with star-adorned temples. They also come in brown tortoise. Use the code PREMIUM20 at checkout to get the deal.

Shop now: GlassesUSA Gucci, $400 on sale for $224

5. Eyebye Direct Star, $39

Eyebuy Direct Star, fsa-eligible eyeglasses

These gold metal half-rimmed glasses take a minimalist approach to the classic cat eye. They also come in rose gold, burgundy, mint, and lavender.

Shop now: Eyebye Direct Star, $39

6. GlassesUSA Muse Marie, $104 on sale for $42

GlassesUSA Muse Marie

These clear frames have a hint of pink delivering an understated look with a hint of warmth. Use the code DEAL60 at checkout to get the deal.

Shop now: GlassesUSA Muse Marie, $104 on sale for $42

7. GlassesUSA Versace, $310 on sale for $174

GlassesUSA Versace, fsa-eligible eyeglasses

These Versace frames are kind of like a very chic mullet—clean lines in the front, bold brand display in the...side. They also come in a deep tortoise/gold combo. Use the code PREMIUM20 at checkout for the deal.

Shop now: GlassesUSA Versace, $310 on sale for $174

8. Warby Parker Tatum, $95

Warby Parker Tatum

Gorgeous smoky pearl tortoise paired with a thick frame allows for a moody and modern statement. They also come in congac tortoise.

Shop now: Warby Parker Tatum, $95

9. Lingo Eyewear Aria, $99

Lingo Eyewear Aria, fsa-eligible eyeglasses

These two-toned metal frames are sleek and lightweight. They also come in ruby/gold and amethyst/gold.

Shop now: Lingo Eyewear Aria, $99

10. GlassesUSA Chloe, $440 on sale for $176

GlassesUSA Chloe

These navy frames fade to clear, giving a simple frame added visual interest. They also come in a hazy red/clear.

Shop now: GlassesUSA Chloe, $440 on sale for $176

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