This Month’s Full Beaver Moon Basically Doubles As a Time-Out From Mercury Retrograde

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If you've been feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, the November 12 full beaver moon in Taurus might just provide the help you need in order to power through. "Taurus is a tenacious sign. It’s stable, reliable, and stubborn at times," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. With the moon in Taurus and the sun in Scorpio, the potent combo of these fixed signs can "give you staying power to commit to anything you start," Lang says. "This could be favorable for working through a relationship challenge or for finishing up a home project."

This full moon gets its name from—you guessed it—beavers. It marks the time of year when beavers start to retreat into their lodges for the winter. And the major theme for this specific full beaver moon is the practical versus the esoteric. "The Taurus-Scorpio axis line features themes of self-reliance (Taurus) versus merging with others (Scorpio)," Lang says. "Taurus is grounded in the material, while Scorpio plays in the unconscious realms." You may also find yourself dealing with issues regarding money, whether that means having difficult conversations about money with your partner or rethinking your budget. "It’s the time to lay everything on the table and be real with yourself and your partner," Lang says.

If you're worried about having difficult conversations while Mercury is in retrograde (through November 20), Lang says not to worry. This full beaver moon gives us a much-needed break from the communication issues that can arise during a Mercury retrograde. "Because the moon is generally well-placed in Taurus, it offers us a time to ground our emotions and gain clarity about some of the more intense matters in life," Lang says. This is "a time when we can see more clearly and have a-ha moments about any lingering questions about life."

This full beaver moon gives us a much-needed break from the communication issues that can arise during a Mercury retrograde.

And now for the really fun stuff: "Taurus invites us to enjoy sensual experiences, like delicious food, spa treatments, massage, and physical intimacy with someone you love," Lang says. Below, check out what, specifically, your sign can expect from the full beaver moon.

Check out what this full beaver moon means for each sign.

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This full moon highlights financial matters for you. You may either have some extra spending money or extra expenses. Either way, now is a time to splurge on something you've been eyeing, but be strategic in your purchasing, not impulsive.

If you’ve conflated your identity and self-worth in your net worth, work to cultivate awareness about this and discover nonmaterial reasons to value yourself. Also, if you're in a partnered relationship, be open about financial discussions.


The moon is in your sign, and now is a time when all your senses are heightened. You may not be able to find words to express all of the emotions you feel, but there are other, nonverbal, ways to communicate, like via body language. You'll feel an emphasis on relationships and commitment.



This is a dreamy, mystical full moon for you, despite the earthy Taurus influence. It’s favorable to ground your dreams or ideas into a practical plan of action. Health is important during this time, so consider committing to a new course of action to improve your overall well-being using a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit. Also, pay attention to your dreams—they offer you key insights about your waking life.


This is romantic, social, and creative for you. Your creative juices are flowing, and you could make progress on any project you’ve been working on. Gather with friends who inspire you and with whom you can share ideas. Give back by volunteering with your favorite organization.

If you’re in a relationship, shake up your routine and inspire romantic vibes. You may experience new awareness about your relationship that helps you communicate better with your partner. If you’re single and don't want to be, this influence could help you what obstacles may stand in your way of finding a partner.


This full moon stretches you in different directions, and that tense feeling may extend to before, during, and right after the full moon. You could feel internal pressure to achieve more or feel a lack of confidence about not living up to your own standards. There may be misunderstandings and challenges regarding expressing yourself to others. Speak from your heart, and if others don’t understand you, realize they may be on a different wavelength. Stay focused on your goals, and know you can achieve.


You can see your life from new heights this full moon. Contemplate where you want to go and what you want to see. Set new destinations for yourself, and plan adventures. Change up your routine and step beyond your comfort zone. This could be a foggy time without much clarity about certain details of your life. You may have dreams and visions without a clear idea of how they will manifest.


Now is the time to uncover your hidden financial fears. Adopt a new money mind-set by getting to the core of those fears and beliefs by doing soul-searching. While it may not feel like a natural time to have a difficult conversation about these challenges, given that the Mercury retrograde may foster misunderstandings, try to do so calmly and with an open mind. Work to see the situation from a broader perspective. You may be easily triggered, but stay open and maintain your confidence.


This full moon highlights your love life. Relationships will be in the spotlight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be easy at this time. You could have new insights about your partner or have realizations that shape the future of your relationship. This is also a time for self-discovery, when you may encounter people from your past.


It’s a time to take care of details. You may feel torn between the tasks on your to-do list and the more rewarding projects that you never seem to have time for. This may feel frustrating, but realize that frustration is a gift helping you better realize what you want. So, prioritize accordingly. Though you may feel clear enough to make a major decision right now, go with the flow and focus on the task at hand.


Leadership and community are key themes for you with this full beaver moon. To be a true leader, accept that you might not always be the most popular person in the room. Stand in integrity, and commit to your truth, but realize when your ego is in the way. This is a time when you could achieve success and rewards for your efforts, personally and professionally. Networking is also a prominent theme.


Your family is in the spotlight during this full moon, and you may have waves of sentimentality or nostalgia. If you learn new information about your family members or circumstances from the past, use the awareness to release lingering hurt, resentment, or other such emotions. Let it go, and you will create space for an incredible new beginning.

This is also a time when your professional life offers you puzzles to solve. If you solve them, you'll receive recognition in surprising ways. While you may experience internal pressure driving you to achieve new levels of success or recognition, try not to be too hard on yourself. Make time to play and have fun.


This full beaver moon can be quite grounding for you, and it’s a time to take steps forward toward the achieving your goals. You can make things happen for yourself. It’s also a highly romantic time. Because Mercury is retrograde, you could reconnect with someone from your past. Keep your heart open, but be sensible about how you proceed with the relationship. Does this situation feel manipulative? Does it feel like too big of a step back in the past? You could receive opportunities to exercise your boundaries and stop people-pleasing patterns. Make time for self care, even if it's only a few minutes.

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