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The Full Blood Moon in Aries Is Sparking Bold Life Changes—Here’s What Will Shift For Your Sign

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The theme of the full blood moon in Aries, happening on October 20th at 10:56 a.m., is out with the old and in with the new. Prepare to walk away in order to make space for better agreements, truly balanced relationships, and expansive changes leading to positive growth. Space is important in order to receive, and the full moon is providing you with the energy necessary to move forward and actively reclaim your individual desires.

With the moon in the individualistic sign of Aries and the sun across the sky in the sign of relationships, Libra, the resulting energy will reveal your true individual needs, wants, and desires within all relationships: work, personal, and love. If there is an interpersonal dynamic that is no longer in balance for you, the full blood moon in Aries encourages you to take the lead and change it.

During this full moon, there will also be a transformative cardinal T-square between the Aries moon, Libra sun, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn. Squares are planetary connections representing resistance or tension, so expect disagreements, deep discussions, endings, and the rebirth of contracts. Cardinal energy is the initiator in astrology, and, together, this planetary alignment sparks the winds of change. Pluto in Capricorn seeks to break down old structures that are no longer useful, and this will be the vibrational focus during this full moon portal.

This will be an impactful full blood moon in Aries that will encourage you to honor yourself first.

Even though change can feel uncomfortable, there is a bright side to this full blood moon in Aries. The Libra sun and Mars will receive tremendous support with their connection to benefic Jupiter in Aquarius. Any contractual or relationship endings that occur around this time will be quickly replaced by positive opportunities. Mercury in Libra (also in its retrograde shadow phase until November 2nd) will form harmonious aspects with Black Moon Lilith in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. Together, this will provide the mental clarity needed to speak what's in your heart and choose sovereignty over making exceptions.

Overall, this will be an impactful full blood moon in Aries that will encourage you to honor yourself first. Affirmations are an empowering and practical way to boost confidence needed to navigate this activating time. So, check out what to expect during the full blood moon in Aries for your sign below, and get a bespoke affirmation to incorporate it into your day during this this two-week lunar portal. Simply repeat the affirmation when needed to shift thought patterns and boost your frequency. For a more holistic view of the month ahead, read your sun, moon, and rising sign. (Don't know yours? Plug in your birth date, time, and location to a free online chart generator, like this one.)

What to expect from the full blood moon in Aries, according to your sign


This will be the most energizing full moon of the year for you, as it is occurring in your sign. You are the first sign and leader of the zodiac for a reason. It’s in your life path to be the leader in your own life and put your needs first, or else you can feel drained. Those who understand and honor who you are will stick around. This lunar event is revealing the imbalances in your relationships, and giving you the motivation to tip the scales in your favor.

It’s important to change agreements that are not serving you at this time, so expect positive new opportunities to come through as a result of this space being made. This is due to the positive connection between the Libra sun and Mars in your contractual sector with benefic Jupiter in Aquarius in the area of your hopes, dreams, and wishes. It’s time to release the old in order to make way for the new.

Your full-moon affirmation: I only attract positive and beneficial relationships to me. I advocate for my needs first so that others can respect them.


Prepare for a mindset shift, Taurus. As the sign ruling over relationships, it can feel challenging for you to advocate for yourself. Now the full blood moon in Aries is illuminating your subconscious mind and shifting old patterns of belief. If you have been overworking yourself, you can feel the desire to shift your work habits, daily routine and practice self-care. Choose a dynamic that is positive for your health.

For some Tauruses, this time can also initiate a significant shift in your life path and career. This is due to the contractually based connection between Mercury in Libra in your work sector and Saturn in Aquarius in your career house. A planetary connection like this typically will bring in new agreements that can provide long-term stability. Listen to your resonance and allow this to guide the way forward.

Your full-moon affirmation: As I take care of my physical and spiritual needs, my body will take care of me. I release stress and worry, and embrace alignment.


Your true vision and creativity will be revealed during the full blood moon in Aries. Collaborators and colleagues may shift around this time, freeing up the space needed for you to go after your passion project. This will be initiated by the moon in Aries in your networking sector and the Libra sun in your fifth house of creativity. Expect positive new contacts and opportunities to develop, especially through your network and contacts.

As the communication wiz of the zodiac, you can feel a boost in innovative ideas and new strategies. The universe is giving your work visibility during this time, thanks to the connection between the Libra sun and fortunate Jupiter in Aquarius. Perhaps launching a new project online where it can reach a wider audience can manifest. This is a time of personal growth through releasing the old. Embrace it!

Your full-moon affirmation: I have confidence in my creativity. My voice is needed, and others can learn from my truth.


It’s time for a big career reveal, Cancer. The moon is your planetary ruler, so moon cycles affect you more than other zodiac signs. The Aries full moon is shining a light on your individual needs and the direction you should move in your life path. This is a time when your true leadership skills will shine, and you will decide what path is best for you. Astrologically, this is influenced by the tense connection between the full moon and transformative Pluto in Capricorn. New agreements, contracts, and projects can manifest at this time.

The full moon is also influencing positive growth in the area of the home, which can mark a time for renovations, painting, and redecorating. Some Cancers could also finalize investments in a new home, or seek to improve the shared resources in a marriage towards a more balanced dynamic. Remember to identify what your needs are in order to truly have them fulfilled.

Your full-moon affirmation: I choose to lead my own career. Opportunities that are meant for me will never pass me by. I embrace what is aligned with my soul first.


This is a powerful time for relationship beginnings and expansive horizons, Leo. The full blood moon in Aries is influencing contracts, communication, and international matters. Expect a new opportunity to arise that will change the dynamics of your work and daily routine. This could trigger a brand new schedule that is required in order for you to accomplish your vision.

Also expect important contracts and agreements to come through at this time. The Libra sun is in your communication sector and forming a harmonious connection with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your seventh house of relationships. New bonds can form at this time that will prove to be more positive for you in the long run.

Your full-moon affirmation: My light is meant to shine! I collaborate with those that allow me to also enjoy the spotlight.


An energetic spotlight is being placed on your shared resources, mortgages, loans, or legal matters. Finances and material gains can also be top of mind for you during the full blood moon in Aries. If you have been in delay, now is when you can start to gain forward momentum. Conversations will provide breakthroughs.

You also can be influenced to take a closer look at your finances or ask for more money. Remember what you need in order to feel valued, and ask for it. You also can reorganize your records or need to spend money at this time.

Your full-moon affirmation: Money follows me and flows endlessly to me. I always receive what I am worth, and I allow my abundance to circulate to others.


You are in the spotlight during the Aries full moon. The sun is in Libra and highlighting you and your relationship dynamics. Where have you given more and not received in return? The cosmos are prompting you to balance what is not harmonious, and lead the discussion towards your needs and desires.

This is also a time of tremendous change when it comes to your home and family. The Aries moon in your contractual sector and Libra sun will form a transformational connection with Pluto in Capricorn. This planetary alignment represents the change of old structures in your home in order to improve the value or investment. New agreements, change in living situation, and renovations could all manifest for you.

Your full-moon affirmation: My home is my castle and I am creating the palace I deserve. The resources I need will find me.


New revelations in regards to your work, health, and wellness will surface, Scorpio. The full blood moon in Aries is this area of your life and will bring forward momentum, urging you to make changes. You could feel motivated to change a fitness routine, eating habits, or start to practice self-preservation when it comes to your work.

You also can start to change the limiting belief of putting others before yourself, especially in the workplace. Perhaps there has been some tension with colleagues or those who work for you. Through this difficulty can come the realization that certain dynamics are no longer working. The Aries full moon is pushing you to embrace your leadership skills, and make the right next move for you.

Your full-moon affirmation: I am the leader in my daily life. I say no to who or what drains me, and I preserve only what serves me.


This has been a time of personal growth and luck for you. The full blood moon in Aries is illuminating new investment opportunities, your creative vision, and future goals. Pluto in Capricorn in your second house of material, money and self worth, and the cosmos is setting a stage for you to level up and change your financial structure. New contracts and discussions surrounding this area of life could develop.

Opportunities for growth and expansion can also develop from your network or friendship group. This is due to the positive influence of the planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter in Aquarius, on the full moon. While you may have to work alone or take on a leadership role, what pops into your sphere of influence can prove to be better for you in the long run.

Your full-moon affirmation: I attract and don’t chase opportunities. What is meant for me always finds its way to me.


The full moon is bringing movement to your emotional world, home, and career life, Capricorn. Scenarios that have tested your values can now start to reveal what must shift for you personally. Professional agreements, relationships, and what you need in this area of life are all a major theme for you. The full moon is pushing you to identify what you emotionally need and move in that direction.

As the most serious worker of the zodiac, new projects and career opportunities can develop, sparking your drive. This is due to the influence of the Libra sun and Mars in your 10th house of professional matters forming supportive connections with expansive Jupiter in Aquarius in your financial sector. Expect a new stream of income or a boost of your current one as a result of accepting the right opportunities for you.

Your full-moon affirmation: I lead with my true emotions. As I guide my life more authentically, aligned opportunities flow endlessly to me.


Communication is key during the full moon, Aquarius. This is activating your third house of communication, bringing in key discussions and contracts. You can feel brave enough to speak your truth and share what’s on your heart at this time. The full moon is supporting this through an empowering connection with the planet of growth, Jupiter, in Aquarius. While this may require some bravery, it will lead to a better situation.

You also can deal with international matters or a project that receives more visibility. Some Aquarius may travel or negotiate agreements with parties that are long distance. And the opportunity for a long-distance romantic relationship could also pop up, especially if traveling. This can feel like a positive moment of personal growth through shifting your relations with others. Embrace it!

Your full-moon affirmation: My tribe is supportive. Who is meant to be in my life will always find me.


Money and your material gains are changing under the light of the Aries full moon. This could pertain to matters of the home, or restructuring of resources and how they are shared. Aries is the sign ruling over the individual, so this time is bringing awareness to what you need in order to feel financially secure. Take a look at the details, negotiate, and ensure that the scales are balanced.

Hidden details or information can come to light that also can positively influence you financially. This is due to the full moon forming an auspicious connection with lucky Jupiter in Aquarius in your private 12th house. Restructuring your finances in an innovative and unique way can benefit you greatly now.

Your full-moon affirmation: Money is an infinite resource. I release stress and worry and welcome abundance and balance.

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