Use This Simple AF Gym Cheat Sheet to Make Yourself Queen Bee of the Weight Room

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The weight room at the gym gives me stage fright. I know, I know: exactly zero people care what I'm doing. But the aimlessness I feel between the squat rack and the free weights makes me feel like all kinds of insecureWhich is why, when I uncovered an Instagram cheat sheet for creating a full body gym workout, you better believe I took a screen shot immediately.

Designed by the trainers at Achieve Fitness in Boston, the formula makes whipping up a killer workout a lot like picking what you want in your burrito at Chipotle. To target every muscle in your body, you'll create two "tri-sets," each of which contains three workouts. Here's how to do it.

Create a full body gym workout in 3-2-1 steps


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Putting together a workout for yourself can be super stressful! It can be really hard to know where to begin, so we wanted to take some of that stress away and give you some general guidelines for how to put together a total body workout that is smart, well-rounded, and suited to your goals. While this certainly isn’t an exhaustive breakdown of program design, we do think it’s a great starting point and will be much more beneficial than just haphazardly throwing a bunch of exercises together! If you have any questions at all, please ask in the comments! We’re happy to be here to help support you in your fitness endeavors!! . . . #workout #strengthworkout #fitness #totalbodyworkout

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1. Pick six exercises, making sure to choose only one from each category (or movement pattern)

Choose one: goblet squat, two kettlebell front squat, barbell front squat, barbell back squat

Choose one: kettlebell deadlift, trap bar deadlift, barbell sumo squat, barbell conventional deadlift

Single Leg
Choose one: split squat, single leg deadlift, reverse lunge, step up

Choose one: push up, dumbbell chest press, kettlebell overhead press, barbell bench press

Choose one: TRX row, pull-up, single-arm cable row, 3-point row

Choose one: dead bug, plank, hollow hold, anti-rotation press

2. Place each workout into either set one or set two

"Try not to pair 'competing' exercises together so you can feel strong going from one movement to the next," writes Achieve Fitness. For instance, you wouldn't want to include all the arm-centric sequences in the same tri-set—spread 'em out!

3. Complete 3 sets of each workout in both tri-sets, making sure to choose which rep number is right for your goals

According to Achieve fitness, one to five repetitions will strengthen your muscles; six to 12 will increase their size overtime; and 12 to 20 will up your endurance.

Now that you have your lineup all set, you're ready to stroll into the gym like it's NBD. Go forth and crush your workout, fam.

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