The Class Junkie’s Guide to Doing a Full-Body Workout at the Gym

Photo: The Fhitting Room

For some people, the gym is their special place, where navigating the machines, the weights, even the attached TV sets is second nature. But if you're a boutique fitness class junkie—where a workout means being told what equipment to grab, how many sets to do, and even which motivational mantra to repeat to yourself when you're this close to quitting—shifting your push-ups and curls to a gym setting can be tricky (read: intimidating).

"Everyone is at the gym for their own purpose, and they're not judging you," promises Melody Scharff, a FhitPro trainer at HIIT studio The Fhitting Room who has spent her fair share of time amongst ellipticals and racks. "It's best to just go in with a workout plan so you know what you're there to accomplish."

Scharff points out that if you're a regular boutique fitness-goer, you've probably picked up on some movements or sequences you can string together for a functional workout. In other words, no need to just play it safe and use stationary machines—the gym is where you can truly put those skills to use.

Ready to make use of that gym membership—and do more than just hit up the steam room? The interval-loving trainer put together a challenging, 50-minute HIIT workout you can do at your local health club for that boutique flavor, no waiver form (or towel rental fees!) necessary.

Keep reading for a full-body workout that even the biggest boutique fitness junkie can do at the gym.


The warmup

100 high knees
75 mountain climbers
50 jumping jacks
25 air squats
Repeat for a total of 2 rounds

Time: ~7 minutes


TRX or jungle gym strap circuit

10 pistol squats (right)
10 pistol squats (left)
10 hip bridges
10 "I"s to overhead squat
Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Time: ~10 minutes


Dumbbell circuit 1

10 push-ups (level 1 is no weights; level 2 is two dumbbells, suitcase style)
10 alternating renegade rows (single count—5 per side)
10 curl to press
5 manmakers
Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Time: ~10 minutes


Dumbbell circuit two

10 lateral lunge (right) (level 1 is no weight; level two is single dumbbell at chest; level 3 is two dumbbells, suitcase style)
10 lateral lunge (left)
10 single leg deadlift (right) (level 1 is no weight; level 2 is holding single dumbbell in opposite arm as standing leg)
10 single leg deadlift (left)
10 weighted squats (level 1 is no weight; level 2 is a single dumbbell at chest; level 3 is two racked dumbbells)
Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Time: ~10 minutes


Medicine ball work

10 medicine ball squat thrust with overhead press
10 medicine ball slams
20 skaters with medicine ball (single count—10 per side; level 1 is no weight; level 2 is holding medicine ball)
Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Time: ~6 minutes


Cardio blast

1,000 meter row
Complete 10 pike-ups on the rower after every 250 meters rowed.
Time: ~7 minutes

It's about so much more than building muscle—exercise can give you a boost in the office, too. Oh, and BTW: Selena Gomez swears by rest days, and you should too.

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