This Full-Body Pilates Workout Will Make Your Entire Body Shake in Just 16 Minutes

One of the rare upsides of this past year has been the ability of many (but not all—sorry moms of homeschooled children) to squeeze more workouts into packed schedules, using time recovered from suddenly obsolete activities such as commuting. When you've gained minutes to hours by working from home, there's hardly an excuse to skip exercise, especially when it's available in bite-sized chunks like the latest episode of Good Moves. The new video features a full-body mat Pilates workout that'll set your limbs, abs, and glutes on fire in just 16 minutes.

Experts In This Article

"I'm so excited to bring you a full-body Pilates workout today," says Chloe de Winter of Go Chlo Pilates, who guides us through the routine in the episode. "It's good for all levels." It also requires zero equipment aside from a mat (or even a towel), although you can always experiment with adding, say, resistance bands for an even more intense challenge.

If you're not familiar with the benefits of mat Pilates and/or need a little motivation to press play, it's worth noting that the discipline is especially good for strengthening the core. And even if you'll never be a person with abs (it me), a stronger core can help prevent and reduce back pain—the bane of too many peoples' existences—and supercharge other athletic endeavors.

And while the practice generally—and this routine, specifically—is not for the lazy, de Winter says the most important thing is to listen to your body and try to enjoy (yes, enjoy) the work it's doing on your behalf.  "You can push yourself when you feel like it, but overall, we're just going to have some fun," she says.

With no excuses available—it's just 16 minutes, folks!—you have almost no choice but to press play on this Pilates party. Do so now to reap the benefits of a strong center, toned limbs, and a happy back.

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