This Full-Body Pilates Workout Turns Up The Heat Slowly—So You Can Ease Into Movement

One of the worst things about heading into a hard workout or full-body Pilates session is those warm-up jitters. Sometimes it feels like the beginning of your workout can determine the vibe for the whole session. If you have stage fright about diving into a challenging workout, it can be hard to muster the energy to follow through. The thing is, warming up is really important! It can prevent injuries and also help you get in the groove as the difficulty of the workout increases slowly. Sometimes, wanting to hit the ground running is important for a workout mindset. If that's just not you, though, it can be hard to conjure the motivation to have a really good workout. This catch-22 is common, and you're in luck.

Experts In This Article

If you're looking for a challenging workout that will get harder slowly—the most recent episode of Good Moves is for you. Pilates instructor Chloe De Winter eases viewers into a 30-minute full-body Pilates routine with some gentle and slow stretching. She recommends viewers get some good warming up in because you're going to increase the intensity of the workout as you go.

This workout is full-body, but a common thread is that you really use your legs to leverage your body weight against itself. The cool thing about your body is that, a lot of the time, you can work out your whole body when making just one move. This is true in this workout as De Winter takes viewers through a series of leg lifts from different angles, including downward dog, runner's pose, air kicks, and more.

Ready for a workout that challenges you at your own pace?  This full-body Pilates can deliver just that. Grab a mat, comfy clothes, and let De Winter lead the way

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