Knock Out This 5-Move, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout in 5-Minutes Flat

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Out of all the strengthening toys you can find at the gym, resistance bands hold the (unfair) title of being the least intimidating. Those couldn't possibly give me a good workout, say the haters. Go ahead, underestimate me, whispers back the resistance band. Okay, so I'm personifying inanimate objects here—but, for real: The rubber bands can make your muscles quiver when used correctly.

Aaptiv master trainer Meg Takacs knows first-hand how stealthily brutal these bands can be. When she dropped by our office last week, we challenged her to come up with a full-body sequence you can do anywhere using your band of choice. Whether you tack the moves onto a fartlek workout or bang them out for a speedy sweat sesh right before work, you'll be breathless in a good way. Below, Takacs shares her 5-move, full-body resistance band workout.

Get ready for this resistance-band workout

1. Push-up into single row: Begin in push-up position with the band wrapped around your wrists. Push-up, then pull your right elbow back in a row. Return to push-up position and do the same thing on your left side. Repeat 10 times on each side.

2. Single leg RDL: Begin standing with resistance bands around wrists. Lean forward while kicking your right leg back so you're in an L-shape. Keep your bottom knee bent. Repeat 10 times on each side.

3. Diagonal squat walks: Wrap the resistance bands over the bottom of your thighs (right above your knees) and squat down. Bring your hands in front of your chest and walk forward, staying in a squat. Then, walk backward in the same position. Repeat 10 times.

4. Shoulder taps with legs at 90 degrees: Come to your hands and knees with the band right below your knee caps. Lift your knees off the ground and alternate between tapping your right and left shoulder. Repeat 10 times on each side.

5. Burpees with plank-jacks: Come to standing with the resistance band underneath your knee caps. Jump up, lower your hands to the ground, and jump back into plank. Hop your feet apart so your legs come into a V-shape, then return to plank position. Repeat 20 times total.

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