A 5-Move, Full-Body Workout You Can Do With Your—Wait for It—Foam Roller

Photo: Getty Images/Peter Muller
If you think foam rolling falls strictly under the recovery umbrella of fitness, prepare to feel shook. As it turns out, the cylindrical tool you use to massage the knots out of your hammies and calves can also act as a prop for a full-body workout. (Read: It's twofer!)

Yesterday, Aaptiv and CrossFit trainer Meg Takacs previewed a five-move sweat sesh that will soon appear on the audio-guided exercise app. She kindly shared exactly what's involved so you can replicate the series the next time you're ready to soak your activewear. To get started, snag a roller and a mat—either at the gym or at your home studio—and pump up the tunes. One round should leave you winded in 10 minutes or less, but as Takacs writes in the caption: "It never gets easier, you just get stronger."

Steal this CrossFit trainer's full-body, foam-roller workout.

1. Plyo taps: Start at the front of your mat, facing your foam roller. Move up and down the mat, alternating toe taps on top of the foam roller to slowly roll it up and then back down the mat with you. Repeat five times.

2. Push-ups: Get into push-up position with one hand propped on top of the foam roller. Lower your body down in a parallel line then, push back up. Move the foam roller to the opposite side of your mat, and switch hands. Repeat five times on each side.

3. Hollow backs: Lie on your back and grip the edges of the foam roller between each hand. Lift your chest and legs off the floor so only your tailbone remains on the mat. In one motion, move your legs upward and your back to the ground while arching the foam roller toward your legs. Repeat six times.

4. Crunches: Starting in the same position as hollow backs, squeeze in your legs and upper body at once so you come into a ball shape and the foam roller is parallel to your shins. Release back down into the original position. Repeat six times.

5. Overhead squat to back lunge: Start standing at the front of your mat with your feet spread to the edges. With your hands gripping the foam roller overhead, squat down, then lunge the left leg back. Repeat six times on each side.

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