This Month’s Full Cold Moon Will Either Be Magical or Confusing, Depending on Your Sign

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The last full moon of the year and the decade, nicknamed the full cold moon, is taking the sky on December 12 at 12:12 a.m. EST. And given that it's happening in Gemini, you can either  expect a magical and mystical time, or to be incredibly confused. The key here is to trust your intuition but to ask questions that facilitate clarity before you make any big decisions. "Because the Gemini moon emphasizes communication, it’s important to be clear, honest, and direct during this full moon to avoid confusion," says Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer and healer. "It’s also a time when your intuition could be heightened, and you don’t want to rush to conclusions if you have an inkling about something being off."

Furthermore, it's important to stay open to shifts in your schedule during the full cold moon. "A Jupiter-Uranus trine means plans could change unexpectedly, or you could receive a last-minute invitation. Keep your mind open to what’s possible," Lang says. "New doors of opportunity could open. Stay flexible and adapt to whatever changes occur. Trust they are part of a bigger picture.

This cosmic event is also noted for benefiting from human connection, and not just romantic relationships. That's because right now, even if you typically prefer to keep your feelings and thoughts close to the chest, there's value to opening up. You can benefit from hearing the thoughts others can offer you, and also help them find the answers they seek. "Through conversations with others—even strangers—the universe may offer you answers to questions that have been on your mind," Lang says. "Think of each conversation you have being like an oracle card: It’s offering you something. Adjust your mind-set to receive the guidance you receive from unsuspecting individuals."

But, those are all top-line tips for making the most this full cold moon. To get more specific and personalized, check out Lang's guide for each zodiac sign.

Here's what the full cold moon has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign.


Prioritize socializing during this full moon, because it highlights communication for you—especially in regards to promoting yourself or your business. You may meet interesting new people or find yourself in a fortuitous networking situation. Revisit your social media profiles and see where you can make updates, especially on LinkedIn. Professional opportunities could open up as a result.


This full moon highlights the relationship between your self-worth and your finances. Do you value yourself enough to make wise financial decisions? Right now, you feel both optimistic about the future and reserved about spending too much. Use this practical optimism to your advantage, and make an active step toward meeting a financial goal. This is also a full moon during which you may have some shopping luck.


With the full cold moon in your sign, you’ll want to be out and about. So, make sure to accomplish the most necessary tasks on your list, but then prioritize doing what makes you happy. Otherwise, you could feel scattered and distracted. This is a fun full moon, but your evil twin may want to come out to play—tell it to be gentle with others.


You might feel a little more self-protective and guarded during this full moon. Soften your crab shell, let someone special in, and try not to isolate from others. Conversation can be the best medicine. So can creative expression, and you may have opportunities for both.


Tap into your creativity as a means of self care during this full moon. This is not a time to play coy or be shy. Express how you feel, whether that means posting your true thoughts on social media, writing a personal essay, journaling, or having a heartfelt conversation. This is a social full moon for you, and it could be romantic if you allow yourself to play.


This full cold moon may test your faith. Will you believe in goodness when others let you down? Will you believe in yourself despite the challenging circumstances you face? How you access your courage, faith, and resolve will depend on your ability to keep a positive mind-set. Professionally and personally, opportunities are opening up. While this is a time for completion and manifestation, stay cautiously optimistic about it all.


This is a wild and fun full moon for you. So, allow yourself to be open; distractions may lead to dead ends, but they may also hold new adventures. Take time for a ritual to set intentions or clear energy you don’t want to bring into 2020. This can be a time for awareness, when you could be inspired by new ideas. Connect with others, socialize, and don’t be disturbed if things change unexpectedly.


This full moon sends your mind into the mystical realm and then back into the practical details of life. Balance yourself between the two, and tap into your spirituality by holding a ritual to clear negative energy. You don’t want to bring that into 2020. This can be a healing time for you, too. Then, take care of your holiday shopping a little early. You might even buy yourself something special to celebrate the season. Prioritize your spending, though, and try not to overdo it or you might be playing catch-up at the end of the month.


The Gemini full moon spotlights relationships and partnerships for you. If you have considered entering into a business alliance with someone or partnering on a project, you could receive insights about how to take the next steps. (You might also see some red flags.) Pay attention to those clues and any intuitive signals you receive. This full moon also gives you a chance to renew your commitment to your partner or to address what blocks you might have for meeting someone new, if you’re single.


You’re gearing up for a powerful, dynamic year in 2020: Consider this full moon a time to focus on recharging your batteries and getting ready. Simplify your life by taking time for meditation, journaling, and practicing other self-care practices. Let your inner critic have a break, and have as much fun as you possibly can. Social time can be self care, too—especially for extroverts.


Like your fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, this is a social full moon for you. Yet, you may express this influence by accepting leadership positions or raising your hand to volunteer. If this time of year is busier than usual, take time out to still your mind, ground your energy, and relax your nervous system in order to stay steady in the coming weeks. There is also an opportunity for romance with the full moon, too. Use your imagination to rekindle the spark with your partner.


Feelings of nostalgia could be strong for you with this full moon, and you might be more sensitive as a result. But, now is not the time to take anything too personally—especially criticism or negative talk. Realize that others might be expressing stress and frustration that has nothing to do with you during this emotionally intense time of year. Communicate clearly and honestly, without worrying too much about what others think. Be with those you love and celebrate those relationships. Keep the season light, and be hopeful about challenging relationships.

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