Sunday’s Full Hunter Moon Wants You to Take Risks—Here’s What That Means for Your Sign

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The next full moon, nicknamed the full hunter moon because it directly follows the full harvest moon, is Sunday, October 13, and it stands to affect you way beyond potentially messing with your sleep. Get ready to experience emotions and feelings and big realizations. Basically, it's going to be an intense time, and you can thank Pluto for that. "The sun in Libra and moon in Aries will square Pluto, making for an emotional day," says intuitive astrologer and healer Rachel Lang. "It’s a time when you could have big realizations about your life, especially with relationships."

And yes, though it is going to be an emotional full hunter moon, it's also one for feeling and expressing those emotions. "If you’ve been holding back from telling someone close how you feel, access your courage and say the words you’ve been holding back," Lang says.

Since the full hunter moon is in Aries, Lang predicts that we'll be feeling a bit feisty, and suggests being mindful of that. "Speak your mind, but avoid starting a fight," she says. Be patient, and don't rush to conclusions if conflicts arise. "The Aries moon is always a time for self care, and it emphasizes taking care of yourself by asserting yourself in relationships. Say what you mean, and be brave."

Learn what this full hunter moon in Aries means for each sign.

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This full moon is in your sign, shining a bright spotlight on you. If you're working through lessons of maintaining your autonomy in your closest relationships, introspect about how you can be entirely yourself and also work on a team. This may be one of your most pressing questions. If you feel competitive with others during this full moon, realize that this feeling has nothing to do with others. It’s all about you. So, be internally competitive and strive to be the best version of yourself.


This full moon inspires your dreams, and you could see silver linings around every cloud. Stay in this positive vibe, and focus on what’s possible in the scope of your own life. This mind-set will keep your stress levels down during the intense time. And, make no mistake, you will feel busy. It’s okay to turn down invitations and give yourself a break from it all.


This full moon highlights romance. If you are single, you could meet someone special at a social event. If you are in a relationship, make time for romance. Work may be busy, and you could feel spread thin. This full moon also helps you have some profound realizations about your friendships. As your vision for your future becomes clearer, you could have a stronger sense of which social networks might support your dreams.


You were born with a generous spirit, and that's often reflected in your relationships. That said, even you have your limits. This full moon, aim that generosity toward yourself. Start with self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. Stop being hard on yourself, give your inner critic a day off, and try not to take things too personally. Realize others may be having a rough time and projecting on you. A get-together with good friends and some good, soulful talks will help you move through this intense time.


This could be a fun and social full moon for you. Plan an adventure. Change your routine. Make it a point to have fun. You might take this same approach to marketing yourself or updating your personal brand. Think about how you want others see you, and be that version of yourself. Access the courage you need to build a new platform for your work or creative endeavors. After all, you were born to shine.


This full moon invites you look at your finances. You could feel pulled between developing ways to make more money in your day-to-day life and developing long-term investment strategies. Focus on paying off debts, saving, and budgeting. The underlying issues for all financial matters are those of self-worth. Do you value yourself enough to ask for a raise? Set a financial goal, and stick to it. You have the power to create the life you imagine—an abundant one at that! Own it, and believe in your power.


It’s your birthday season, and hopefully, you’re feeling the love. You have permission to be more assertive, during this time, and to speak your mind—but do so in your diplomatic Libra way. If you’ve been thinking of working with a business partner or hiring an agent, you could see signs pointing you in the right direction. If you’re single, socialize! You never know how, when, or where you’ll meet special someone. Keep an open mind, and say yes to invitations.


Pay attention to your dreams, as they may have clues for your waking life. Your intuition could also be stronger during this full hunter moon. If you feel fired up and ready for action, access the courage you need to make a big life change. This is not a time to play small or stay in your comfort zone. Be bold, and assert yourself. That said, try to avoid going deep into an argument or conflict.


The Aries full moon highlights romance. If you are single, you could meet someone special. If you’re involved in a relationship, you could rekindle the spark that first connected you. If you’ve been busy with other aspects of your life, dedicate a little extra attention to your love life. And since this is also a highly creative time, you could begin to see the manifestation of your dreams.


You could be pulled in different directions, so work to strike a balance. Maybe you feel pressure from family members to be more available. Yet, you have simultaneous ambitions driving you to achieve your dreams. Try to have compassion for others to avoid being caught up in any unnecessary conflicts that will get in the way of your bigger goals.


This full moon awakens your sense of adventure. Give your inner free spirit the break it needs and travel to expand your mind and push you from your comfort zone. If you can’t travel, daydream about where you might go. This full moon also inspires your faith in yourself, in others, and in the universe. So stay positive and clear the path between where you are now and where you aim to be. Dream big, and believe in those dreams.


This full hunter moon highlights short- and long-term money matters for you. You could have a breakthrough that helps you see how deserving you are of abundance and success. In the short term, you may want to save and budget wisely. Stay present to any financial concerns you have without going into denial. Professionally, this is a time to take charge, be the boss, and forge onward in the pursuit of your dreams.

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