This Full Harvest Moon in Aries Looks Intense—Here Is How Each Sign Can Navigate It

Proceed with caution because the full moon in Aries of 2020, or harvest moon, looks to pack major intensity. This impactful lunar event will occur when relationship-oriented sun in Libra is in exact opposition to the self-serving Aries moon on Thursday, October 1st at 5:05 p.m., ET. Aries is a cardinal fire sign representing individual identity and the first spark of life. In its purest form, its energy charges ahead first and asks questions later. But with a full moon, it's advised to avoid sudden action and reaction and to instead take the time processes your emotions.

So by combining action and emotional processing, the full moon in Aries of 2020 may be revealing of what's boiling beneath the surface, pitting our needs against the needs of others. It will form a powerful connection with the wounded warrior, Chiron, in Aries, which is responsible for bringing dormant issues to light. We may feel triggered by external events, forcing us to face challenges and reveal changes we must make in our lives. Honoring our emotions and strategizing on how we can peacefully shift or change our reality is the best course of action to avoid confrontation and relationship eruptions.

This lunar event will also be influenced by the irritable Mars retrograde in Aries square with Saturn in Capricorn, which occurred on September 29th. This profound cosmic alignment has occurred twice this year and has exacerbated feelings of restriction, disagreements with authority, and the desire to break free from old structures that no longer serve you.

You can pinpoint and understand which area of life this occurs in for you, based on where Aries and Libra show up in your natal chart. (To run your own natal chart, you can use an online birth-chart calculator like this one.) After pinpointing those details, turn your focus to self care, which is essential to not only surviving but thriving during this time. Below, get a full-moon self-care tip for your zodiac sign.

How to practice self care for your zodiac sign during the full moon in Aries of 2020.


Aries, the full moon is occurring in your sign! Personal tension and disagreements in love, work, or family relationships can leave you feeling drained. You want to honor your needs, but the needs of others are overpowering, which can bring on feelings of frustration and guilt.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Taking a mental day to honor yourself is key. Seek solitude at home or in nature, if you have the ability to do so. Incorporate aromatherapy into your day, and practice yoga, breathwork, or quiet meditation.


Private emotional tension can bubble up to the surface for you, Taurus. The full moon illuminates your subconscious mind, revealing intense thoughts and emotions you’ve suppressed. Disagreements with authority figures can ensue, leaving you questioning your abilities and feeling as though your needs are not heard.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Working on your own creative passions and honoring your truth privately is the best way to work with this time in a positive way. Taking quiet time to develop a vision board to bring your ideas to life appeals to your freedom of expression.


You are the social and bubbly air sign, Gemini, but current cosmic energies are pushing you in a different direction. Disagreements with people in your industry, friends, or followers on social media can erupt. You have your own truth to speak, but others have a different agenda. Wanting to break out of the control of others can ensue, leaving you feeling frazzled.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Take a break from email, social media, and texting to avoid conflict and honor your feelings. Start a scripting journal to improve your communication skills. The exercise can encourage the positive creation of your own reality. Consider your goals, dreams, and what you want for your future. Write them down in first person in your journal to boost your mood and shift your thoughts.


Your professional world is being affected by this full moon, Cancer, especially given that the ruler of your sign is the moon. You have your independent agenda, and you may feel as though it’s not being valued in your current place of work. Power struggles with important business relationships may trigger your need to break free from control.

Your full-moon self-care tip: You are a sensitive soul, and confrontations can take a lot out of you. Take a moment in the evening to honor your emotions and connect to your element, water. Spend time close to the ocean or opt for a cleansing sea-salt bath to relax tension and give time to work through your feelings.


You are the natural center of attention, Leo! The full moon is affecting your shine, though, and your personal beliefs or point of view may rub others the wrong way. This may make you feel insecure and frustrated because you feel a need to appease others.

Your full-moon self-care tip: A breathwork session is a fantastic way to release tension and stress while also healing your throat chakra (energy center), which can feel out of alignment during this time.


Virgo, you may have been working through a financial negotiation, salary contract, or court case that has been causing you stress. New developments in this area of your life can bring your aggravation to the surface. This has weighed on your sense of self-worth, especially when it comes to business or personal relationships.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Your self-worth is directly tied to your money. How we feel about ourselves corresponds to our finances in a major way. Take time for mirror work (speaking positive affirmations to yourself in front of a mirror) to boost your self-confidence. Start with, “I am worthy, I am enough, I am love.”


This full moon is pivotal for you, as it’s occurring in your opposite sign of Aries, which will shine a light on the imbalance of your individual needs in work or love relationships. You want to appease others but this ultimately leaves you feeling overpowered and depleted. Learning to say no is challenging for you, Libra.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Creating a manifestation list is a perfect way to uncover what your needs truly are. To do it, take a blank sheet of paper, and fold it in half. Hold your current issue in your mind. On one side, write “must haves” and on the other, “non-negotiables.” Underneath each section, write what you must have or absolutely do not want in your relationships with others. Seeing this in reality is the first step to creating a plan to make it happen.


Issues with colleagues or coworkers can be brought to light, forcing you to react, Scorpio. Communication with your manager, or those you must interact with on a daily basis, can feel strained.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Not honoring and releasing stressful or negative emotions is unhealthy for your system. It can cause unprofessional explosions later. Meditation is a fantastic tool to work through intensity in your mind, giving you a grounded and centered moment. Take an hour out of your day to do a calming, guided meditation. As thoughts and emotions come up, work through them in your mind first before resorting to reaction.


Past struggles regarding your creativity and romantic life are coming up for you. If you are casually dating, events may occur leaving you feeling unfulfilled. On the other hand, your creative projects could receive scrutiny, leaving you feeling deflated. You are realizing a change needs to be made.

Your full-moon self-care tip: The external reality is a reflection of what is occurring for you on the inside. If you are not honoring your worth, others outside of yourself will not either. Take the day to schedule a local adventure. You have felt trapped during quarantine, and experiencing new places can give you a different perspective, independent of the situation.


Your home and emotional world is weighing on you, Capricorn. Perhaps you’ve realized certain changes must be made privately in order to honor and elevate your life path and career. Family arguments or challenging developments can speed along this process. Balancing these two areas of life, while honoring yourself, is key.

Your full-moon self-care tip: It’s time for you to come first. As a work-oriented sign, you can distract yourself with your professional world to cope with emotional challenges. Taking time off is beneficial for you to heal and also take notice of any emotional discomfort. Connect to your element of Earth by taking a quiet hike or walk alone in nature.


Aquarius, your outspoken nature may land you in hot water today. This is not a negative attribute to have, but the situation will make you feel as though it is. Hidden aggression may come to light, and old insecurities about your individuality can develop. This can feel especially difficult for you.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Sharing what’s on your mind comes naturally to you, and this time can feel especially triggering. Articulating your vocal expression in private can be helpful in order to work through this time. Try a guided chanting meditation to find peace in the chaos, and work on strengthening your voice.


Conversations surrounding your salary, client fees, or prices can intensify. You are realizing what you worth and are frustrated at others for not honoring this. Accepting less than you are worth gives others the green light to do the same and can leave you feeling stuck.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Something as simple as working through the day-to-day numbers of your life can be fulfilling. This is the opposite of your Piscean nature. Take time to look at your expenses, what you need, and how much it has taken you to get to where you are now. Incorporate this information into your new worth. Do not stray from this!

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