A Full Moon Hangover Can Last for 2 Weeks After the Lunar Event—Here’s How To Deal

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Full moons have been linked to rising tides of emotions and off-kilter experiences since ancient times. But, their effects aren't necessarily limited to just the singular day of their occurrence. Based on astrology, the uniquely powerful and mood-shifting energy of a full moon may be felt throughout the two weeks between the date of the full moon and the new moon that follows—an emotionally turbulent time that's often nicknamed a full moon hangover. And in fact, you might be feeling those effects right now, in the wake of the full moon in Pisces, which took the sky on September 20.

To recap, a full moon in astrology is synonymous with the end of a broader life cycle, says Adama Sesay, astrologer at Lilith Astrology. "Typically, a full moon represents the completion of intentions that you may have set at the previous new moon in the same sign," she says. In the case of this recent full moon in Pisces, you could look back at the goals or plans you might've set forth around March 13, when we experienced the last new moon in Pisces. "Whatever is going to manifest for you surrounding a full moon typically takes about two weeks to do so, from the date of the full moon itself," says Sesay. Hence, the two-week emotional hangover.

"Whatever is going to manifest for you surrounding a full moon typically takes about two weeks to do so, from the date of the full moon itself." —Adama Sesay, astrologer

During that time, the lingering full-moon energy is pushing you to put in the final effort required to see the harvest of intentions planted months ago—which can be a tough thing to come to terms with in the moment. "I think that what a lot of people miss with manifestation is, they get stuck in the dreaming and intention-setting phase," says Sesay. "The full moon hangover reflects those rumbling feelings of, 'Okay, now you actually need to do the work to achieve whatever it is you've been calling into your life,' whether that's launching a new business idea or making a change in a relationship."

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That push to action can be emotional, to say the least. After all, in general cosmic terms, the moon rules our emotions and feelings, and whenever it's full, that realm is heightened energetically. Not to mention, moon energy is doubly potent whenever it's in a water sign—as it is, in Pisces, now—given its rulership over fellow water-sign Cancer and connection to water more broadly, adds Sesay.

As for the current full-moon hangover dynamic, the recent full moon in Pisces, paired with the sun in Virgo, is creating a serious oppositional vibe. "Pisces reflects a spiritual energy of creativity, dreams, and wishes for the future, while Virgo is incredibly practical and grounded," says Sesay. And their push-pull synergy just adds extra oomph to that full-moon cycle of "bringing dreams down into reality," she says.

How to handle a full-moon hangover from the recent full moon in Pisces:

While it wouldn't be wise to set brand-new intentions now (Sesay recommends saving that energy for the new moon), make no mistake: The current full-moon energy could very well move you toward change and newness, even as you symbolically or literally wrap up old initiatives.

"You could realize that you're not setting up your day in the most optimal way to conclude a goal," says Sesay. "And that could mean changing your schedule, moving to a new place, bringing different people into your life, or making new agreements, in order to make space for that particular dream to become reality." So, despite its reputation for weirdness, this post-full-moon period could reflect an energy of activation and doing, which Sesay suggests embracing. And because of the natural emotional fluctuations tied to any full-moon hangover, she also recommends using this time to practice positive affirmations and meditation, and to immerse yourself in nature.

Given the coexistent celestial landscape, featuring both Jupiter in retrograde and Mercury in retro-shade (soon to be retrograde, on September 27), there's a lot of other cosmic energy harkening back to the past at the moment, too. "You have a big opportunity to harvest from past relationships, past contacts, past opportunities," says Sesay. And that's all the more reason to use this time for keen self-reflection in order to figure out just what you may need to do now in order to conclude or find closure for intentions set earlier this year.

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