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The Upcoming Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius Packs Unexpected Intensity—Here’s What it Means for Your Sign

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Buckle up, because the upcoming full moon in Aquarius, happening August 3, has a rebellious energy that may bring about sudden and unusual events that challenge each of us to take action. The lunar event, nicknamed the full sturgeon moon, beams brightly in the air sign of Aquarius (representing collective society, unique individuality, and social responsibility), while the sun is in the opposing fire sign of Leo (representing the heart, creativity, and self-expression).

The cosmic event forms a challenging T-square aspect with the sun and Uranus in Taurus. As the planetary ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is a cosmic trigger for change and liberation. So during this full-moon moment, we will collectively realize what is restricting our freedom and what is no longer in alignment.

In the midst of this chaotic energy, there's an opportunity for healing, given that the full moon makes a harmonious sextile connection with the asteroid Chiron, in Aries. Chiron is an ancient archetype representing a journey of self-healing, so this aspect asks us to honor our needs and take action to shift and transform our lives for the better.

But the specific area of life in which this energy will manifest for you depends on where you have Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo in your own natal chart (you can run a free online version here to find out). So below, get the specifics on what the upcoming full moon in Aquarius means for your zodiac sign, and also snag a bespoke tip for how to navigate its erratic energies through self care.

Find the best self-care tip for each sign below in order to make the most of the full moon in Aquarius.


Prepare for a self-love revolution, Aries. A tense scenario could occur in your social circle, holding a mirror up to your self-worth, and illuminating to you that accepting poor treatment is only giving permission for it to happen. You know you are worth so much more.

Your full moon self-care tip: Self-awareness is healing for you. Meditate during the full moon in Aquarius with a piece of clear quartz for clarity of mind. Write down your thoughts after your session, and review the notes to bring you awareness of any limiting beliefs that come through so you can change them.


You know you must define your worth or others will, Taurus. This full moon will bring some sudden tension into your professional world, but you will feel empowered to stand up for yourself. It may create discomfort, but necessary change could occur as a result.

Your full moon self-care tip: Nurture yourself in your mystical element—the Earth. Plan a relaxing hike, bike ride, or meditation on the beach to raise your vibration and connect with nature. This will calm your nerves and help you prepare for the energies that lay ahead.


Gemini, you have quite a lot to say, but you're feeling restricted. This full moon is encouraging your freedom of speech. You may attend a protest or decide to post your privately held values publicly online. This could create some tension for you, but ultimately speaking out is fulfilling.

Your full moon self-care tip: When balanced, your throat chakra (throat energy center) enables you to speak your truth. Create a list of 11 positive “I am” mantras and read them out loud to yourself in the mirror.


You crave stability, Cancer, but change is necessary. A budget or financial plan that you’ve made may have a sudden shift. Don’t panic, though; the universe is working in your favor, and this will be for your highest good.

Your full moon self-care tip: Embrace going with the flow during this chaotic time. Tap into the calm energetic flow of still water (your element) with an Epsom salt bath. This helps to detox, soothe, and calm the mind, body, and spirit.


Your relationship with yourself and others is highlighted under the light of this full moon: An important partnership may shift and change due to feeling restricted and feeling undervalued. Don’t make sudden decisions, but do know what you are worth.

Your full moon self-care tip: Using singing bowls as music therapy can help lift your mood and boost creativity. Play a recording, or use your own and have a quiet session to just be.


Your health habits and maintaining an effective schedule are important to you, Virgo. But this full moon may bring you frustration, as you could feel pulled in too many directions. This could lead to a complete overhaul of your work schedule, complete with healthier habits.

Your full moon self-care tip: Taking personal time to embrace fun is a start! Tap into your inner child and let go of your routine for the day. Play a game with family or friends. If you have a creative outlet, now is the time to let that shine for the day.


You are an individual when it comes to your creativity and how you express yourself to the world. This full moon is revealing restrictions that are stifling this side of you, but try to remain calm. You may feel prompted to speak up, thus triggering change.

Your full moon self-care tip: You are another sign that values creativity, and taking an online painting or drawing class can help you release some of the restriction you’ve been feeling.


You will feel a push and pull when it comes to matters at home. Tension can arise with family or those you live with. But since home should be your safe space, feelings of restriction can leave you feeling combative today.

Your full moon self-care tip: Scorpio is a sign that needs alone time to process intense emotions. Dim the lights and instead use a soothing-scented candle, such as lavender or chamomile. Take time out to reflect and journal your thoughts.


Communication can become tense today as the full moon is revealing shocking information to you especially regarding your self-worth in working relationships. You are the fire sign known for speaking the truth, but remaining calm and listening before reacting is also essential.

Your full moon self-care tip: A warm cinnamon bath will help you tap into your fire energy while also the emotions of water. Incorporate ground cinnamon and sea salt. Light a red candle and relax.


Sudden developments in your finances may occur under the light of this full moon, and that could feel jarring for a Capricorn. Know that this is only temporary, though. Tap into your cardinal Earth talent for moving forward with steady planning and precision.

Your full moon self-care tip: Finding serenity in the chaos is the challenge for you. Seek a guided meditation complete with abundance mantras to help you keep your vibe high and worry levels low.


Your unique individuality and identity are in the lunar spotlight. There is no one like you, and you know this is your strength. Not everyone is accepting, and you may experience some stress as you want to break free from their restrictions.

Your full moon self-care tip: Mirror work is an excellent solution to strengthening self-confidence. To do it, write down unique things you love about yourself in first-person tense. Stand in front of your mirror and repeat!


Hidden information could suddenly be revealed to you that causes some tension and stress in your day-to-day schedule. Shocks and surprises can feel overwhelming, but be careful not to let this affect your well-being, given that stress isn't the best friend of immunity.

Your full moon self-care tip: With the moon in your subconscious, seeking solitude is one of the most healing things you can do at this time. Spend some quiet time without electronic devices to quiet your subconscious mind.

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