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The Upcoming Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius Will Make You Question Your Place in the World—Here’s What it Means for Your Sign

full moon in aquarius

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Generally, full moons illuminate situations and bring them to a climax—providing turning point energy to shine light on new paths. And this month’s full moon in Aquarius—also known as the Sturgeon Moon—will be no different when it arrives in the sky on August 11 at 9:35 p.m. ET / 6:35 p.m. PST.

As the moon moves through Aquarius while the sun sits in Leo, our focus turns to the push-pull between the individual versus the collective group. Are we focusing too much on our own needs rather than considering what could be born if we were more considerate of others’ needs? Aquarius energy also highlights matters related to groups we are part of and people in our social sphere. Do you feel like you belong? Are you committed to leaving this world better than you found it?

This full moon is also having some heavy-handed conversations with its neighboring planets: Saturn (the planet of responsibility/challenge), Uranus (the planet of shock/revelation) and Mars (the planet of anger/action). At the same time, the sun in Leo will be squaring off against Uranus in the sky, further igniting feelings of wanting to break free, take a risk, or make a decision that may shock others. The moon in Aquarius is nestled up next to serious Saturn, which does its best to check that impetuous drive. Mars in Taurus enters the chat, and forms harsh angles toward the sun, moon, Saturn and Uranus, increasing our desire to act and react.

To up the ante, this full moon is forming a square with the Nodes of Fate, bringing a predestined or fated element this lunation. There are of course a few silver linings: Venus enters Leo on the same day, adding some cute cosmic blessings to the area of your birth chart Leo occupies. We’re feeling more confident, ready to celebrate ourselves and take up space. Mars in Taurus will mingle gently with Neptune in Pisces, reminding us that compassion and self-forgiveness should be our North Star. Bonus: This gentle planetary combination should quell some of Mars’ tense and impulsive energy.

Read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for more insight on how this full moon will activate your birth chart.

What the full moon in Aquarius means for your zodiac sign


The full moon in Aquarius lands in your eleventh house of connections, friendships, hopes and dreams, and allies—shifting your focus to your friend circle. If you need to set boundaries with a particular friend or community, Saturn’s presence with this moon will remind you. Any drama that’s been brewing beneath the surface is ready to be addressed under this lunation.

Your full moon self-care practice: Reflect on your friendships. Which relationships fill you up and which end up leaving you feeling depleted? This exercise will help you protect your energy moving forward or ensure your needs are better met in your social circle.


The full moon in Aquarius moves through your tenth house of career, reputation, fame, recognition, and legacy. You’re turning heads, Taurus! What mark do you want to leave on the world? With the sun and moon also mingling with Uranus, you’re more eager than ever to release yourself from others’ expectations. You’re ready to let your intuition be your guiding light.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to get in front of the mirror! Stare at yourself in the mirror and rattle off some of your recent accomplishments within the past year. You deserve to not only be celebrated, but to see it for yourself.


This full moon takes place on your communication axis, meaning that some news will arrive and it’s likely to change the game. Your perspective may shift after learning additional information. As the sun mingles with Uranus in the area of your chart that rules your subconscious, you’re more aware of your thinking patterns and limiting beliefs—and have the agency to break free from any ways of thinking that no longer serve your highest good.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to try something new. That doesn’t mean you have to commit to skydiving, but even something as small as trying out a new restaurant or a different route for your commute can offer you a fresh perspective.


The full moon in Aquarius activates your eighth house of shared resources, fears, anxieties, psyche, transformation, and power, making it an ideal time to invest in yourself. It could also offer you a chance to surrender control and focus on your healing. This is phoenix energy that helps you reclaim your power. In order to get there, first, you must give yourself the compassion, forgiveness, and love you so generously give others.

Your full moon self-care practice: Practice holding yourself. Give yourself a hug, physically. Visualize sending love and compassion to every version of you that’s ever existed. You deserve to nurture yourself.


The full moon in Aquarius lands in your seventh house of one-on-one relationships and contracts. If you’ve been avoiding a serious conversation within your partnership, Saturn’s influence will task you with addressing it. You could be taking a more serious step in your relationship or making an important business commitment. The sun squaring off with Uranus at the same time inspires you to venture down a new path and try something new.

Your full moon self-care practice: Dive deeper with a partner or close connection. Ask the tough questions and strive to learn more about one another. Investing in this way may bring up “ah-ha” moments and could strengthen your bond.


The full moon in Aquarius activates your sixth house of work, conflict, daily routine, and health. If work has felt frustrating or annoying, a tense situation may reach its climax. On the positive side, this is a significant time to reflect on your work-life balance. The sun’s showdown with Uranus may make your mind wander and crave a little more risk-taking or adventure in your life. What’s something exciting you can plan on the horizon?

Your full moon self-care practice: Start small and reflect on your daily routine. Is there anything you can change? Maybe you start your day with stretching rather than staring at your phone? Big changes start with little shifts!


The full moon in Aquarius brings your focus to creativity, pleasure, play, and romance. If you’ve been stuck in an all-work, no-play rut, this full moon is here to help you prioritize pleasure. You’re reminded that when you follow your joy, the Universe rewards you. This lunation can also signal creative projects coming to fruition, or the possibility of receiving inspiration for a future creative endeavor.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to chat with your inner child. What did they do for fun? What have you lost sight of that used to bring you joy? Incorporate it back into your life—yes, even if it’s finger painting!


The full moon in Aquarius activates your fourth house of home, property, family, and generational patterns. If you’ve been thinking about moving, renovating your home, or getting new roommates, matters related to these areas of your life may begin to unfold. This is also a powerful time for serious and challenging conversations with family members. Healing can take place, but first you must confront what’s been avoided.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you’ve been struggling with some family tension, reflect on the root of these patterns and tension by journaling. Allowing yourself to explore this area without judgment is key to experiencing breakthroughs.


The full moon in Aquarius lands in your third house of communication, information, learning, and extended family. News is on its way to you under this lunation and it will help you discern how you’d like to move forward regarding a situation, possibly in your family. As the sun squares off with Uranus at the same time, you’re bored and ready for something to change. Even switching up your routine can bring some relief to this yearning for more adventure.

Your full moon self-care practice: Open your voice notes app and describe your dream life. Speak about it in the past tense as if it’s already happened. Breathing air and life into some of your desires for the future will start to send signals to your subconscious.


The full moon in Aquarius moves through your second house of income, possessions, self-sufficiency, and self-worth. You may make a big purchase under this full moon or shift gears at work. If you’ve been waiting on news related to a promotion, raise or payment, it could be delayed thanks to Saturn. Try your best not to take it personally. It’s not about you or your worth.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to treat yourself. You don’t have to buy yourself a new car—it could be a sweater you’ve had your eye on or maybe even something simple like getting your nails done.


The full moon in Aquarius activates your first house of self, identity, and personal goals and ambitions. This is your personal cosmic release! Let go of any ways of being that no longer feel aligned. A physical makeover like a new haircut, outfit, or a new tattoo could feel freeing and resetting. You’re at the steering wheel–so, who do you want to be moving forward?

Your full moon self-care practice: Write a list of all the qualities of past versions of yourself that you’ve judged or felt anger, shame, or guilt over. Burn that list, baby! Those are no longer pieces of you. You’re fresh and free.


The full moon in Aquarius moves through your twelfth house of your subconscious, closure, healing, rest, and spirituality. Big feelings may swell under this lunation. This is a time for solitude and processing anything that’s been coming up. A cycle or situation may be coming to an end. Lean on your spiritual tools and faith as you tend to your heart.

Your full moon self-care practice: Cat naps and guided meditations are all the rage for you right now. Any practice you can engage in that allows your physical body to slow down and recalibrate is critical. Don’t let FOMO get the best of you–you’re cosmically meant to recuperate right now.