The Full Moon in Libra Will Have Us Feeling *All* of the Relationship Feels—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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As they light up the sky, full moons tend to illuminate matters in a new way. And this upcoming full moon in Libra, which arrives on April 6 at 12:35 a.m. EDT, could shed new light on how we feel in our closest relationships, revealing our deepest sensitivities.

Because Libra rules over the seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and is primarily the sign of balance and fairness, we could find ourselves craving harmony in those important partnerships. Are you putting in too much effort…or perhaps not enough? Libra is also an intellectual air sign, so it’s possible that a new perspective may arrive under these moonbeams.

That fresh insight or information may be tied to something that was happening around the new moon in Libra on September 25, 2022. Who and what were you investing your time and energy into around then? Intentions, goals, or projects that you started or dreamed up six months ago may now be in full bloom under this full moon, which marks a period of culmination.

What also makes this full moon in Libra particularly notable is the fact that it’s the last one in Libra that isn’t also an eclipse until 2025. In July, the north and south lunar nodes (two points in the sky associated with destiny) will switch into Aries and Libra, respectively, for the next couple years—meaning that the upcoming lunations in those signs will also feature eclipses, adding a layer of unpredictability and disruption. The current full moon in Libra, then, is the last one without that added pressure for a while, making it a great time to take action on intentions. Add in the go-getter energy of the sun in fiery Aries, and this full moon could have an energizing, motivating vibe to it.

You may be forced to face a relationship issue or pattern you’ve been avoiding head-on.

As the moon moves through Libra, the sun will also be conjunct Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and Chiron, an asteroid associated with wounds and healing, in powerful Aries. This trio of celestial bodies in Aries could surface a core wound, trigger, or pain we carry with us, especially as it relates to important relationships in our lives. That might mean you’re forced to face a relationship issue or pattern you’ve been avoiding head-on. Vulnerability and honesty can feel difficult around this lunation, but Aries’ energy knows that the truth will always set you free.

To get a better picture of how this emotional energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more ease.

What the full moon in Libra means for your zodiac sign


Here comes the drama in your love life, Aries. Your focus and attention may need to go toward a partner as the full moon moves through your seventh house of committed relationships. Perhaps you're feeling ready to discuss the future or take the next step with a significant other...or to say goodbye and move on. If you’ve noticed unhealthy patterns or coping mechanisms surfacing in your relationships, now is also the time to acknowledge and release them, and to shift directions.

Your full moon self-care practice: Plan a proactive check-in with the close partners in your life. Whether it’s a work or romantic relationship, ask your partner how they’re feeling and if there’s anything they’d like to address in your union. This will save you from a run-in with resentment.


It’s time to slow down, Taurus. The full moon activates your sixth house of work, daily rituals, and habits. Now is an aligned time to release patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you and change up your routine. You may feel more exhausted than normal under this moon, so carve out time for rest. If you’ve been working away on a major project or toward a particular goal, this full moon could also signify a turning point, breakthrough, or completion.

Your full moon self-care practice: Proactively take some time to tend to your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. If you’re able to, book a therapeutic appointment, like a massage or Reiki treatment.


Romance, pleasure, and play are all top of mind today, Gemini. The moon lands in your fifth house of creativity, children, and fun, reminding you to check in with your inner child or inner teen. What would make them happy?

If you’re in a situation-ship, this is also a make-or-break moment. While the desire for romance may be high today, reality could fall flat in comparison. Use your discernment to decide which unions are worth your time and energy.

Your full moon self-care practice: When was the last time you had fun, truly? Prioritize including an activity that brings you joy in your schedule for the week.


You could feel more private than usual today, Cancer, as the full moon in Libra moves through your fourth house of foundations, family, and living environment. Memories from the past may also feel heavier than normal, and if you’re facing some nostalgia, it could be accompanied by grief. Alternatively, you may be learning some news about your chosen family, or experiencing changes to your living setup. Do your best to care for yourself and prioritize your needs.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you’re feeling more sensitive than normal or triggered, reach out to a trusted loved one, and see if they'll join you for a cozy night in.


Information or news is on its way to you, Leo. The full moon illuminates your third house of communication, self-expression, and learning. In turn, you may be focusing on growing a new skill or building confidence to express yourself in a new way. Conversations that take place today can be both triggering and healing; it's best to let go of any expectations for or reactions to what you learn. This new piece of information will serve you in some way down the line.

Your full moon self-care practice: Journal out your feelings. You’ve likely got a lot of thoughts swirling around in your head, and putting pen to paper is the perfect way to sort through them.


A shift in your financial or work status could occur as the full moon moves through your second house of income and comfort, Virgo. You may decide to splurge on a big purchase, receive some extra financial support, or feel a little overindulgent under these moonbeams. Remember: Everyone is likely to be feeling more sensitive than usual, so you're not alone in your search for some additional comfort right now.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you’re able, carry some cash in your wallet to directly tap into the feeling of abundance.


You're likely to get hit with the brunt of this lunation, Libra. After all, the full moon is moving through your sign, activating your first house of identity, sense of self, and ambitions. The focus is on you, and it may stir up some tension in your closest relationships—romantic, platonic, or business. Consider it a reminder that it is safe and healthy for you to assert your needs.

Your full moon self-care practice: Commit to telling yourself the following in the mirror for 30 days: “I love you. I’m proud of you. Keep going. You're worth it.” Tend to your confidence, and give yourself the love you may seek from others.


This is an extra sensitive time for you, Scorpio. The full moon resides in your 12th house of the subconscious, limiting beliefs, closure, and healing. A memory you’ve deeply buried may come up for reflection. You may also be undergoing a period of grief, acceptance, or closure, or you could be extending forgiveness to yourself or someone else. One thing is for sure: Don’t over-schedule yourself—you need time to tend to your heart.

Your full moon self-care practice: Practice saying, "no." This full moon activates the sector of your chart that has to do with your work-life balance. Maintaining your personal boundaries will help cultivate the healing you’re hoping for.


You might feel a little left out today, Sagittarius. The full moon illuminates your 11th house of friendships and community, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. As a result, you may find that a sense of belonging you once felt in a certain group feels distant. Or, relationship issues within your friendships that have been glossed over in the past may re-surface. On the positive side, however, you could also receive promising news about a dream you hold for your future.

Your full moon self-care practice: Nurture your connections today. If you’re feeling a little lonelier than usual, plan a date night with a close friend. This is an aligned time to lean on your trusted community for support.


This could be a full circle moment for you, Capricorn. The full moon moves through your 10th house of career and reputation, perhaps bringing to fruition an accomplishment that you sought several months back. At the same time, however, the moon’s opposition to Chiron may have you questioning your trajectory and asking yourself if you’ve actually accomplished enough. Your job is to ignore that inner critic and take pause to recognize your successes thus far.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write a list of things that make you proud from the past couple years. Pause after you write each item, close your eyes, and tune into a deeper feeling of gratitude.


It’s time to lay it all out on the line, Aquarius. The full moon glides through your ninth house of expansion, information, travel, and wisdom, which could have you engaging in some healing or cathartic conversations today. You could also find that you're pushed to show up more vulnerably in a romantic partnership. Information or news that arrives today may also shift your perspective or stir up the desire to expand your horizons.

Your full moon self-care practice: Can you feed your mind in a new way? Sign up for a new workout or art class, or pick up a book on a subject you’ve never explored. You’re craving new experiences, and you can trust that they'll lead to more inspiration and expansion in time.


Managing financial matters or settling debts may be on your mind, Pisces. The full moon illuminates your eighth house of shared resources, investments, taxes, debts, and also your psyche. Emotionally, you may be focused on triggers from your past and the way they’ve affected your sense of self-worth. This is a profound time to release old narratives you have about yourself that no longer serve you. If it feels right, also extend forgiveness and compassion to yourself and others.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you are able, donating some of your time or resources to a meaningful cause can feel especially healing at this time. Focus on what’s coming up emotionally for you, and use that as a guide to inform what cause you choose.

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