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How To Strengthen Your Creative Intuition During September’s Full Corn Moon in Pisces

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On September 2nd at 1:21 a.m., ET, there is an emotional full moon in Pisces (nicknamed the full corn moon, given its timely connection to harvest season). Ruled by spiritual Neptune and philosophical Jupiter, Pisces is an extremely intuitive mutable water sign, representing the subconscious mind, illusion, and artistic expression. With that in mind, the upcoming lunar event can serve as the creative jolt you’ve needed in order to visualize and manifest your dreams. Unexpected situations may arise to put you on a promising path, but you'd be wise to tread lightly and look before you leap.

The full moon in Pisces forms a harmonious connection called a sextile with Uranus in Taurus retrograde. This connection encourages sudden opportunities to come about and may bring to light new information. As the modern ruler of the sign Aquarius, Uranus represents freedom, individuality and change, and its energy could present a shift that liberates you from an old reality that no longer matches with your new values. And given that the full moon in Pisces joins with Neptune—strengthening your thoughts, feelings and emotions—you can feel confident in trusting your creative intuition, letting it guide you, and recognizing key creative opportunities during this time.

Also on September 2nd, intense Mars in Aries, restrictive Saturn in Capricorn retrograde, and emotional Venus in Cancer will form a T-square, which is a planetary configuration that triggers change through tension. This means a situation that has been controlling you for some time could finally come to a resolution. Full moons are a culmination that illuminate and reveal what has been hidden beneath the surface. This one could present the information you need in order to make a pivotal yet beneficial creative leap that is aligned with your truth.

Below, learn how each zodiac sign can make the most of the imaginative energy of the full moon in Pisces during Virgo season in order to bring fantasies into practical reality.

How to use the full moon in Pisces to listen to your creative intuition.


Aries, you are quite energetic on a day-to-day basis, but this full moon encourages you to seek solitude and look within. A sudden opportunity to change your income or begin a new venture could come through. You have a decision to make, but take your time: Introspect because you intuitively know what you have to do.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Meditation is vital when you are experiencing this type of private lunar event. Spend your morning after the full moon occurs with a silent meditation for self-reflection. Write down any dreams from the night before or thoughts from your meditation session. This can assist you with your decision making.


Life has been tense for you, Taurus. You deserve a fun-filled adventure and the Pisces full moon could bring the relief you have been waiting for. A promising new creative idea or collaboration could be revealed to you.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Decisions and change are tough on you Taurus as you are a fixed earth sign. Creative collaboration can help you release hidden ideas that have been dormant and encourage joy. Organize a small group of friends and host a full-moon vision-board evening. This is your opportunity to dream big.


The lunar spotlight is on your career, Gemini. You could be recognized in your industry for a creative endeavor, idea, or project. This could move you on a different path but not without resistance. Your self-worth is more important, so negotiate wisely.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Work stress can lower your vibration and block your ability to create. Take time alone and write down your goals. Don’t hold back. With Mercury ruling your chart, communication is how you can organize your ideas for the future in order to move forward.


Your long-time passion could become a reality: You have put in the work to create a stable foundation, and now you can experience manifestation. An idea could reach a wider network and expand and grow interest in your vision. Lean into your creativity, and express your truth!

Your full-moon self-care tip: With Gemini in your hidden 12th house, speaking your truth can be a challenge for you, Cancer. Wear a blue healing crystal like lapis azul to help encourage your throat chakra, which empowers articulation and speech.


A settlement or final decision in a financial matter could be made, relieving you of some pressure and resistance you had been feeling. You will feel relieved now that you can move forward. You have learned lessons in honoring yourself first.

Your full-moon self-care tip: An abundance candle ritual can help release blocks surrounding money. Use a green jar candle and dress the top of the candle with an oil, like pine. On a sheet of paper, write positive mantras surrounding abundance. Light your candle and focus on these statements.


A revealing situation could occur or intimate information could be shared with a partner—either business or romantic. Perhaps good financial opportunity presents itself, but this requires you to change your lifestyle or relocate. This is a decision you must make together.

Your full-moon self-care tip: The best medicine for Virgo is to not only clean your physical surroundings, but your energy, as well. Taking stock of what you don’t need and donating the excess can feel liberating. Cleanse your home and your mind to make space for the changes to come.


The full moon can bring on the sudden realization that you need to honor your health and well-being, whether that means incorporating new elements into your diet or cutting back on work hours to avoid excess stress. It’s time to care for yourself first so that you can be there for others.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Experiencing meditative movement like yoga can help reset you mind, body and soul. Attend an online class to help bring awareness and intension back to your physical body.


You may be feeling deeply creative and inspired, Scorpio. Like attracts like, and your innovative idea could bring some financial gain. Follow your instincts in terms of the direction you should take—your gut will not lead you astray.

Your full-moon self-care tip: An intuitive gut check is key. Throughout your day, check in with how you feel as you make the simplest decisions, for example, which coffee to purchase. Decide based on your emotions. This puts you in touch and trains you to work with your intuition on a deeper level.


The full moon in Pisces is focusing your attention on your emotional foundation and the home. Perhaps you have overworked yourself lately and are feeling the effects mentally. A reevaluation of your day-to-day schedule or time off is what is in order. It’s time to rework your time to include rest.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Time away from the office is key. Becoming in touch with your internal emotions and having alone time can help you reset and relax. Perhaps taking a short-distance trip to be surrounded by nature and away from your electronic devices is just what you need.


Unexpected communication could come through regarding a creative project, business venture, or even your children. But, do know that this information will be beneficial in the long run. A change will be made in order to align this area of life with your values.

Your full-moon self-care tip: You value stability and structure. Stay grounded by visiting your local park or forest. Take time where it’s safe to walk barefoot and truly feel the Earth beneath your feet. Visualize the stability.


You are realizing your value and standing up for your self-worth, Aquarius. You may have dealt with strained conversations about this topic recently, but now you are ready to make a change in order to receive what you deserve. Don’t worry, the universe supports your decision.

Your full-moon self-care tip: Cleanse your space first by burning palo santo. Afterward, burn incense that encourages and brings in abundance. Rose, patchouli, and vanilla are excellent options.


Out of all of the signs, this full moon will affect your emotions the most, Pisces. Your sensitivity will be heightened and you will feel the sudden desire to honor your feelings by speaking your truth about a situation. At first it may seem daunting but the release leaves room to attract what is in alignment with you.

Your full-moon self-care tip: If you are able to, take time out by the ocean. You are deeply connected with this body of water and the moon rules the ocean tides. This will allow you to relax and provide a clear pathway to access your intuitive thoughts for guidance.

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