The Rare Super Blue Moon in Pisces Asks Us To Get Real About Our Dreams for the Future—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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We’re currently living through a ton of planetary retrogrades at once, including dramatic Mercury and Venus retrogrades. Just how much more cosmic action can we take? We’re about to find out this week as the full moon perfects in Pisces on August 30 at 9:30 p.m. EDT.

This lunation is the second full moon in the month of August, making it a rare blue moon—and it also occurs when the moon is at perigee, or its closest proximity to Earth during a given orbit, making it a supermoon (aka a full moon that appears extra large and bright in the night sky). The combination makes this an even rarer super blue moon, which could amplify its energy.

We’re asked to re-establish our faith in the universe and to recognize that we’re all connected in the experience of being human.

Because Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac calendar, and thus a sign associated with closure, healing, and surrender, this full moon could ask us to consider the experience and wisdom we’ve gained since last fall. We’re asked to re-establish our faith in the universe and to recognize that we’re all connected in the experience of being human.

The full moon in Pisces is an aligned time to take a leap of faith, act based on intuition, explore your creativity, and extend forgiveness to others (or yourself). We are reminded that we don’t need to have all the answers, but that if we choose to trust, our destiny will unfold in divine timing.

What is a full moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon align directly across from each other with the Earth between them, such that, from our perspective on Earth, the moon is fully illuminated. In turn, full moons are often associated with moments of illumination: The moon’s light is at its height, and what was once in the dark or unknown is revealed. To that end, full moons can coincide with the arrival of critical information, or the release of something old in favor of something new.

Full moons typically happen once a month, marking the halfway point of the lunar cycle. Many set intentions under the new moon (the beginning of the cycle), and by the full moon, we may see signs of progress, learn key information regarding our desires, or reach a turning point.

It is also possible to manifest, perform rituals, and set intentions under full moons. To do so, you’ll want to consider the specific energy that a full moon may carry based on the connections it forms with planets in the sky. If the full moon forms a strong aspect to Mars, Saturn or Uranus, it can bring more disruptive or challenging energy. Whereas if it connects with Venus or Jupiter, this is generally considered auspicious energy to use for manifestation work.

Full moons also create an opposition in the sky, as the moon sits in one zodiac sign and the sun sits in that sign’s opposite or sister sign. This can trigger a push-pull effect between two areas of our life, as we're tasked with finding the middle ground and learning how to integrate both of the opposing energies. As a result, these lunations can be dynamic and energetically draining. Tend to your nervous system, drink extra water, and carve out time for reflection and rest.

What can we expect from the full moon in Pisces in 2023?

Typically, a full moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces would have us feeling full of potential and eager to put our faith in the universe as our north star. But this year, the Pisces full moon has a more serious tone to it, thanks to the influence of Saturn—the planet of challenges, responsibility, delays, and karma—located nearby in the sky, also in Pisces.

With Saturn’s strong influence, this full moon will deliver a wake-up call. We may be asked to get real about our dreams, hopes, and wishes for the future, as the taskmaster planet inspires serious, unwavering dedication. Whatever we commit to under this full moon has the potential to see lasting results, as Saturn also rules over time in ancient astrology.

Whatever we commit to under this full moon has the potential to see lasting results.

Luckily, the moon will also be inching toward a harmonious connection with Jupiter. They will each experience what’s called “reception” in astrology, where they’re able to lend support to—and receive support from—each other because they are located in zodiac signs especially favorable to each other: The moon is in Pisces, which is Jupiter’s domicile or home sign, and Jupiter is in Taurus, which is the sign where the moon is known to be “exalted,” or thriving.

This connection is incredibly important because it shows that despite whatever difficulties arise under the early hours of the full moon, there is still hope and possibility under this lunation. Perhaps we’re moving through some deep feelings (given that Pisces is a water sign), but we find support in doing so. Whatever boundaries we are asked to set or challenging conversations may take place, there will be a gift or opportunity on the other side of the lunation. Engaging with our fears and pushing beyond our comfort zone is where radical growth can take place.

A couple other planets are adding to the radical energy at play—namely, rebellious Uranus, which is stationing retrograde on August 28 and love-planet Venus, which is ending its retrograde on September 3. We may find ourselves making big decisions regarding the important relationships in our lives and reflecting on the next step of our own evolution.

To take a closer look at how this revolutionary energy may affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more ease.

How the full moon in Pisces may affect your zodiac sign


Now is the time to look inward, Aries. The full moon moves through your 12th house of closure, healing, spirituality, and rest. You’re granted access to your subconscious mind—and may face some harsh truths about self-sabotaging patterns, behaviors, or habits. The good news: This is a moment of release and endings. You can choose to leave old versions of (and beliefs about) yourself in the past. A fresh start is around the corner.

Your full moon self-care practice: Make time for spiritual rituals to connect with your intuition. Meditative work, automatic writing, and breathwork are just some of the possible tools that can help you on your healing journey.


It’s time to carefully consider your friendships, Taurus. The full moon activates your 11th house of community, support, dreams, and wishes, as well as social networks. If a certain friendship or networking relationship has run its course, it may be time to address frustrations or part ways.

On the bright side, thanks to Saturn’s serious influence, you may be able to take a tangible step toward a personal goal or dream, or more effectively commit to one of your heart’s desires.

Your full moon self-care practice: Pick one of your goals, and map out a plan to get to where you want to be. This can give you a starting point and relieve some of the stress you may feel around the unknown. Just remember: It’s always okay to pivot along the way.


It’s time to make an important decision regarding your future, Gemini. The full moon illuminates your 10th house of career, reputation, and life milestones. You could gain more responsibility at work in the form of a promotion or closing out a chapter at your current job and moving onto something else. It’s also possible that you learn some serious information today that informs the next steps you want to take in your life.

Having tough and challenging conversations or setting boundaries in your professional and personal relationships may also be necessary.

Your full moon self-care practice: Take a moment to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. You may feel like there’s more to achieve and more to do, but under this lunation, you’re being guided to take your time before you leap into your next chapter.


This is not the day for light-hearted conversation, Cancer. The full moon moves through your ninth house of expansion, information, education, and perspective, perhaps delivering an abrupt reality check. Saturn's no-nonsense influence could spark major discussions around boundaries, limits, and availability.

You could also find yourself making a turning-point decision about your future or choosing to commit to a new area of study. You’re recognizing that bringing more discipline into your planning process will move mountains when it comes to reaching your goals.

Your full moon self-care practice: Re-establishing a dedicated spiritual practice can be incredibly healing at this time. You may be more curious about the large and looming unanswered questions of the universe. Exploring your relationship with your intuition can add another layer to your decision-making process.


This can be an emotional and cathartic time for you, Leo. The full moon lands in your eighth house of vulnerability, fears, anxieties, and shared resources, sparking a moment of transformation. In turn, you may find yourself facing some of your fears or long-held anxieties head-on.

When you choose to surrender to change and respond openly and honestly, cathartic release is possible. Without darkness, there is no light: This is a temporary part of the journey to your very own Phoenix moment.

Your full moon self-care practice: Sorting through your debts, both emotional and monetary, can feel healing at this time, as can choosing to extend forgiveness and grace to yourself and others as you process big feelings.


This lunation marks an important turning point for your relationships, Virgo. The full moon lands in your seventh house of committed partnerships, contracts, and collaboration. It may be time to discuss the future with a significant other or set healthy boundaries in some of your closest connections, whether romantic, platonic, or business.

You may also be making an important commitment around this time—perhaps starting up a new collaborative project. It’s also possible that someone significant in your life is moving through a tough patch and needs more of your support than usual.

Your full moon self-care practice: Who and what is worthy of your time and energy? Which people in your life lift you up, and which ones leave you feeling depleted? Surrounding yourself with supportive people can lead to new ideas and collaborative breakthroughs.


It’s time to focus on your physical being, Libra. The full moon illuminates your sixth house of daily routines, habits, responsibilities, and health. If you’ve been overworking or overextending yourself, this lunation may be a wake-up call. Or, you may be taking on a new level of responsibility in your personal or professional life.

This is an aligned time to set boundaries around work-life balance and how you’re willing to expend and share your energy with others. It's also an invitation to rework your relationship with commitment in your daily life. Are there any behaviors you've been looking to turn into a daily habit?

Your full moon self-care practice: The best way to care for yourself under this lunation is to protect your time. Remember: "No" is a complete sentence. Making time for rest and resisting FOMO can be especially healing.


Now is the time to commit to your joy, Scorpio. The full moon moves through your fifth house of pleasure, play, romance, creativity, and passion. Perhaps you're making real progress on a creative pursuit, or you're getting more serious about a hobby or activity that brings out your inner child.

If you're in a romantic relationship, situationship, or other romantic entanglement, you could reach a turning point and decide to either part ways with this person (if you can't see a future with them) or take things to the next step.

Your full moon self-care practice: Cultivate experiences that keep you in the present moment. Investing your time and energy on activities that inspire you can bring you a major sense of fulfillment around now.


This is a very private, reflective time for you, Sagittarius. The full moon in Pisces lands in your fourth house of home, family, and generational patterns. It's a transformative moment to consider the stories and patterns that may have been passed down through your family lineage but from which you're ready to break free. Setting critical boundaries with roommates, family members, or partners may also take precedence at this time.

Your full moon self-care practice: Take a look at any photos you may have of you (or that you took) from this time last year. Look at where you were then in comparison to where you are now. Spending time with the past in this way can help you recognize your continued evolution and growth.


You’re communicating with clarity, Capricorn. The full moon illuminates your third house of information, learning, news, self-expression, and skills. Thanks to the presence of Saturn (your planetary ruler) in this lunation, you could find yourself having challenging conversations or setting boundaries. Your discernment is at an all-time high, and you’re better equipped to share what’s been on your heart in a practical way.

You could also learn some information today that feels disappointing or otherwise like a setback—but this is only temporary. If you’ve been learning a new skill, you may also reach a new level of proficiency.

Your full moon self-care practice: What conversations have you been avoiding? Choosing to engage in uncomfortable conversations today will ultimately bring relief and the growth you desire.


Your relationship with your finances is shifting, Aquarius. The full moon moves through your second house of income and resources. You may be making a significant purchase at this time, or you could otherwise experience a change in your budgeting and financial goals. This could look like taking on a new position or promotion with added responsibility, or perhaps you’re closing out a particular money-making chapter in your life.

It’s also possible for you to get caught up with extra work or feel more exhausted by your responsibilities at this time. Carving out time for self care is a must.

Your full moon self-care practice: Rework your budget, and set new financial goals for yourself. Money isn’t just tangible; it’s energetic. Actively engaging with your resources in this way can cultivate a feeling of additional abundance.


The focus is on you, Pisces. The full moon lands in your first house of identity, sense of self, and personal needs and ambitions. In turn, you could find yourself re-evaluating your connections with key players in your life—including yourself. You may need to set some new boundaries with the people who are most consistently in your orbit.

It’s also possible that you’re stepping into a new chapter of your life that requires more commitment, responsibility, and foresight. This is an important time for you to prioritize yourself and your needs, even if it feels temporarily uncomfortable.

Your full moon self-care practice: Reflect on the three to five people with whom you spend the most time. Are those relationships balanced? Your time and energy are precious resources. If the dynamic feels off, choose to have the challenging conversations and advocate for your needs in your connections.

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