This Week’s Full Moon in Leo Invites Creative Self-Expression—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

The full moon in Leo on February 16, at 11:55 a.m., EST, packs no shortage of drama. While any full moon offers an opportunity for a release, ending, or culmination in a specific area of our lives, this one gets its larger-than-life flourish from Leo’s influence. It will encourage us to tap into our self-expression and creativity, and to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments.

As this full moon in Leo avoids tough conversations with other planets, the energy is generally positive. But its position opposing the sun in Aquarius still creates some room for tension. Think about it this way: The sun is Leo’s ruling planet, representing the individual and life-force of the self. So, when the sun is in Aquarius—a sign more focused on the collective than the individual—it can struggle to express itself. As this full moon in Leo lies directly opposite that energy, it just makes focusing on our self-expression and personal needs that much more important.

This full moon is reminding you that you deserve to take up space—that you are deserving of your heart’s wildest desires.

Broadly, this full moon is not a time to shy away from the spotlight. It’s reminding you that you deserve to take up space—that you are deserving of your heart’s wildest desires. On the same day, Venus (the planet of beauty, creativity, and love) will mingle with Mars (the planet of drive and motivation) at the same degree of Capricorn, which also ushers in a fresh cycle around our personal creativity, lessons in love, and learning to go after our heart’s desires. This is active energy that invites us to make progress. And with Capricorn’s influence, we’ll gain the stamina and determination necessary to pursue our hopes and dreams.

To get a comprehensive understanding of how this full moon in Leo will affect your birth chart and life, read on for your sun, moon, and rising. Then, pick up a bespoke self-care practice for your sign to make the most of this energy.

What the full moon in Leo may hold in store for your zodiac sign


If you’ve been going back and forth about whether to share your creative side with the world, this full moon  encourages you to move forward boldly and confidently, as it activates your fifth house of play and romance. If you’re dating, your romantic life could reach a make-it-or-break-it moment, too: Are you going to make it official or walk away? Whatever you do, make sure to prioritize yourself and your natural sense of fun.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Embracing your inner artist will help you process any lingering feelings and emotions. Draw, write, or, heck, even finger-paint—in any case, tapping into creative childhood hobbies will bring comfort.


What’s been going on at home? If you’ve been sorting through drama with family members or roommates, a conversation that you’ve been avoiding may finally take place, with this full moon in Leo lighting up your fourth house of home, family, and psychological foundations. It's also possible that you'll be dealing with matters of your physical home or property—moving, finding new roommates, or handling some form of renovation.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Doing a closet purge is a physical way to manifest what may be going on in your internal world. Try sorting through old clothes and donating the clutter to clear space within your home and, on a psychic level, within your head, too.


Conversations around this time could bring big feelings and a sense of release. With your third house highlighted during this transit, communication takes center stage, and as a result, you could learn a new piece of information that shifts your perspective moving forward. Finding a balance between sharing and listening will be key to avoid missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Remember that what you say to yourself matters and can shift your energy. Practice morning affirmations, always speaking them in the present tense.


If finances have been on your mind, this full moon delivers a shift. Your second house of income, resources, and self-worth is activated under this moonlight, which asks you to reflect on your relationship with your sense of security. The end of a freelance project may arrive with a paycheck or you could finally receive that raise. This is also a potent time to reflect on your self-worth and remember that you are deserving of having your needs met.

Your full-moon self-care practice: It may not feel comforting at first, but spend some time with your budget. Focusing on practical self care and aligning your finances will bring you a solid foundation moving forward.


A full moon in your sign means even more attention on you than normal. This is a culmination in your first house of self, identity, and physical being, which reflects an opportunity for a cosmic shedding of old skin. You could feel pushed to move forward with a fresh state of mind, and that change, especially for a fixed sign, may feel intense. Your self-expression is required: It’s time to embrace change and focus on your needs, passions, and desires.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror, and then give yourself some compliments. Mirror magic is a wonderful way to remind yourself of your worth, confidence, and power.


Because a full moon in Leo activates your 12th house of dreams, emotions, and the psyche, this time can be rather draining. It signals loss and endings, but also a deeper spiritual understanding. Only through the undoing and hardship are we able to recognize the inner workings of the universe. When we release people or patterns that no longer serve us, we gain more space for aligned action in our lives.

Your full-moon self-care practice: You may find that you struggle to get enough rest on this night, so prioritize some extra sleep during the day. It will help you find equilibrium as you sort through the emotional waves.


Is your life starting to feel like a reality show? Your social life receives extra attention under this full moon as it lights up your 11th house of community, network, and friendships. If tension seems to be building within one of your friend groups or communities, it's important to address it. You may also receive a little help or a surprise from someone in your network today, in terms of a dream that you’ve been working to manifest.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Get out of the house. Sometimes, you just need a little social activity. Spending time with your friends and trusted confidants will bring you a sense of comfort and bliss.


You typically prefer privacy, but with this full moon activating your 10th house of achievement, career, and reputation, you could gravitate toward the spotlight during this time. People could start noticing you and your work, making this a time to bask in your accomplishments. A project you’ve been working on or a goal you’ve been working toward could finally come to fruition. Don’t be shy about soaking up some of the attention that follows.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Practice public gratitude. If you’ve reached a milestone or accomplished a goal, share it with others, and thank the people who helped you get there.


You're naturally gifted with an expansive perspective, but with the extra support of this lunation, some of your big-picture dreams may begin to find their footing. This full moon activates your ninth house of risk-taking, travel, and spirituality, making it possible that a project tied to publishing, learning, or teaching reaches its culmination. Action is key during this time—so, sign up for that online course, plan a trip, or book a reading with an astrologer or modern mystic. You’re more open now than usual to cosmic downloads.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Try out a guided meditation or breath exercise. Tapping into your spiritual side during this lunation will help you receive insight from the universe on how to best move forward.


This full moon in Leo invites you to spend some time with your shadow, as it activates your eighth house of sex, death, and transformation. Processing pain from the past will allow you to step into a more authentic version of yourself. This can be an emotionally tense or heavy time, and it may also have you sorting through financial matters like inheritances or dealing with debt or taxes. The more you surrender during this season and embrace the opportunity to work on grief or trauma, the easier it will be.

Your full-moon self-care practice: If your mind is full of feelings, take the time to journal. Writing out what you’re experiencing in your inner world can lead to breakthroughs.


Your love life—or lack of it—may flood your mind during this time, as the full moon highlights your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Conversations and climaxes within partnerships could be reached, and you could shift into a more balanced way of being with another person. (If you’ve been struggling with codependent patterns, this is a cosmic time to address that.) Separately, this sector of your chart rules over contracts, too, meaning you could reach the end of a contract or uncover a new work-related opportunity.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Tell a loved one or partner what you love about them. Expressing gratitude and acknowledging the beauty found within your deepest relationship dynamics can be healing at this time.


This full moon is your cosmic reminder to focus on your well-being—in terms of your mind, body, and spirit. It activates your sixth house of health and wellness, which could reveal holes in your practices of self care. If your work-life balance feels like it needs an adjustment, remember that your daily habits and routines are what makes success possible. If you’ve been hoping to release a self-defeating pattern or behavior, now is the time to do so.

Your full-moon self-care practice: At this time, make hydrating a priority to care for your body inside and out.

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