July’s Full Buck Moon Is a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn—Here’s How Each Sign Can Harness its Power With Self Care

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This weekend’s full buck moon—occurring on Sunday, July 5th, at 12:44 a.m., EST—is also an intense lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Full moons represent completion and shine a light on new information or circumstances we can use to transform our lives, and lunar eclipses supercharge that opportunity for growth and change.

As a reminder, a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is opposite from the sun in the sky. And given that this lunar eclipse is in Capricorn (opposite Cancer), which is an Earth sign representing structure, power, and authority, you can expect your emotions to feel extreme.

This is the last major eclipse to finish the Cancer-Capricorn cycle that has been occurring over the last two years. It will activate the recent Jupiter and Pluto retrograde conjunction in Capricorn, signaling the renewal of old structures, change and major transformation. Mercury retrograde in Cancer will also continue to stir up old narratives and encourage us to honor what is truly nurturing to our spirit versus what is deemed normal by society.

This action-oriented energy of this lunar eclipse in Capricorn will allow us to take active steps toward healing our own lives.

Increasing the potency of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn is the fierce fire of Mars in its home sign of Aries joined with the asteroid Chiron, the mythical wounded healer. As a collective and on an individual level, we will that identify certain areas of our lives are not serving us. This action-oriented energy will allow us to take active steps toward healing our own lives.

Furthermore, the eclipse's harmonious connection with Uranus in Taurus will create windows of opportunity that align with our self-worth and true values. Below, learn how to harness the energy of this major astrological event through the art of self care.

Learn the self-care tip for each sign to make the most of the full moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn.


You know who you are and what you’re worth, Aries, but you've really only come to know this in the past year. This self-actualization will ultimately lead to an ascension in your career and public status.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Keep your fire-sign passion and energy burning by lighting red candles and burning cinnamon incense to harness your power.


Your beliefs have changed. Since Uranus shifted into Taurus during March 2019, you have experienced major identity shifts.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Change can be a lot for a stability-loving Taurus. Light candles and draw a warm bath complete with sea salts to help ease stress. After, meditate with singing bowls dedicated to strengthening your heart chakra, the self-love energy center.


You been reviewing your finances, Gemini. In the past, this may have been a struggle for you, but after this eclipse cycle is complete, a window of opportunity could arrive. You may have been working on a side business or furthering your education to plant the seeds for your future. Now, you will feel the internal strength and gusto to make it a reality.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Overstimulation can come easy to a Gemini; take a break from social media, and head out to nature. Observing the lunar eclipse in Capricorn in person and being away from screens can bring you much-needed inner peace.


Your identity and how you relate to others has been a constant theme for you over the past two years. This final eclipse in your seventh house of relationships marks the final chapter in your transformation. A new business or romantic situation could present itself that is more aligned with your needs and who you truly are.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Moon cycles affect Cancers the most. Since your emotional sensitivity can run high, it’s important to honor yourself during this lunar eclipse in Capricorn. Use rose essential oil to invoke Aphrodite energy and drop into a bath with fresh rose pedals. Light rose incense and, while in the bath, focus your intention on love and how phenomenal you are in this present moment.


The spotlight has been on your daily routine and work life for some time. You have been asking yourself, is what I do for a living having a positive impact on my health and well-being? You could experience shifts in your career that put you on a more nourishing path. A new opportunity could present itself, or you could take on new clients. These changes are ultimately for your highest good.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Spelling out your career desires can help them materialize. Take some time out to write down your dream career, in present tense, and read what you wrote as an affirmation.


Recent self-reflection has helped heal your inner child. Virgos tend to take a responsible and practical approach to life, but this is changing. You could experience a shift in the relationship with your children if you are a parent. Creative projects or a love interest could also come about that helps you harness this side of yourself.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Embrace your inner child and have fun. If you have children, play games with them. If not, dance, sing, draw, or practice any creative medium of your choice.


You have been experiencing major changes in home and career during this eclipse cycle. Now it’s time for the final chapter. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn will shine a light on your family and current living situation. An event may occur, prompting you to make changes or shifts in this area of life.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Libra’s need structure and security at home. Peace and beauty is also a requirement. Purchase fresh flowers to add color to your home. Try a guided meditation with positive mantras to keep your vibration high and welcoming of these new changes.


Your communication and how you converse with others is key for this lunar eclipse, Scorpio. As an intense water sign, you have learned new ways of expressing yourself during this cycle. Speaking your truth but using your intuition to do it is key. You could have a chance to speak in a public way and be well-received.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Strengthen your throat energy center with guided breathwork and positive mantra chanting. This is the best preparation for what’s coming your way.


Sagittarius, it’s been all about your finances and how closely they are linked to your sense of self-respect. In the recent past, events occurred that made you realize that you are taking less than you deserve. This lunar eclipse is encouraging you to remove these limiting beliefs and go after what you’ve earned.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Sagittarius has an incredible amount of energy. Stretch, breathe and meditate with a hatha yoga session. After, journal about your accomplishments to boost your self-esteem.


This lunar eclipse is happening in your sign, making it a time of major life transition for you. Who you are and how you want the world to see you has been up for review. Over the next six months, you will be prompted to take action surrounding this, and new windows of opportunity will open that align with your true values.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: Take time off from work, duty and responsibility to nurture your spirituality. Seek guidance from an astrologer or a Reiki master or from a pranic healing session.


The effects of the eclipse may not be visible from the outside looking in, but they are happening for you, Aquarius. This is a hidden shift in your spirituality, intuition and private world. It has been a challenge for you to structure and see your dreams materialize in this reality. The lunar eclipse will give you the ability to integrate the two and finally see your vision come to life.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: A vision board is a perfect way to create a tangible version of what is in your subconscious mind. Tap into this energy and create your vision.


Changes in your network, friends, and community have occurred for you. The lunar eclipse can open up the possibility of a new opportunity coming from these new contacts. The goals and desires for your life could shift as a result.

Lunar eclipse self-care tip: The ocean is the perfect place for a Pisces to be. If this is not possible, you would benefit from a soothing salt bath. If you are able to locate shells, placing them in the bathroom with clear quartz can amplify the water energy. You’ve done the work, now it’s time to surrender to the universe and relax.

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