The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Will Bring Major Endings—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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Ever since the current eclipse season began (with the solar eclipse in Libra on October 14), it has delivered chaos and karma; endings and beginnings; and heartbreak, recognition, and transformation. This period now comes to a close with one last ecliptic moment: a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 at 4:24 p.m. EDT. This marks the final lunar eclipse in Taurus we will experience until 2031. As such, we’re wrapping up a cycle that began in November 2021, when the lunar nodes of fate entered the opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio, bringing eclipses (and transformation) therein.

A full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus brings our attention to such Taurean realms as resources, sustainability, and livelihood. Topics of who and what is resourced and supported may be top of mind. On a personal level, it’s possible that your financial situation or the way you support yourself may have undergone a transformation in the past two years. And collectively, we could also find ourselves thinking more about the resources of the land (Taurus is an Earth sign, after all) and what is sustainable as we move through unprecedented times.

At its core, the Taurus-Scorpio axis has to do with new life and the cycle of death and regeneration.

At its core, the Taurus-Scorpio axis has to do with new life and the cycle of death and regeneration. The duality on this axis can feel extreme as we’ve been karmically asked to bounce between the world of the living (Taurus) and what’s been lurking unacknowledged in the shadows (Scorpio).

Recent eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio have illuminated secrets and taboo topics, reignited our creative spark, and pushed us to stand up for our personal values and key resources. In the current eclipse, similar storylines could arise, bringing you back to November 8, 2022 (the last time we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus) and April 30, 2022 (when we had a solar eclipse in Taurus).

What is a lunar eclipse, and what does it mean in astrology?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth sits between the sun and the moon, and the moon is obscured by Earth’s shadow.

While the Earth’s location anywhere between the sun and the moon results in a full moon, it’s only a lunar eclipse when the moon is also located on the same horizontal plane as the Earth (called the ecliptic plane), forming a straight line with the Earth and the sun. (The full moon during a lunar eclipse will often appear a striking red color because the only sunlight to reach the moon passes through Earth’s atmosphere, which scatters different wavelengths of light.)

The invisible points in the sky where the moon’s path crosses the ecliptic plane are called either the north node (in the northern hemisphere) or the south node (in the southern hemisphere). To be specific, in order for a full moon to be considered a lunar eclipse, the lunation must take place within 12 to 18 degrees of the north or south node.

In astrology, these nodes are associated with fate and destiny and always occur in opposite zodiac signs, with the north node reflecting the qualities we’re fated to embrace and the south, the qualities we’re destined to release or leave behind.

The nodes shift zodiac signs every 18 months, ushering in a new series of eclipses—and fated or destined events—within a new realm of life. Though we experience eclipses every year, the particular themes of any given set of eclipses are unique, in that it takes 18 years for the eclipse cycle to repeat (or the lunar nodes to return a particular set of zodiac signs). Considering previous eclipse cycles in a given set of signs can offer clues as to what may unravel during upcoming eclipses in the same signs.

Much like a typical full moon, a full moon that is also a lunar eclipse will usher in a period of transitions, endings, moments of culmination, or release. There is a strong duality present under a lunar eclipse given that the sun and moon are in opposite zodiac signs, and eclipses tend to coincide with both endings and beginnings in our lives.

Because of their proximity to the nodes of destiny, eclipses also deal with fate. Specifically, they have a tendency to speed up timelines: During an eclipse, we can no longer avoid the things we’ve been putting off. People that enter or exit our lives and situations that unfold during eclipse season can often feel karmic and fated, too.

Due to this unpredictable energy, eclipses are ill-advised for manifestation work. (The sun and moon aren’t operating as they normally do, with the Earth’s shadow interfering.) Surrendering is a more productive way to align with the energy of a solar or lunar eclipse than attempting to push your fate in a certain direction. It’s a time to step back and reflect on what’s unfolding around you.

That said, everyone has their own relationship with the sun and the moon, and if you feel called to perform spellwork or set intentions under an eclipse, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Listen to your intuition, and trust that this is a portal that can aid you in shifting timelines and will forever leave you changed by its presence.

What can we expect from the lunar eclipse in Taurus in 2023?

This year’s full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will bring all the drama. Eclipses are intense enough as it is, but this lunar eclipse is also near in the cosmos to some cathartic planetary action. At the same time as the lunar eclipse, Mercury—the planet of the mind, information, and communication—will be conjunct the sun in Scorpio, opposite both the moon and expansive Jupiter in Taurus. Strong opinions and beliefs may be shared or illuminated, and hidden information could be exposed, perhaps triggering a change of perspective.

On the bright side, this energy could lend you the courage to pursue some of your ideas and take action on your plans. Some opportunities may arrive, but it is very likely that you’ll overlook the details. Proceed with caution and remain as realistic as possible in your approach. It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew during this eclipse, both emotionally and practically.

At the same time, action-oriented Mars in Scorpio will also form an opposition with Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion but also excess. This cosmic interaction could send sparks flying, either in a motivating way or in an outburst type of way. You could feel an extra boost of confidence to go after your desires or take a risk—or you could feel a bit impetuous and wind up saying or doing something without weighing the consequences. There's an energy of debate and competition, which could bruise an ego or two.

Although tension is certainly in the air, there may be something quite liberating about speaking your truth or cutting to the core of an issue.

Elsewhere in the cosmos, four of the other planets are also moving through Taurus and Scorpio during this eclipse, including innovative Uranus, which is in Taurus. This can add an element of surprise and a desire to break free from outdated paradigms. Although tension is certainly in the air, there may be something quite liberating about speaking your truth or cutting to the core of an issue. As the final eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio series, this wraps up a major storyline in both our personal lives and the collective, leaving us all forever changed.

To get a better picture of how this lunar eclipse in Taurus will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more calm and balance.

How the lunar eclipse in Taurus may affect your zodiac sign


You may have a new source of income or way to support yourself, Aries. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus lands in your second astrological house of livelihood, personal resources, and possessions. From the start of this eclipse cycle (at the end of 2021) to now, your financial world may have been completely transformed.

Perhaps you’ve entered a new line of work, accepted a promotion or raise, or even found a more sustainable method for managing your budget—or you’re about to do so. Your relationship with personal comfort may also feel like it’s undergone a dramatic change in recent months.

Your full moon self-care practice: Let go of some of your belongings. That coat in your closet you swear you’ll wear again someday? Those heels from five years ago that are collecting dust? If there are items in your home that you’ve been clinging to, but not utilizing, release them (and donate them if possible). This will clear space for more aligned future possessions to enter your world.


Chances are, you’ve shape-shifted dramatically over the past year and a half, Taurus, and now you’re ready to debut the new you. The lunar eclipse moves through your first house of self, identity, fresh starts, and personal ambitions.

You’re likely feeling more sensitive under this moon, but a cathartic release may be underway. Now is the time to step boldly into your authentic self and show up in the world however you feel most comfortable doing so. Perhaps you’re ready to take on a new title, or a personal goal you set at the beginning of this eclipse cycle has now reached maturation.

Your full moon self-care practice: Take the time to advocate for your needs and desires. This eclipse reminds you that it isn’t always selfish to put yourself first.


You’re visiting unexplored realms under this eclipse, Gemini. It activates your 12th house of solitude, self-destructive patterns, intuition, healing, and endings. A reality check may arrive under this lunation and bring you the clarity you need to push forward on your path. This can be a very illuminating and introspective time as you sort through who and what no longer serves you. Changing your habits, protecting your boundaries, and prioritizing rest will all bring you closer to the revelations you seek.

Your full moon self-care practice: Integrate daily guided meditation or another aligned spiritual practice into your routine. Finding time to commune with your spiritual side will strengthen your intuition, reminding you that you hold the answers to the questions you’ve been curious about all along.


It’s your lucky day, Cancer. The lunar eclipse in Taurus lights up your 11th house of community, wishes for the future, support, and relationships with friends. A dream you’ve been working toward since November 2021 may be realized or reach an important turning point.

It’s very possible that there is cause to celebrate today, and perhaps you’re gathering with friends or people who share your interests or values. Fated changes to your friendships may also unfold as you decide who and what is worthy of your time and energy.

Your full moon self-care practice: Reflect on your sense of belonging. Where and with whom do you feel most valued, seen, and appreciated? Focus on nurturing those connections and weeding out any frenemies or people from your past who don’t share your values or have your best interests at heart.


The curtains are opening, and the spotlight is on you, Leo! The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus moves through your 10th house of career, reputation, and major life milestones. Think back to November 2021—how has your professional world transformed since then? You may have earned a new job title or shifted careers altogether.

Any major milestones you’ve been working toward in your personal life may also be realized under this eclipse. Others are noticing your gifts, talent, and light, so soak up the spotlight.

Your full moon self-care practice: Celebrate yourself publicly! Look back on the past two years and how far you’ve come. What moments are you most proud of? Share some of your success with your fans, family, or friends.


Your understanding of the world has shifted, Virgo. The lunar eclipse activates your ninth house of perspective, travel, and education. Karmic conversations may reach a turning point under this eclipse, and the information you learn has the potential to alter your personal belief system and philosophy.

This is also a reminder to share your gifts, thoughts, and talents with the world at large. Your voice and opinions are needed in the universe. If you’ve been studying or working toward a certification, you may be reaching a big milestone.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to leave your comfort zone. This eclipse has you feeling more expansive and curious about what your future holds and what’s possible for you. Put yourself out there, and don’t be afraid to feel uncomfortable—it’s temporary.


Your sense of security is top of mind, Libra. The lunar eclipse lands in your eighth house of shared resources, investments, debt, deep bonds, intimacy, and emotional expectations. This can be a sensitive time for you; perhaps you’re processing the past or coming to terms with relationships that don’t feel truly reciprocal.

You may have also transformed your personal or shared finances over the past year, whether by paying off some debt or making a significant investment in your future. Just beware: Conversations with partners and collaborators around financial expectations can also reach a boiling point under this moon.

Your full moon self-care practice: Wear your heart on your sleeve, and dare to be vulnerable. This eclipse invites you to ditch your well-manicured, put-together self and to embrace the rawness of what you truly feel within. Spend time with a close friend or partner, and share what’s been weighing on your heart.


Changes to your partnerships are underway, Scorpio, but if anyone can handle it, it’s you. The lunar eclipse illuminates your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, bringing a turning point to your romantic, platonic, familial, or work connections. Stable relationships could grow stronger under this lunation, whereas those on shakier ground could fall apart or otherwise reach a necessary ending.

In any case, you’ve likely had fated people enter or exit your life over the past year and a half. Surrender to the process, and trust that anyone who leaves is creating space for someone more aligned.

Your full moon self-care practice: Pour some extra effort into connections that feel authentic and fulfilling by sending a card to three of the most important people in your life. Express your gratitude for their ongoing love and support.


Your everyday life has shifted or is shifting before your very eyes, Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse activates your sixth house of daily routines, habits, and responsibilities. Over the past 18 months, you’ve likely changed some of your core habits, patterns, and beliefs. This lunation brings one final push to rework your routine.

If you’ve been putting a ton of effort and responsibility into a labor of love, creative project, or personal obligation, a turning point could arrive. Keep going—it’s almost time to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Your full moon self-care practice: This eclipse can make you feel like you’ve overextended yourself, so try to work in a daily window for tending to your personal needs. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries along the way if needed, and remember that rest is your birthright.


There may be cause to celebrate, Capricorn. The lunar eclipse moves through your fifth house of creativity, romance, and pleasure. This could bring a turning point or moment of completion to any of your creative endeavors. Allow yourself to sink into the present moment, and reflect on the fruits of your labor.

Your romantic relationships may also undergo a fated shift; people can enter or exit your life right now for seemingly karmic or fated reasons. At the same time, your relationship with pleasure and joy may also be changing; perhaps you’re taking up a new hobby or form of self-expression.

Your full moon self-care practice: Reflect on your relationship with pleasure. Whom and what do you desire? What activities make you feel most alive and connected to the present moment? Cultivating more of those experiences in your life will lead you toward more blessings.


Your public and private lives may be quite active at the same time, Aquarius. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus highlights your fourth house of home, family, and the past. Fated shifts regarding your family dynamics, personal relationships, or even your living situation may unfold. You might also find yourself ruminating more on the legacy you wish to leave behind. Does the work you’re contributing to the world feel fulfilling and aligned?

This eclipse is also a powerful time to sever ties with past versions of yourself or memories that no longer serve you or are holding you back. Shed your fears, as a new beginning is around the corner.

Your full moon self-care practice: Grab some of your favorite herbs, and add them to your cleaning solution. Do an intention cleansing of your home to clear out unwanted or stagnant energy.


Speak up, Pisces, even if your voice is shaking. The lunar eclipse highlights your third house of communication, mindset, and information. Ongoing conversations could reach a climax today. You may learn information that has the potential to alter your personal perspective. Using your voice to advocate for what you believe in and share your thoughts and ideas with others will feel more pressing now.

This sector of your chart also has to do with siblings, BFFs, and extended family; some of those relationships may undergo a transformation of sorts.

Your full moon self-care practice: Speak your truth, whether it’s with a confidant or even by yourself in front of your mirror. If there are any thoughts, opinions, ideas, or beliefs you’ve been holding back, practice speaking them into existence. You will feel energetically lighter after self-expressing.

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