The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Could Bring Personal Breakthroughs—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, which is the final eclipse of 2022, takes over the sky on November 8 at 6 a.m., ET. Lunar eclipses mark culmination points and endings that involve a hint of fate. If there are decisions or actions we’ve avoided, destiny steps in and forces our hand. Eclipse season can feel we’re moving between an old version of ourselves and a forever-changed, future version of ourselves.

This eclipse takes place on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, a polarity that’s associated with life and death. Taurus topics include our physical body and autonomy, land and the environment, and resources and values. The sun in Scorpio illuminates more austere matters like what lurks beneath the surface, the taboo, power and manipulation, death, our fears, and eventually rebirth and transformation. Think back to last year’s full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus in November 2021: What were you sorting through? We had another lunar eclipse in Taurus—at the same spot in the sky—in November 2003. Similarly, what karma was unfolding for you during this time? Those issues, conversations, and people may come up again under this eclipse.

The moon in Taurus sits next to Uranus—a planet of shock, upheaval and surprise—in the sky. This can stimulate feelings of rebirth, breakthroughs, and a desire to give in to our impulsive nature, which can make for exciting but also unpredictable energy that can bring up feelings of anxiety or restlessness. The moon will also form a tense conversation with critical Saturn in Aquarius, which will remind us of our responsibilities, burdens, and commitments. While we crave change, we also fear it. If Uranus represents progress and innovation, think of Saturn as the old guard and structures that have been in place for decades—even centuries. (It’s no cosmic coincidence that this lunar eclipse tug-of-war between old and new takes place on Election Day in the United States.)

This lunar eclipse in Taurus offers a window for unfiltered self-reflection that may feel hairy to navigate in the moment, but the energy can ultimately result in an awakening or emotional breakthrough.

On a personal level, consider where you are resisting change. This full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus offers a window for unfiltered self-reflection that may feel hairy to navigate in the moment, but the energy can ultimately result in an awakening or emotional breakthrough. During the lunar eclipse, the sun, our consciousness, and Mercury, the planet of communication, will be forming a cazimi, which means they are located at the same exact point in the sky.

This strengthens Mercury and can lead to divine downloads, inspiration, and a new level of awareness. With the moon in Taurus, Venus is the planet in charge during the eclipse, and she tends to struggle when in Scorpio, so we may feel like our needs are not being met in some way. When we sit with our triggers, fears, shame, guilt, and what we’ve been avoiding, we may be blessed with insight on how we’d like to move forward in a healthier way. This eclipse is not for the faint of heart–it’s here to change our lives.

Read on for your rising, sun and moon signs for more insight on how this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will affect your zodiac sign and birth chart.

What the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus has in store for your sign


Money matters are up for review under the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus as it activates your second house of income and resources. You may be ending a work contract or position at this time, or quite the opposite: accepting a promotion or raise. Your finances are shifting and you may also be settling a debt, making a big purchase, or getting more honest with yourself about your budget. If your future goals and ambitions require a cash injection, this is a good time to formulate a financial plan and stick to it.

Your full moon self-care practice: What does comfort look like for you? Book yourself a massage, eat something satisfying and nourishing, or wind down your days by bundling up in your favorite blanket. Prioritize your comfort through your physical senses to bring more grounding into your life.


It’s time to burst free of your cocoon and claim space as the stunning and vibrant butterfly you truly are, Taurus. The lunar eclipse, in your sign, moves through a very sensitive part of your chart, illuminating matters related to your identity, personal ambitions, physical self, and relationships. It’s time to show up fully and authentically. Fight the urge to suppress any pieces of your soul and desires for the sake of pleasing others. This can be a sensitive and emotional time, but this cathartic release also arrives with a new beginning around the corner.

Your full moon self-care practice: Time to engage in some mirror work. When’s the last time you spent some one-on-one time with yourself in the mirror? Look deeply into your eyes and repeat positive affirmations. Speak your future into existence, and remember, mirrors are portals: You may be interacting with your future self.


What’s been hidden in your subconscious is now illuminated as the lunar eclipse lights up your 12th house of solitude, closure, rest, and healing. Pay extra attention to your dreams and any symbols that come through as they can offer clues to what you’re karmically working through in your subconscious mind. Issues or habits that have been germinating for some time in the darkness now come to light. This can be an emotional time, so prioritize your rest. Trust that your ability to acknowledge these pieces of yourself can also result in you breaking a pattern and embracing a new sense of closure.

Your full moon self-care practice: Try out a daily guided meditation or breath work practice to proactively interact with your subconscious. Use this period of time to breathe out any limiting thoughts and breathe in hope for your future.


You’re experiencing sweeping change in your community or social circles as the lunar eclipse activates your 11th house of friendship and networks, as well as your hopes and dreams. You may be reflecting more on your values—are they truly shared among your friend groups? This could mark a period when a goal or ambition is reached. An ally in the workplace or in your personal life may offer you an opportunity that feels too good to be true, but does it also come with an obligation? You’re thinking more about the karmic ties you share with others, and you may be stepping away from certain associations that no longer feel aligned.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you have the space, energy, and resources, try volunteering. You’re eager to create positive change in the world, and your sensitive soul can touch many lives, starting with those in your community.


Your career and sense of visibility are highlighted under the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus as it moves through your 10th house of accomplishment, career, and legacy. This could mark a major change in your career trajectory—perhaps you’re saying goodbye to an old role, or taking on more responsibility and authority in a new position. Maybe you’re ready to show up in the world in an entirely new way!

Family matters can also come to a head under this lunation, bringing a sweeping change of circumstance. Others in positions of influence are recognizing you—how will you wield this power and define the legacy you will leave behind?

Your full moon self-care practice: Allow yourself to shine and take up space. Whether that’s by posting on social media, sharing an accomplishment on LinkedIn or with your loved ones, celebrate yourself and how far you’ve come. Your entire world is likely very different than it was when these eclipses first started in November 2021. Honor that journey.


You’re reconnecting with your desire to take risks and invite more adventure into your life as the lunar eclipse moves through your ninth house of expansion, education, and spirituality. There’s an awakening of your urge to live life to the fullest, whether that’s through travel, engaging in spiritual practices that expand your mind, or signing up for a new course of study.

The lunation could mark you sharing your expertise or publishing a work you’ve been drafting. Intriguing information that can challenge your current perspective also arrives. You’re seeing the world, or a particular situation in your life, with a new set of eyes.

Your full moon self-care practice: Try something new: a new restaurant, a new route for your daily walk, or a new podcast. It’s time to feed your mind new information and experiences—time to shake things up.


Are you finally ready to bury a hatchet and release part of your past, Libra? The lunar eclipse moves through your eighth house of transformation, a sensitive part of your chart revealing your vulnerabilities, as well as obligations or past stories that are weighing you down. You may be tying up loose ends related to a financial or emotional debt. Setting yourself free from the expectation of others or any residual feelings of guilt, shame, or fear that linger in your shadow can reconnect you with your inner joy. You deserve to feel light, and you deserve pleasure. Put in the hard work to reflect on what you’re ready to let go of.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write a list of your fears, past pains, and any guilty or shameful feelings that plague your mind. Once you have your list, grab a bowl of water and burn the list above the water. Watch the words disappear into the fire before your eyes. Set yourself free with the flames (or, alternatively, rip the paper into tiny pieces).


You’re tossing old karmic ties that no longer serve you out the window as the lunar eclipse activates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and contracts. What old stories from your past have been keeping you playing small in your relationships and afraid to ask for what you truly need? This could signal the ending of a relationship or working relationship, or the arrival of a new opportunity or connection. As one door closes, it creates space in the universe for another to open. You may be having more serious conversations about the future with loved ones: Do you have a shared vision of where you’d headed?

Your full moon self-care practice: Map out your future! What connections and collaborations do you hope to call in? What does that look like and feel like? Get descriptive as you write a list of your future desires as it relates to your relationships.


Plan for the unexpected as the lunar eclipse activates your sixth house of routine, habits, work, and sacrifice. This lunation brings a disruption in your daily routine—what habits are getting in the way of your desires or what you’re working toward? You may also be undergoing a period of significant responsibility that is weighing on you. This is a cosmic reminder to maintain balance in your life. Care for your physical temple, emotional world, and spiritual needs. If you’ve been trying to release a bad habit, now’s the time. Fate is on your side and embracing this change can invite more positive productivity in your life!

Your full moon self-care practice: What’s one habit you’ve wanted to change, but have been avoided? A morning walk? Drinking more water? Ending your day with a guided meditation? Incorporate one new habit into your daily routine. It’s time for radical change.


Where has your joy gone, Capricorn? The lunar eclipse invites you to examine topics related to your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, creation, and fun. You’re overdue for a creative release and this eclipse may encourage just that. What activities or hobbies bring you the most joy? It’s your job to reconnect with the feeling that life is to be celebrated. You may reach a milestone in your creative collaborations or be releasing or starting a new chapter in a romantic connection. When you prioritize your pleasure, you’re creating fertile soil for the rest of your life to blossom.

Your full moon self-care practice: Plan date night for yourself, whether you’re single or coupled up. Romantic candles, a nourishing meal, and music that brings the ambiance. Celebrate the joy and pleasure of simply being you.


It’s time to pause all social stimulation as the lunar eclipse moves through your fourth house of home, family, rest, and privacy. You’re ready to recharge. Matters pertaining to your family can reach a climax, and this fated eclipse can bring a change of conditions. If you’ve been considering moving, buying, or renovating your home, a decision may be made at this time. This is also a profound release around your past. What stories are worth you reminding yourself, and which are you ready to burn in the fire? A blank slate is available to you, once you create the space for reflection and solitude.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to practice conscious purging. Go through a drawer or closet and sort out what no longer aligns with who you are and who you want to be. Donate accordingly and create more space for items that align with your authentic self.


Sudden and shocking news or information arrives as the full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus activates your third house of communication, the mind, and learning. A conversation could change your future trajectory. Perhaps you’re finally ready to share a piece of yourself or your past that you’ve kept under lock and key for some time. You may also feel called to change up your routine and prioritize your freedom and flexibility as you move through your daily life. If you’ve been studying an area of interest or learning a new skill, this eclipse signals a period of culmination in your educational journey. You’re integrating new knowledge and may even be changing your perspective as you move forward.

Your full moon self-care practice: Release the mental chatter and any overthinking that’s coming up through a daily journaling practice. Revisiting your day and purging your thoughts by putting pen to paper will bring more ease to your mental world and help you sleep better at night.

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