3 Ways This Weekend’s Full Moon Is About to Majorly Shake up Your Life

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If the impending summer season's got you in reinvention mode—whether you're trading your black leggings for pastel bike shorts or have bigger shifts in mind—prepare to get a major boost from the cosmos. There's a game-changing full moon happening this weekend, and it's set to leave some big changes in its wake.

Taking place Saturday, May 18 at 5:11 p.m. EST, this lunation's going down in Scorpio—the sign associated with sex, power, secrecy, and intense emotions. While you can expect to see these themes arise in your life in some way (hint: leave room for some sexy time this week, even if you're flying solo), this particular full moon lends itself to several other layers of meaning that are important to note.

"This Scorpio full moon is incredibly powerful because of its sacred geometry," says astrologer Virginia Mason Richardson. "In astrology, sacred geometry refers to geometric shapes that are formed between planets based on their relationship to one another." According to Richardson, this moon will actually form three distinct shapes in aspect with other planets, which are set to affect us on individual and societal levels.

The action taking place during this full moon will play out in grounded Earth signs and emotional water signs, which is sure to add to its potency. "The water element is all about feelings, intuition, and spiritual wisdom," says Richardson. "The Earth element is all about our solid, material reality experienced through our five physical senses. What is experienced on the spiritual plane is being birthed in material reality."

Basically, you may find your vision board coming to life—fast. But if the thought of upheaval freaks you out, try to remain calm. "Ultimately, this is a deeply healing moon," says Richardson. "It's healing your life path and opening you up to new emotional experiences." Here, she breaks down exactly what that might look like, based on the sacred geometry in the stars.

3 personal developments you can definitely expect from the Scorpio full moon in May 2019.

full moon May 2019
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1. You could make some big strides toward your life's purpose

This full moon will be part of a "mystic rectangle"—a cosmic formation that connects the moon in Scorpio with planets in Taurus, Capricorn, and Cancer. "With the support of the mystic rectangle, you'll be able to put your talents to good use," says Richardson. "You can expect emotional ease and intuitive flow, even amidst challenges... [and] you'll have whatever structures you need in place to help you succeed." There will also be a sense of destiny in the mix, as the karmic north and south nodes are involved in the mystic rectangle. "The moon is connecting you to your life's path in a powerful way," Richardson explains.

2. You may have an emotional breakthrough

The full moon in Scorpio is also involved in a grand trine—AKA a big triangle shape—with planets in Cancer and Pisces. All three of these are touchy-feely water signs, so don't be surprised if you're a little emo as the weekend approaches. "You may feel a bit up and down at times...allow it to open you up further and help you expand," says Richardson. "Through this rumbling, you're likely to experience some sort of epiphany." Pay attention to any aha moments you have between now and the new moon in Gemini on June 3, as the full moon's energy will echo through the cosmos for the next two weeks.

3. You might find yourself breaking past patterns and stepping into a new way of being

The third and final geometric shape in the sky this weekend is a grand kite, which connects the full moon in Scorpio with planets in earthy Capricorn and Taurus. "With Saturn, Pluto, and the south node in Capricorn, we'll experience a major transformation of patterns from our past," Richardson explains. "The sun and Mercury in Taurus will put a major focus on aligning our thoughts and communication with the person we are today." So if you've always wanted to be the kind of person who wakes up at 3 a.m. to meditate, now's the time to officially banish your snooze alarm.

TL; DR: Expect practicality to meet intuitive insight to create big change

Richardson says all signs will feel the impact from this full moon, but that's extra true if your birth chart has planets in Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, or Capricorn—and even more so if you have natal planets around 28 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus. "You can expect to feel major shifts and changes in your life," she says. "Big changes are often uncomfortable, but something really beautiful is headed your way. The trick is not to resist. Move forward courageously."

To gracefully navigate all the full-moon feels, Richardson recommends tuning into your body and resting if you need to. Some of her favorite rituals for this moon include lighting a candle and meditating on the image of a scorpion; working with the mantra "I transform fear into trust"; and journaling. "Spend some time reflecting on what was happening in your life on November 7, 2018. That was the Scorpio new moon, and whatever seeds were planted in your life then are what will be blooming on this full moon," she says. "You may also want to reflect on what was happening on June 7, 2008. This full moon has a strong energetic tie to that date."

But above all, she says, prepare to receive whatever gifts the full moon is about to send your way. Because a life without transformation would be really boring, no?

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