The Full Moon in Pisces of 2021 Is Making Dreams a Reality—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The upcoming full moon in Pisces of 2021, also known as the full harvest moon, is occurring in the dreamy and creative sign of Pisces on September 20th at 7:54 p.m., ET. A full moon occurs when the moon and sun are exactly opposite from each other in the sky. In this case, the full moon in Pisces moon will activate the Virgo sun. While different, these two energies work synergistically together, and provide a magical gateway for practical manifestation of our ideas, dreams, and future visions. Expect breakthroughs, change, and reveals during this time.

Virgo is an Earth sign dedicated to the practical details, and Pisces is a water sign equipped with the gift of intuitive imagination and creativity. Creations and ideas begin in the mind, but it’s the practical application in your daily life that empower them to manifest. With this in mind, for the full moon in Pisces of 2021, expect long-term endeavors, ideas, relationships, or concepts that have required work to come to a culmination. The full moon’s potent connections with realistic visionary Neptune in Pisces and structured Pluto in Capricorn—both in retrograde motion—will encourage these developments.

For the full moon in Pisces of 2021, expect long-term endeavors, ideas, relationships, or concepts that have required work to come to a culmination.

Relationship evolution will also be in the energetic spotlight during this full moon in Pisces of 2021. It will spark personal growth by highlighting limitations and misalignment in relationships, causing sudden breakthroughs and encouraging change towards a more fulfilling direction. This can be in the realm of love, platonic relationships or contractual agreements. In less-than-ideal bonds, it will become clear that a change is long overdue. Expect sudden and abrupt decision making in this area of life due to the tense connection between Venus in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus retrograde.

The planet of communication and contracts, Mercury, will be in Libra, the sign of relationships, and will influence the energy of the full moon. It will form a harmonious connection with expansive Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius, but will also initiate structural change with a square to transformative Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. This energy is pushing us to have the important conversations surrounding our agreements and relationships for the better. And since Mercury is in its retrograde shadow phase (and will go retrograde shortly after the full moon, on September 27th), it’s important to still do your due diligence when making decisions or forming relationships during this time.

Ultimately, the full moon in Pisces of 2021 is a time when your dreams and visions can manifest. Below, learn what it may mean for your zodiac sign, along with a bespoke affirmation to empower your creations during the lunation. Affirmations are powerful to use when limiting beliefs or thoughts creep in. Keep yours as a note on your phone and when life gets stressful, take it out and read for an instant vibration shift. For a more holistic view of the month ahead, read your sun, moon, and rising signs.

What full harvest moon in Pisces of 2021 may mean for your sign


Prepare for breakthroughs and progress on your dreams. You deserve to have this progress, as you have been putting in the work laying the foundation in your daily routine. The full moon in Pisces of 2021 is activating your ideas and visions and is now allowing them to manifest. While this manifesting will require you to work, you can also experience motivating breakthroughs and movement in the right direction.

You can also focus on your wellness and self-care routine, if you feel you have been overworking yourself recently. This can include incorporating new exercise plans into your life or trying new types of nourishing food. Now is the time to take a pause in order to receive what the universe has in store for you.

Your full-moon affirmation: Allowing myself to rest and restore will also replenish my spiritual bank account. As I glow from the inside it will be reflected back to me.


Your creativity will be activated, and you will have a practical push towards your hopes, dreams, and wishes. You will be putting the finishing touches on a project, idea, or vision so that you can share it with others. Prepare for unexpected yet much-deserved elevation in your work and career life. Be confident in your ideas, and share them openly with others.

Another area of life that will experience forward movement is in romance and fertility matters for some Tauruses. A new romantic opportunity could begin to deepen for single folks. And for those who are partnered, this could cleanse and shift a situation towards a positive direction, opening up the road for something more expansive. If you have had fertility matters in the spotlight, you also now could experience breakthroughs in this area.

Your full-moon affirmation: My gifts and creations are valuable, and others love what I have to offer. Money always flows effortlessly to me as a result.


Get ready for a career and home cleansing, Gemini. A promotion, elevation, or change in regards to work and home can manifest for you. This could include trading up your position or home environment for something that is more in alignment with the future vision for your life. Remember to check in with yourself to ensure that you make the best decisions for yourself during this time.

New contracts and investments are also in the spotlight for you, perhaps international ones for some. If you have been putting finances, time, and sweat equity into your goals, now is when you can experience breakthroughs and gains. Stay organized and ask the right questions.

Your full-moon affirmation: My creative vision, talent, and efforts are always rewarded. I see myself first, and then others will see me in return.


You are blooming! Moon cycles affect you the most out of other signs because it is your planetary ruler. Expect movement in the realm of your creative projects, ideas, and investments. The universe is giving you a dose of abundance as a reward for your work. This could be in the form of a launch or agreeing to a contract that is placing you more in alignment with your future dreams and wishes.

Sharing or expanding your wisdom with others is also an opportunity for you at this time. This could include teaching, communication, a writing endeavor, or even seeking a course to help solidify your knowledge. Expect more visibility of your voice, perhaps on an international level for some Cancers.

Your full-moon affirmation: I am a child of the moon, and as it waxes and wanes, so does my abundance. The world needs my nurturing, but I first must give it to myself in order to see wealth reflected back to me.


Relationships and contracts will be in the energetic spotlight for you. Transformative agreements, discussions, and negotiations will come to a close. You can receive financial support, money, or investments from an outside source in order to move forward with your vision at this time.

Expect a potential love prospect or your current relationship to deepen and go through transformation at this time. Discussions surrounding the level of commitment can develop. To ensure that this moves towards a fulfilling path, ensure that you communicate your needs while balancing the other.

Your full-moon affirmation: Leo rules the heart, and my heart never leads me astray. Everything in my heart's desires always comes true, as long as I move out of the way first.


This is an important full moon, as it is energizing your zodiac sign. When this occurs, you can feel empowered to make personal changes. The full moon in Pisces of 2021 serves as an energetic cleanup for you and a moment for self-evolution through your relationships with others. You could decide to change an important aspect of yourself and shift certain thought patterns that have held you back.

Communication in your partnerships—both love and platonic—is also a theme for you. Due to your own self-realizations, a transformative conversation can lead to shifts that align you with a better partnership. New contracts and agreements can also manifest in your work life, providing you with a positive dose of financial gain.

Your full-moon affirmation: Practicality is my superpower, and I utilize it to bring my creations to life. Through crafting my reality, abundance flows easily and effortlessly.


Your daily routine, work, and wellness will be in focus for you. Perhaps one small health-related tweak will evolve into something that triggers an entire lifestyle change. Remember to listen to what your physical body needs, and incorporate the habits necessary to practice self care during this time.

This is also when you can start to see shifts in your daily work life, like gaining or losing a member on your team or changing offices. You also can feel pushed to change how you get your work accomplished on a daily basis and overhaul your schedule. As a result, expect a positive change in your income. The transformation that you go through now will ultimately benefit you in the future.

Your full-moon affirmation: I embrace and flow with change. Change is inevitable, and it’s only occurring to steer me on the right path.


Your creativity and how you approach your project ideas is changing in a significant way during this full moon in Pisces of 2021. This could be through a work opportunity that allows you to express yourself more authentically. You can rethink your vision and start to communicate it online and throughout your network. Remember to stay true to what aligns with you and how you want to shape this new dream.

This is also a time of gains for you financially. Investments that you have put time, effort, and resources into can now start to bear fruit. Expect sudden breakthroughs, shifts, and new agreements to develop to move you forward. Remember to read between the lines.

Your full-moon affirmation: I remain true to my message, and lean into the flow of all things. I am always rewarded for the authenticity in everything I do.


Your career is in full focus, and growth is on the horizon for you. You are receiving positive energy in this area of life during the full moon in Pisces of 2021. It's a moment in time when you can receive a well-deserved boost, which may involve you having to sort through various contracts and schedule meetings, but the busy energy will taper after a couple of weeks.

Home is also a focus for many Sagittarius. If moving or purchasing a new home, you can start to see the process speed up and come to a positive conclusion. If you aren’t moving, home improvements or beautifying your private space can also be something that improves your daily life. If your health has been a focus for you, relief in this area is also a positive shift.

Your full-moon affirmation: My life path is always evolving and progressing. It gets better and better with every change that comes my way.


New opportunities can show up in your reality from an influential person in your network. This also could come through a friend or social networking site. New contracts, meetings, and discussions surrounding this will take place during the full moon portal. Expect this change to also transform your finances.

Shifts in your career and life path are in the stars, and this is also a time when negotiations to usher in the new can take place. Keep in mind that with the upcoming Mercury retrograde period in this area of life, it’s important to also read and consider everything carefully. If you have been experiencing delays, the universe is now providing movement and closure.

Your full-moon affirmation: My community supports me, contains me, and allows me to thrive. I’m grateful for those who have been there.


This is a positive time for you financially, Aquarius. The full moon is activating this area of life for you, and you can receive an influx of financial support. Venus in Scorpio, representing hidden wealth and debts, is influencing the full moon and activating positive energy. Expect to feel relieved and stabilized from this energy.

Relationships abroad or travel can also be a focus for you at this time. Traveling is an expansive experience, which could involve meeting influential people and forming relationships that end up triggering personal growth. This is due to the beautiful connection between Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde influencing the full moon.

Your full-moon affirmation: Money flows endlessly, effortlessly, and supports me. I help others by circulating it back into the rest of the world.


Tap into your intuition and emotions during your full moon, Pisces. This will be a heightened time for you, especially as a water sign. The universe will encourage you to honor what you personally need in relationships with others, whether romantic or platonic. Be careful to take your time with communication while also remaining true to yourself.

If you have been involved in contract negotiations or legal matters, now is the time to energize forward movement. Remember to remain patient. The resolution can be sudden, but ultimately in your favor thanks to the positive influence of the stars.

Your full-moon affirmation: I love myself, and through this act others will reflect this high vibration back to me. I articulate and change what is not a match to me.

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