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The Full Moon in Sagittarius Is Bringing Hidden Truths to Light—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The full moon in Sagittarius lights up the morning sky on June 14 at 4:52 a.m., PST. This lunation also marks the first full moon in Sagittarius since 2019 that isn’t also an eclipse. Without the added intensity of an eclipse, we'll be more easily able to celebrate the Sagittarius energy of this full moon. Expect important information to be brought to light or truths revealed, and perhaps also a perspective shift or aha moment.

The sun will be in Gemini, and the moon will sit across the sky in Sagittarius; the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is concerned with information—disseminating information, teaching, learning, and exchanging dialogue. But Neptune, the planet of illusion and idealization, will be active alongside these moonbeams, forming a tense conversation with both the sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius, increasing confusion around all matters. Neptune is an elusive planet that can spark creativity and help us visualize our highest ideals, but from there, we can get lost in fantasy. This can lead to disappointment or getting caught up in a cycle of worry.

With the full moon in Sagittarius, expect important information to be brought to light or truths revealed, and perhaps also a perspective shift or aha moment.

Whatever your full moon story is, it’s important to try to remain as grounded as possible. Not all of the information is available right now, making it easier to miss red flags. Work to channel your emotions through your creativity—whether that’s writing, drawing, painting, singing, or whatever inspires you and sparks joy.

On the same day as the full moon, Mars, the planet of anger and motivation, meets with Chiron, the wounded healer. This planetary combination will reverberate throughout the day and feel prominent. When these two link in the sky, it can feel like a bandage getting ripped off some of our deepest wounds. We have the emotional courage to confront and name ways in which we’ve been hurt and are ready for healing.

The sun and moon will also create a harmonious connection to Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline. This will add a dose of reality to the day if we find we’re veering too far off into fantasy land. It will also remind us to honor our boundaries if and when we’re feeling triggered.

Read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for a more comprehensive look at how the energy of this full moon may activate in your birth chart, and get a bespoke self-care tip for how to best harness the energy for yourself.

What your sign can expect from the full moon in Sagittarius


Intellectual matters come to a head, Aries! The full moon lands in your ninth house of expansion, learning, and travel. If you’re in a course, you may be finishing up a big project, test, or certification. This could also indicate a perspective shift: Perhaps you’re re-evaluating your future and big-picture goals, or new information arrives that sparks a new train of thought. Stay open-minded; the universe is speaking to you.

Your full-moon self-care practice: You may have a bit of cabin fever, so it’s time to expand your horizons. Book a trip, if possible. If not, get lost in a nature documentary and explore an unknown part of the world. Other perspectives will bring you more awareness during this time.


Your focus shifts to your finances, Taurus. The full moon in Sagittarius activates the eighth house of debt, loss, and your psyche. You may be investing in something big or paying off debt. Spending a little extra time with your budget now will save you a headache in the long run. This is an emotional house and may also have you reflecting on power dynamics that could require some readjustment.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Practice asking for help and emotional support. It can be hard to reach out, but you deserve the comfort you give to others so freely. Venting to a friend or loved one will be healing and help you adopt new perspectives.


An important conversation may be discussed in your partnerships, Gemini! The full moon lands in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and contracts. This conversation has enough potential to either define or destroy the relationship. This energy may also manifest as changes with a business contract. Perhaps a new contract arrives, or you’re ready to part ways with one that no longer feels aligned.

Your full-moon self-care practice: If you’re trying to make a decision about a person or specific control, try a pro and con list. Weighing your options and being able to view them all written out will help you process any emotions that are attached to the situation.


It’s time to kick that bad habit, Cancer. The full moon in Sagittarius moves through your sixth house of well-being, daily work and routines. Full moons signal a period of release, and there is no better time than now to reflect deeper on habits you practice that are more harmful than helpful. Try to incorporate one new, healthy habit into your daily routine. It will lighten your load physically, emotionally, and spirituality.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Write a list identifying the habits you’d like to incorporate into your routine, but have been avoiding. Journaling? Working out? Eating healthier? Better sleep? Try to incorporate one, and little by little, you’ll make a big wave and change in your routine.


The full moon in Sagittarius activates your fifth house of creativity, children, and pleasure. If you’re working on a creative project, this could signal a significant stage of competition. This is a cosmic reminder to celebrate yourself and to prioritize play and pleasure in your life. A dramatic conversation may take place, but you’ll know how to spin it and make it entertaining.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Watch some cartoons from your childhood, or find a childhood book that used to light up your imagination. Spending time with your inner child and activating that portion of your brain through activities that used to bring you joy will feel full-circle and healing.


A family matter reaches a climax under these moonbeans, Virgo. The full moon lands in your fourth house of family and home. A revealing conversation takes place that will have you reflecting deeper on your legacy and your lineage. Holding strong boundaries will be key. If you’re hoping to relocate, find new roommates or renovate your home, this moon signals that progress and change is on the way.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Family matters can be heavy. Carve out time for solitude and rest. You’ll be craving a little extra solo time, and it can help you sort through any complex emotions that arise under this full moon.


Your diplomatic nature is an advantage under this full moon, Libra! The moon moves through your third house of communication, siblings and short travel. You may be taking a short trip, or working through issues with siblings or close relatives. Information will arrive under this lunation, and you may also be the one sharing revealing information. Allow yourself to connect with your self-expression and speak what’s on your mind.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Put pen to paper and see what simply flows out. You may find snippets of advice or emotions you’d buried deeply. Allowing yourself to express with no expectation will be incredibly illuminating.


Your sense of security is up for revision, Scorpio. The full moon moves through your second house of income and self-worth, illuminating matters related to news of a promotion, raise, or new work opportunity. This energy could also manifest as a more reflective time, centering your own self-love and self-compassion. Be gentle with yourself. A little indulgence counts as self care and is in the stars today.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Practice sending gratitude with every bill you pay and every purchase you make. Thank the universe for these resources to support yourself and your lifestyle. This will rewire your relationship with abundance and reduce a scarcity mindset.


What are you ready to shed, Sagittarius? The full moon is in your sign and lands in your first house of self, identity and personal goals. You may have achieved a long-time goal and, if so, this is certainly cause to celebrate. This is also a supported time to let go of past versions of yourself that you’re not interested in carrying into the future and to evolve.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Write yourself a letter from your future self. Where are you? What are your values? Which of your goals have you achieved? Write it in the present tense, as if it already has manifested. Re-read the letter in six months to witness how much transformation has taken place.


Closure is a process and not something that can be rushed, Capricorn. You tend to focus on the practical, but with the full moon moving through your 12th house of seclusion, spirituality, and endings, it’s time to tend to some emotional wounds. This is a powerful time to turn to spiritual practices that support your well-being, as you process any endings or emotionally heavy situations that have come up recently. A fresh start is around the corner.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Take a bath. As you’re bathing, visualize all of the emotions and other people’s energy that you’ve absorbed being scrubbed off you. As the tub drains, release any energetic connections that don’t serve your highest purpose. Know you can begin again.


A vision you had for your future may finally come true, Aquarius. The full moon lands in your 11th house of community, friends, and hopes and dreams. This is a magical time to recognize the growth and accomplishments you’ve made. A little drama within your closest circles may also ensue. This interaction may have you opening your eyes to the people you’ve been spending time with and wondering if you truly share similar values.

Your full-moon self-care practice: What are some of your hopes and dreams? Create affirmations around them. Write them up in a list and then write about them in the present tense, as if they already exist. Investing in your vision may be life-changing—the more descriptive you are, the better.


Your time has come, Pisces! If you’ve been working toward a large goal at work or a promotion, recognition is on its way. This full moon activates your 10th house of career, legacy, and reputation. It’s a fantastic time to take up space and celebrate yourself. Others are noticing your hard work, so don’t be shy about it. If you’re feeling curious for a new adventure, you may feel called to apply to new jobs or positions at this time, too.

Your full-moon self-care practice: Take a look through your old yearbooks or old photos from different stages of your life and acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments you’ve made over the years. Celebrating yourself will deliver more rewards.

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