The Fated News and Shifts the Full Moon in Sagittarius Will Bring To Your Zodiac Sign

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As we move through Gemini season, we’re feeling more social, open to new ideas, and able to learn from others. The full moon in Sagittarius lights up the sky on June 3 at 11:42 p.m. EDT, signaling our Gemini season climax. This full moon brings us back to the energy of November 23, 2022, when we had the new moon in Sagittarius. What major storylines were unfolding in your life, and what intentions did you set around that time?

Full moons in Sagittarius invite us to reflect on our personal perspective, our own expertise and wisdom, and our relationship with adventure. Sagittarius is an over-the-top type of zodiac sign, and full moons can often coincide with a moment of celebration or indulgence. To learn more about the energy of this full moon, we look to Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet. During the full moon, Jupiter will be in Taurus, forming a connection with the north node of destiny. We may feel called to learn something new or begin a new journey in some form. This energy can feel electric and fated.

This full moon in Sagittarius is free of any connections with Mars and Saturn, two of the more challenging planets in the sky, which should make for a more enjoyable atmosphere.

As a fire sign, Sagittarius moves through the world with an optimistic lens, reminding us to return to the present moment and reconnect with our gratitude. With the sun in Gemini and the moon in Sagittarius, information or news we learn today can lead to a turning point. This full moon in Sagittarius is free of any connections with Mars and Saturn, two of the more challenging planets in the sky, which should make for a more enjoyable atmosphere. The full moon will be angling toward Neptune, a planet of creativity, compassion, glamour, spirituality, and romance—but also idealization, sensitivity, and paranoia.

Engaging in a spiritual practice or creative hobby are both productive ways to channel the energy of this full moon. Neptune’s influence can bring a wave of fog and illusion—it’s likely we aren’t seeing the full picture right now. If you can avoid making any major decisions and put it off for a few days, that would be ideal. Grounding exercises under this full moon can help you tap into the positive and inspiring qualities of these planetary connections.

There will be some other planetary influences of note during the full moon in Sagittarius: Mercury, the planet of the mind, will be approaching Uranus, the planet of disruption, shock, and surprise. Sagittarius is the sign of the broadcaster, and conversations we have may take interesting and unexpected turns. At the same time, we are presented with an opportunity to break free from any limiting beliefs or patterns that feel stagnant. New ideas and innovative solutions may arrive. Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will be inching toward a stare-down with power-planet Pluto. This may add an extra flair of dramatics to our connections, as we find ourselves ruminating on our relationship with control, power, and our fixations.

To know exactly how this fated full moon in Sagittarius may affect you, read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs. Then, get a bespoke self-care tip to channel its energy most effectively.


Your understanding of a certain topic or situation deepens, with this full moon in Sagittarius, Aries. It moves through your ninth house of knowledge, expansion, and travel. Important conversations reach a turning point, or news arrives that may shift your perspective in a profound way. This may also coincide with you sharing your own wisdom or expertise, like with a public -speaking venture, or wrapping up a class or subject of study. The full moon may also reignite your desire to travel and soak up new experiences.

Your full moon self-care practice: Shoot your shot! Where are you playing small in life? If there’s someone you’re hoping to connect with, a new hobby you want to try out, or a place you want to visit, go for it. Opening yourself up to new experiences can lead to new heights.


You are focusing on the unspoken agreements that accompany some of your closest bonds, Taurus. The full moon in Sagittarius moves through your eighth house of shared resources, investments, vulnerabilities, and your psyche. Practically speaking, you may reach a turning point in your finances or have an important conversation with a partner about your shared resources. You’re reflecting on how you invest your own energy and finances, as well. You may also reach a personal turning point with any fears, anxieties, or memories from the past that feel like they’ve held you back. Today, you can set yourself free and reclaim your power.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write a list of some of your ruminations that replay in your mind. Then, burn the list as a symbolic way of clearing them from your mind and energetic field.


The foundation in some of your important relationships is shifting, Gemini. The full moon in Sagittarius activates your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and collaborations. This could signal a turning point with a romantic partner—perhaps you’re ready to discuss the future or take a next step. For singles, this could also coincide with an interesting person with lasting potential entering your sphere–whether that’s romantic, platonic, or business-related.

Your full moon self-care practice: Have heart-to-heart conversations with important people in your life. It’s time to address any elephants in the room head on. This will clear out any building resentment and create a more sustainable dynamic moving forward.


You’re more in tune with your daily life than normal, Cancer. The full moon in Sagittarius lands in your sixth house of habits, daily routine, and health. Setting yourself up for success each day becomes more and more important. This is an aligned time to swap out habits and behaviors to create a more solid foundation and healthier lifestyle. This may also coincide with wrapping up a big project you’ve been working on, signaling a shift of focus in your daily life. If you’ve been overdoing it, this full moon reminds you that your rest is key for your continued success.

Your full moon self-care practice: Set a timer for five minutes, and choose to engage in a habit you want to commit to. Start small, but stay committed to this new practice every day for a week. Over time, it will begin to feel more seamless and natural.


You’re invited to double down on your pleasure, Leo. The full moon in Sagittarius activates your fifth house of joy, creativity, romance, and celebration. This can coincide with a “pinch-me” moment that’s more than worth celebrating. You may be wrapping up a big creative project or experience a shift in a romantic connection. This full moon reminds you that your inner child often holds the answers your adult mind continues to seek out. Turn inward and create space for more time to play and return to the present moment.

Your full moon self-care practice: Plan out some time to explore your body and your physical desires, either solo or with a lover. Cultivating more pleasure in a physical way can help you feel more embodied, and as you reconnect with the present moment in the process, can also unlock some of the manifestations you hope to call in.


You’re entering a reflective era, Virgo. The full moon in Sagittarius moves through your fourth house of family dynamics, living situation, and the past. This is a powerful time to turn inward and ask yourself how your environment growing up has affected who you are today. Which memories and narratives are you ready to release? You may also reach a turning point regarding your living situations—perhaps you’re moving or redecorating your room. You may also receive important news in your personal life, or experience a shift in an important relationship in your life.

Your full moon self-care practice: Spend an evening looking back through old photos. Feed your nostalgia, and tune into the memories or feelings that come up for you. Which are worth nurturing, and which are you ready to release?


You’re reconnecting with your voice, Libra. The full moon in Sagittarius lands in your third house of communication and learning. You may be reflecting on your relationship with your voice—how can you use it to spark change and help? What stories do you have that are worth sharing with a wider audience? This full moon may also bring important conversations to a climax or deliver important news your way. If you’ve been learning a new skill or taking a class, it may also arrive with a new wave of confidence and proficiency.

Your full moon self-care practice: Look back in your photos, texts, emails and journals to November 2022 (when we had the new moon in Sagittarius). What were the major themes were happening in your life? Write down the ways in which you’ve manifested some of your goals and transformed since then.


You’re experiencing a shift in your relationship with your own security and comfort, Scorpio. The full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your second house of income and resources. You may learn about a new financial opportunity or decide to make a big purchase. This can be a wonderful time to reacquaint yourself with your budget and set new financial goals for yourself. This is also an aligned time to reconnect with your sensual side, engage in self care, and tend to your physical being.

Your full moon self-care practice: Tend to one of your senses today. Listen to music that uplifts you; eat something delicious; wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. Today embodiment and self-care are your priorities.


Full moon, new you, Sagittarius. The full moon moves through your first house of identity and personal ambitions. This is your yearly cosmic shedding of skins and release. You’re invited to step into a new sense of self and embody a new appearance, style, or important designation in the world. This is your opportunity to redefine yourself and recommit to your personal goals and dreams. Shifts in important relationships can also occur, asking you to center yourself and your needs.

Your full moon self-care practice: Play dress up! Who do you want to be and how do you wish to be perceived by others? Don’t waste your time worrying what others will think—anyone who will judge your authenticity is likely afraid of their own. Choose to be that version of yourself now.


You’re feeling more private than normal, Capricorn. The full moon in Sagittarius encourages you to spend time with your subconscious as it moves through your 12th house of closure, healing, and spirituality. This is an important time to close out cycles and honor any grief that may be lingering within your body. Tend to your physical body and prioritize rest. Major breakthroughs can also show up in your dreams or through your intuition. If you’re eager to cut out a self-destructive pattern or behavior, this is an aligned time, too.

Your full moon self-care practice: Try out a guided meditation or some breathing exercises. Spending time nurturing the body-mind connection can lead to breakthroughs.


You’re ready to make some important changes to your friendship circle, Aquarius. The full moon in Sagittarius lands in your 11th house of community, networking, as well as your hopes and dreams for the future. You may be drifting away from some friends or deepening other connections. This can also coincide with you taking a step closer toward a major goal you have, or perhaps someone in your network connects you with someone who can help you achieve a meaningful desire.

Your full moon self-care practice: Reflect on your inner circle. Who shows up to support you and who leaves you feeling depleted? Your energy is a limited resource–choose to share it with those who fill your cup.


You’re always flexible, Pisces, but it feels like many major life milestones are unfolding before your very eyes. The full moon illuminates your 10th house of career, public reputation and ambitions. You may learn about a new job opportunity, reach a personal milestone or, hell, maybe you went viral on the internet! This full moon can also arrive at a time when both your personal and professional lives are busier than ever. Others are noticing you under this moon and ready to recognize your inherent value, gifts, and talents.

Your full moon self-care practice: Throw yourself a party. Even if it’s just you and that means ordering your favorite takeout, choose a recent milestone or achievement and actively choose to celebrate it.

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