The April Pink Full Moon in Scorpio Asks You To Face Your Fears

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Congratulations! You’ve made it through an erratic eclipse season, and you’re in the home stretch of Mercury retrograde. But April’s astrology still has a few shocks and surprises to reveal and will wrap up on a dramatic note thanks to an intense full moon in Scorpio (also called the Pink Moon) on April 23, 2024, at 7:49 p.m. EDT. In keeping with the energy of the intuitive water sign, this lunation will push us all to dive into our emotional depths.

Traditionally ruled by Mars—the planet of motivation, desire, and frustration—Scorpio is an instinctual sign that relies on its emotions (water sign) to take action (Mars). Your own intuition may be heightened around the full moon in Scorpio—so tune into your spidey senses.

Your own intuition may be heightened around the full moon—so tune into your spidey senses.

Given Scorpio’s modern-day connection with transformative Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, we may also be reminded around this time that in order to create space for positive change, we must release the old rot, or that which has reached its expiration date and ceased to serve us.

This full moon also brings us back to the last new moon in Scorpio that took place on November 13, 2023. You might find yourself returning to a vulnerable undertaking or conversation that you started around that time or hitting a turning point on a project related to your material resources that you initiated around that new moon.

When is the next full moon in Scorpio?

The full moon in Scorpio perfects at 7:49 p.m. EDT on April 23, 2024, but we’ll feel the prominent energy of Scorpio in the air in the hours just beforehand and afterward, too.

What is the astrological meaning of a full moon?

When a full moon occurs, the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth and also sit in opposite zodiac signs from each other. The moon appears at its brightest, which is why astrologers associate this part of the moon’s cycle with illuminating topics or pieces of information that were previously obscured.

A full moon also marks the halfway point of the monthly lunar cycle, which is why, in astrology, it also symbolizes a turning point, moment of culmination or celebration, or point of release and letting go. Whereas a new moon is a time to set new intentions, a full moon is typically associated with those intentions materializing or coming to light.

What can you expect from the April 2024 full moon in Scorpio?

This year’s full moon in Scorpio isn’t for the faint of heart. Both the sun and the moon form a tense square with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto is a planet that’s associated with our fears, secrets, jealousy, obsession, control, and survival instincts and coping mechanisms. While you might have hoped for a calmer lunation after the emotional rollercoaster that was eclipse season, this full moon packs one last passionate punch.

There will be a need to look your fears in the face and learn to coexist with them. With Pluto’s involvement, there might also be power struggles in our closest relationships, especially related to our security—both emotional and financial. This might mark a moment of confrontation that feels at once triggering and cathartic.

There may also be power struggles in our closest relationships, especially related to our security—both emotional and financial.

As the April 2024 full moon in Scorpio arrives, Mercury retrograde in Aries will be inching toward a conjunction (aka meet-up) with the north node, a point in the sky associated with fate. The topics you discuss and the people with whom you connect around this lunation could have a significant impact on your future. (Keep in mind that this full moon is also taking place two days before Mercury retrograde ends—so this planetary connection will continue to build and intensify until Mercury stations direct next to the north node on April 25.)

Also at the time of the full moon, Mars (which is, again, Scorpio’s traditional planetary ruler) will be moving closer toward Neptune—the planet of dreams and the subconscious mind—in Pisces. When Mars and Neptune sync, it can stir up our inner warrior and martyr. You may feel an increased desire to protect the vulnerable or advocate on behalf of people or causes that deserve justice. You’ll just want to be mindful of anything that smells of dishonesty; the influence of Neptune can make it easy to miss red flags and hard to discern truth from illusion.

To get a better idea of how this emotional full moon in Scorpio will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a greater sense of ease and balance.

What will the April 2024 full moon in Scorpio bring for every zodiac sign?


You’re feeling brave enough to dive deep into your psyche, Aries. The April 2024 full moon in Scorpio lands in your eighth astrological house of fears, the past, and shared resources. Now is the time to reflect on the depth and reciprocity of your closest relationships. You may begin to understand which people in your life truly have your back.

Practically, this lunation also puts an emphasis on your financial world—perhaps you’re settling some debt or making a final payment on an installment plan. You could also take on a new job or contract that changes the ins and outs of your daily lifestyle.

Your full moon self-care practice: Go through all of your subscriptions, and cancel the ones you never use. This simple task of organizing your finances and saving even just a few extra bucks a month will send a signal to the universe that you’re nurturing your energetic relationship with your finances, and bring more abundance your way.


Love and your deepest connections are top of mind, Taurus, as the full moon activates your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. If there’s any resentment or frustration that’s been building within your romantic relationship(s) or with a BFF or roommate, today’s the day to address it—even if you’re nervous to do so.

Having honest conversations about what you want for your shared future with a friend or loved one can temporarily unearth some old triggers but will ultimately bring relief and a stronger foundation as you move forward.

Your full moon self-care practice: Plan a date with someone you love. Whether it’s hitting a museum with a bestie or a candlelit dinner with a lover, make an effort to show someone who supports you how much you appreciate them today.


You’re overdue for letting go of some obligations and burdens, Gemini. The full moon moves through your sixth house of daily life, responsibilities, and well-being, boosting your mental strength to help you make the changes you’ve been avoiding.

If there are habits you want to release or new activities you want to integrate into your daily life, today’s the day to commit to making a shift. Similarly, if your plate is full and you’re feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, this is also an aligned time to ask for help or ask others to step up and share the load.

Your full moon self-care practice: It’s time to practice setting boundaries! Your time is your most precious resource, and as you become more strategic with your daily routine, you’ll feel more grounded and in alignment.


You’re reaching a new level of depth with your self-expression, Cancer. The full moon travels through your fifth house of pleasure, romance, creativity, and leisure. Whether it’s expressing yourself through an artistic medium or saying what you really feel in a romantic relationship, it’s time to lead with vulnerability.

There is also an air of luck with this lunation that can put you back in touch with the present moment and leave you feeling grateful for the life you’ve cultivated. If you’re dating, this can be a make-it-or-break-it moment for your romantic interests. Otherwise, you could find that you’re able to focus more on your personal desires and pursuits.

Your full moon self-care practice: Find an activity to get back in touch with childlike joy. Whether it’s finger-painting or climbing a tree, give yourself an opportunity to tap into wonder and curiosity.


Major changes are going on in your personal life, Leo, with the full moon landing in your fourth house of home and family. You could undergo some massive shifts or confront power dynamics in your personal relationships with family members.

This moon invites you to shine a light on what’s hidden and can help you break free from the past and from old, unhealthy behavioral patterns. You could also experience a major shift in your personal landscape, like moving to a new place or even taking on a new role in your personal or professional life.

Your full moon self-care practice: Next time you shower or take a bath, as you scrub your body, visualize yourself rubbing off any lingering thoughts, fears, or worries. As you rinse clean and watch all of the suds go down the drain, trust that stagnant energy you’re ready to release is also falling off of you.


It’s time to have some uncomfortable conversations, Virgo. The full moon activates your third house of communication, learning, and travel. This is an important time for you to reconnect with the power of your voice and to share your feelings and thoughts with others—even if it feels like it may ruffle some feathers. (This is not the time to keep the peace and stay quiet for the sake of others.)

Discussions that take place under this lunation might feel triggering but ultimately cathartic. You may also need to exert some boundaries and be clear about what you are willing to commit to and take on when it comes to your personal time.

Your full moon self-care practice: When in doubt, journal it out. If there are feelings that you’re afraid to voice, write them down. You can map out a conversation, make a pros-and-cons list—whatever you decide to do, spend time exploring every facet of your emotions. This will help you prepare for any difficult conversations that lie ahead.


It’s time to check in on your finances, Libra! The full moon highlights your second house of income, resources, and confidence. A financial matter might be clearing up, or maybe you’re up for a promotion or raise. The way you support yourself and your lifestyle can change drastically under these moonbeams.

You could also be considering investing your time, energy, and money into a new area of your life—perhaps you’re making a major purchase? This change can feel scary and cathartic in the moment, but ultimately, you’ll know deep-down that it’s aligned.

Your full moon self-care practice: Get back into a daily gratitude practice. Recite a list of 10 things you’re grateful for in your life every morning and evening before you go to bed this week—and don’t skip the “small” things. They’re often what matter most and help put your privilege into perspective.


It’s time to air out your dirty laundry, Scorpio. The full moon, in your sign, activates your first house of self, identity, and new beginnings. You’re tasked with embodying the most raw and authentic version of yourself.

You might also feel more sensitive and notice this full moon highlights your personal life as well as any metaphorical skeletons in your closet. This is an important time to share your honest feelings, even if it stirs an uncomfortable reaction from someone else. Acknowledging what’s been ignored will ultimately feel cathartic and allow you to embrace a side of yourself you might have thought you lost.

Your full moon self-care practice: Make a list of all of your fears and things you have resistance toward doing. Next to each item, write down a step you could take to face some of those fears (within reason), and once you’re done, rip up and discard the paper. Trust that your fears are being broken down along with the paper.


sagittarius zodiac sign moon

Secrets are revealed, Sagittarius, under the full moon in Scorpio. This lunation moves through your 12th house of the subconscious mind, solitude, endings, and intuition. This is a very private and personal part of your chart, and the moon shines a light on topics, behaviors, or patterns that you’ve been ignoring.

You or someone else might make a shocking confession today or address an issue that you thought was already put to rest. This is a powerful time for emotional breakthroughs, as well as cutting ties with people and things that no longer serve you. Today, you’re choosing an ending so a new beginning can flourish.

Your full moon self-care practice: Think about a conversation you’d like to have but have been avoiding. Do a throat chakra meditation, and get in tune with this part of your body. When you finish, journal about how it might feel to have had this conversation as if it’s already happened. Check in with yourself in the next few days, and see if you feel emotionally more ready to have that conversation.


capricorn zodiac sign moon

Watch out for projection or feelings of jealousy, Capricorn. The full moon lands in your 11th house of friendship, wishes for the future, and your network. It’s easy to have envious eyes today and covet what someone else has. You might also notice that other people—especially in your social circle—are revealing some of their underlying motives. Is there a frenemy camouflaging as a friend within your clique?

Your full moon self-care practice: If you’re struggling with feelings of envy or jealousy, try a cord-cutting meditation to symbolically cut ties with the person on whom you’re fixated. This simple practice can lighten your energetic connection to what you *currently* don’t have. And remember: If the universe is showing you someone else who has what you want, it’s also a reminder that those things are possible for you, too.


You’re taking a major next step in your life, Aquarius, and it’s stirring up some deep feelings of fear and the unknown. The full moon highlights your 10th house of milestones, accomplishments, career, and public life.

Maybe you’re moving in with a lover, accepting a promotion, or addressing some important issues within your family. The energy today is prime for taking big leaps forward, but that won’t happen without unearthing a bit of fear about what lies ahead. Do your best to be okay with some uncertainty today. Celebrate this milestone for what it is, and allow yourself to be present in the moment during this period of change.

Your full moon self-care practice: Think back to what some of your personal and professional goals were 10 years ago. Which of those dreams have you accomplished? Write a letter to your younger self, and let them know how far you’ve come.


Now’s the time to speak your mind, Pisces. The full moon moves through your ninth house of expansion, adventure, education, and communication. Conversations are reaching a climax, and information that was previously obscured is revealed.

Learning new information today might offer a shift of perspective. If you’ve been studying something new or incorporating a new type of spiritual practice into your life, this can mark a moment of proficiency. Messages and symbols that arrive in your dreams or via spiritual practices can also seem especially prominent.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write down something you’d like to learn, whether it’s a new language or how to crochet. Take one baby step toward making that goal a reality. Is there a local workshop you can sign up for or a how-to book you can borrow from your library? Your mind is hungry for new stimulation, so feed it.

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